Try Wind or Kite Surfing While in Tenerife on a Windy Day

Have you experienced going on holiday and facing bad weather? Have you ever tried considering it as a positive?

Wind in Tenerife can become an opportunity for you to try something new. Perhaps you always wanted but never got a chance to harness the wind and go surfing into the rough sea.

This is your chance, if you are in Tenerife now, and the wind does not stop for several days, you should try this.

Watch our latest video.

Special thanks to Red Rock Surf & Kite Academy, Mike and Peter for such a passion answering our questions.

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Trust Your Dream Wedding To The Barefoot Bride

What is ‘Barefoot Bride’?

It is a wedding planning company in Tenerife. Usually assisting couples from abroad, also available for locals.

Barefoot Bride is your best friend if you are planning your wedding in Tenerife. We organise and style the wedding, deal with suppliers, negotiate prices, plan the budget, coordinate the wedding day and take care of all other wedding aspects’ which you don’t even consider. We listen to your visions and dreams and then use our experience, contacts and passion to create a truly magical and unforgettable wedding in Tenerife.



Why Tenerife?

Your wedding can be combined together with a honeymoon. Tenerife promises sunny days almost all year round, with guaranteed fantastic mood and weather. It truly is a paradise for a wedding.

This stunning island simply has everything you could possibly need for your perfect wedding day. Tenerife offers best climate in the world and no rainy season as such. Hence, you can have a lovely barefoot beach wedding here even in the middle of winter – the temperature here rarely drops below 20 degrees.

Tenerife also offers many stunning locations for your big day – beautiful beach clubs, glamorous hotels, golf clubs and unique churches. The atmosphere is very relaxing, local Canarien people – nice and friendly, food is fresh and delicious. It is great idea to combine your wedding to the honeymoon too – Tenerife has so many stunning places to visit and interesting things to do, that you will guaranteed enjoy every minute of it!



What is included into Barefoot Bride’s services?

Partial or full planning, depending on each client’s desires. Partial, if only little help is desired such as assisting on the wedding day or if you simply need an advice. Full if we decide on planning the entire celebration together incorporating aspects such as budget, options available, venues, reception, general assisting and more.

We are here to help with every aspect of your wedding – paperwork, venues, ceremony, flowers, photographer, musicians, entertainment, transport, budgeting, styling, even accommodation and your honeymoon, if you wish so. We love taking the exciting journey of wedding planning with you – from creating the concept of and working all the way through to your “I do’s…”. The option of partial planning is available too for couples who only need a bit of guiding or perhaps just the coordination of the wedding day to ensure everything runs smoothly. The best thing to do is just to drop us a message with your request – we do offer a free consultation.

Why hire a wedding planner?

If you don’t live in the island, you need someone who knows people and places, even simple things can turn out to be stressful when planning by yourselves. Wedding planner shares contacts, and thoroughly helps throughout. The bride, who usually is responsible, can spend more time enjoying the planning process. The stress free atmosphere is very important during the actual wedding day.

Although planning a wedding is exciting but it definitely might get a little stressful at times. We believe it is essential to hire a wedding planner especially when planning a destination wedding – you simply need someone who perfectly knows the best places and people. Professional wedding planner is here to make your life easier and planning process as easy and enjoyable as it can be. We see more and more brides getting really stressed while planning their big day and actually forgetting to enjoy it!  But at the end, this day is supposed to be about happiness and celebrating your love, let the planner to take care of the rest, trust it to the Barefoot Bride.


What is the normal procedure of THE day?

There are really a lot of options. Let me give you a few examples.

In the morning beauty specialists arrive to bride’s villa or hotel and does her hair, make up, etc. while she is enjoying a coffee or chilled glass of cava. The car arrives to pick her up and brings her to the ceremony where the groom and all guests are already waiting. The venue is decorated with beautiful flowers and the ceremony takes place on the sandy beach, under the romantic wedding arch, enjoying the sunshine, ocean views and the sound of live guitar. After your “I do’s” you have a little wedding photo-shoot in the most stunning spots in Tenerife while your guests are chilling listening to the music in the beautiful venue drinking champagne. After the photo-shoot you continue with romantic dinner enjoying the sunset or maybe hire a boat and celebrate with your guests watching whales or dolphins swimming just next to you? 

What if I’m on a low budget and what is the average I’m looking to spend in Tenerife?

Barefoot Bride, like any other wedding planner, knows on what to spend or save money. For example choosing a cheaper or more expensive photographer can be crucial to your wedding budget. Photography is massively important, however you need to be sure you will be happy with the final results. Having an honest wedding planner usually saves more money.

A wedding in Tenerife is such great idea for couples, who would like to save money. While lots of couples spend over 15,000 or 20,000 euros on their Wedding Day elsewhere in the world, you can have a beautiful wedding here for just a few thousand. We normally suggest a starting budget of 1000 euros. It is all about choosing your priorities – the best photographer on the island, food, and activities during the wedding day, fancy wedding venue or maybe all of the above? A good wedding planner always can advise you how to save and can often offer you a better deal so it is definitely the best option just to get in touch and discuss your budget with the planner.

