Don’t get too excited, it is just a flicker but hope remains after CD Tenerife drew 1-1 at relegation rivals Nastic tonight with an improved performance. It could be said they were unlucky after conceeding a late equaliser after a storming first half but it was down to poor defending again.
There was a sense of purpose as Tenerife rode their luck surviving an early error by goalie Sergio and then took the game to their hosts. Nino and Natalio both had good chances but a combination of poor finishing and good goalkeeping denied them. Sergio made up for his slip at the other end and it was surprising it stayed goal less for the first hallf hour.
Tenerife moved ahead in style, Ricardos strong header down to Nino, and the forwards trickery to outwit 2 markers ended in a cool finish beyond the home keepers reach. It looked like a half time lead but Nastic broke away and Ricardo and Prieto failed to stop Felipe from making it 1-1. The second half was tougher going but Tenerife still created plenty of chances, Nino forced a diving save and Natalio fired over the bar.
There was another sending off for Tenerife, this time defender Luna for 2 rather harsh bookings, that didn’t help the cause but even then Tenerife kept up the pressure. Nastic had their moments but Sergio was back to his best in goal and saw them off. We might have hidden the fat lady’s microphone for a while but a home win next Saturday against Huesca is still vital to keep the season alive.

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