Does Tenerife necessarily mean beach weddings?

Not necessarily, what about a stunning hotel with ocean views, impressive golf course, romantic church or maybe a yacht? The sky is the limit when planning the wedding and we are always glad to see couples willing to do something different and unique.


Will there be other people at the beach?

Most likely. The beach is a public place, and although you get a permission, you cannot ‘rent out’ the beach. But finding a quiet place with less people is very realistic.

How long in advance should I start planning? What if I’m spontaneous?

Due to long and difficult paperwork over here, most couples choose to get a beautiful and emotional blessing in the island. Then, the wedding can be organised quite fast although if you have your dream venue I would advise to book a year in advice – most popular venues get booked up really quickly. Otherwise, 6 months is definitely enough to plan a beautiful wedding.

Short of time and want to get married just in few weeks? We would happily plan that too.

What if we want to party all night long?

I see a lot of couples deciding to celebrate in the villa with their friends and family. It is great choice because there are so many stunning villas here in Tenerife with private pools and spacious gardens. A few nibbles, champagne, sunset, private swimming pool and all your dearest and nearest – doesn’t it sound like a perfect wedding’s evening?

We can help you to decorate the venue nicely and your guests can stay there too.

What is your advice for the bride to be in Tenerife?

Consider your wedding in autumn, winter or spring – it is really nice to escape cold weather in your home country and temperature stays perfect all year round. Stay for a least a few more days after the wedding – there are so many things to do and to see. And most importantly, find a right person to guide you during your wedding planning process. Here in Barefoot Bride we enjoy making a personal connection with our couples and are always so excited to work with each and every couple!

The wedding planner Dovile with a groom and bride
The wedding planner Dovile with a groom and bride



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Discover the secrets to a happy life in Spain

Some of the secrets to happy living in Spain are revealed in a new survey by the British Embassy on how expatriates adjust to a life in the sun.

Integration into the Spanish way of life is the key, the survey reveals. More than half of the British residents who responded say they speak Spanish regularly with friends and neighbours, enjoy Spanish food, use the Spanish healthcare system and employ Spanish tradespeople.  The adjective ‘happy’ is the word that they most commonly use to describe their lives in Spain, followed by ‘relaxed’ and ‘content’.

But some Brits admit to getting by without learning Spanish or registering on the padrón, and fail to make Spanish friends or keep up with Spanish news and politics, all things that appear to help others get more out of living in Spain.

Almost 1600 people responded to the British Embassy’s ‘Integrometer’ online survey into levels of resident integration.  Two-thirds live in Andalucia or the Comunidad de Valencia, where there are some high concentrations of British residents and integration is often low. Further significant numbers live in the Canaries, Murcia, the Balearics, Catalunya and the Madrid region.*

Commenting on the survey, British ambassador Simon Manley said:

“It’s great to see so many Brits saying they are happy and content in Spain as a result of their efforts to integrate into local life.  I would definitely urge others to follow their example. If you are settling here, the first and most important thing to do is to register on the padrón. That way you can access the health and social services you may need now or in future.

“If you fail to register, then you can’t expect support from the Spanish system later. Some of the most tragic cases that we see in our Consulates are the consequences of people having moved to Spain – often years earlier – but not signing up on the padrón or integrating into their local Spanish communities.”

Nine out of 10 people say they are registered on the padrón, which implies that one in 10 survey respondents have yet to do so.  More than half say they have a Spanish will, and over 50% have a Spanish driving licence.

Two thirds are registered for Spanish healthcare, with another 13% having private medical insurance. But an alarming 16% admit they have failed to provide for their healthcare in Spain, leaving them at serious risk of difficulties in the event of an accident or illness.

Spanish food proves popular. Nearly a quarter say they eat a Spanish meal every day, and eight out of ten do so at least once a week.  Only 6% say they eat a Spanish meal less than once a month.

The wealth of advice on the British Embassy’s own ‘Living in Spain’ Facebook page helps nearly four out of 10 people integrate into Spanish life, and provides useful links to both Spanish and British government procedures and public information.

Brits living in Spain integrometer infographic
Brits living in Spain integrometer infographic

International Environmental Film Festival May 2016


FICMEC presents its eighteenth edition

The event will take place from 24 to 30 may in Garachico

15th the eighth edition of the International Festival of environmental film of Canary, Ficmec, was presented today in the noble Hall of the Cabildo Insular de Tenerife.

It will take place from 24 to 30 may, in the surroundings of the roundabout in San Francisco and in the old convent of the same name, in the municipality of Garachico. Note that the slogan of the poster for this year is ‘Time to think’, the work of designer Adán Navarro.

José Luis Rivero framed insular Corporation support for the cinematographic event in Tenerife 2030 project, and highlighted three key points in it: on the one hand, Garachico as a model of cultural management that leads to the development of its citizens; creativity as a leading factor of sustainability; and third, such creativity as important pillar to improve the quality of life of the people.

For his part, the director of the Festival, David Baute, highlighted the increase in the number of days of celebration, which are five to seven, as well as the realization of a novel activity, the ‘Ecocrea’ event, which is aimed at students, who will elaborate different parts with recycled material in their reference centres.

Within the programming of this new edition of the Festival will be held, also, a Conference on Volcanism, “Vulcanalia”, which will be coordinated by the Chair of geology Telesforo Bravo of the University of La Laguna, on 24 and 25 May. They will have a comprehensive film programming, lectures and workshops given by international experts; as well as different parallel activities such as geological areas of volcanological interest-guided tours.

The Mayor of Garachico, Heriberto González, thanked the support of the public and private institutions in the celebration of the Festival, and said that “it has been a salutary lesson for the revitalization of the economy of the municipality. Therefore, the commitment to culture is a success”. Announced, also, that “City Hall is working on three pillars from the environmental point of view: the adaptation of infrastructure, training and tax Ordinances”, and stressed “the leading role our neighbours playing in this event”.

The jury of this year will be composed by Mónica Fernández-Aceytuno, dissemination of nature in press; Ignacio Carballo, director of the festival de Cine de Gijón and

member of the Uruguayan Academy of letters, arts and Sciences; and snow King, Manager of corporate communications at Ecoembes.

The International Festival of environmental film of the Canary Islands has the sponsorship of the Cabildo de Tenerife, del Gobierno de Canarias, Foundation CajaCanarias, La Caixa Foundation, and cable car of the Teide.

Thus, the Foundation CajaCanarias, Alberto Delgado, President stressed the commitment of the Council for culture, and said that “this year has made an important effort”. The director of the center of institutions of the Fundación La Caixa, Fragoso Antonio, described the Festival as an international event “that linked well with the line of our Foundation of preserving the defence of the natural environment, as well as the dissemination of the culture and the science”. And to the director general of ropeway of the Teide, Ignacio Sabaté, “is admirable commitment of the municipality of Garachico, in the direction of the festival and his team”.

The bases to introduce films, which opened in mid-January, are available on the website



Cecilia Navarro, The Queen of Tenerife Carnival 2016

She won the sceptre with its Fantasy “White sand desert”.

Cecilia Navarro, won the title of the Queen of the Carnival of Tenerife 2016 last night. The suit was created by designer Daniel Pages.

coronación (1)

Gala Election of the Carnival Queen was devoted to the theme chosen this year, – the 80’s. One of the highlights of the act was the interpretation of different songs from the golden decade of pop music by members of the carnival groups of Tenerife.

Following the coronation of the Gala Queen yesterday, the party hits the streets tomorrow, Friday the 5th of February. After the tour, the festival begins in the streets of the city, with the music in different scenarios across the centre of the capital and the local bars, full of dressed up people ready to have a wonderful time to the sound of the music.

Other essential dates are first Carnival Day (Sunday, February 7), the Gran Coso Apotheosis (Tuesday, 9), the Burial of the Sardine (Wednesday 10), and the second Carnival Day (Saturday 13).

coronación (3)


How you can register to vote in the EU Referendum

1.     A referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union will be held by the end of 2017. It could even be this year – the date hasn’t been announced yet.

2.     If you were registered to vote in the UK within the last 15 years, then you can register as an overseas voter and have your say.#yourvotematters.

3.     Go to and fill in your data. All you need is your National Insurance number, passport details and date of birth. (Even if you don’t have an NI number, you can still register.)

4.     Choose how you want to vote – by post, proxy, or even in person if you will be in the UK on polling day. If you choose to vote by post, ballot forms will be despatched about one month ahead, giving you time to receive, complete and return your vote to the UK.

5.     Do register early, so you have done it well before the referendum date is announced. If you wait, you may miss your chance to have your say.

6.     Just as in the UK, you need to register annually. So if you registered as an overseas voter for last year’s General Election, you need to renew your registration for the EU vote.

7.     Out of 283,000 Britons officially resident in Spain, just 11,000 were registered to vote in last year’s General Election. Many British expats could miss out on the EU referendum, so tell your friends and family to register too.

8.     Use Facebook and Twitter to pass the message on that #yourvotematters.

Go to – make sure you can have your say


Did you know you may be eligible to vote in the EU Referendum? British Embassy launches expat awareness campaign

If you have been on the electoral roll in the UK within the last 15 years then you can register to vote in the referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union.

The British Ambassador Simon Manley this week launched a major campaign to make expats aware that they may be eligible to have their say in the EU referendum – provided they register to vote in good time.

Speaking at a meeting with representatives of the expat community to launch the registration campaign, Mr Manley said:


“Interest among expats in the EU referendum is high, but awareness that you may be able to vote is low. We want as many expats as possible to be aware that they can have their say.

“You can register to vote in a few minutes via the government website – and do encourage your friends, family and colleagues to do the same.”

The British Embassy in Madrid is backing a global campaign by the Electoral Commission to encourage Britons who live overseas to register to vote.

Some 283,000 Britons are registered on the padrón as resident in Spain, but just 11,000 are registered to vote in the UK. So the vast majority of expats will miss out on having their say in the referendum – unless they take a few simple steps.

To register as an overseas voter, you must have been registered in a UK constituency within the last 15 years. All you have to do is visit with your passport details and National Insurance number to hand, and the postcode of where you last lived in the UK.

You can choose how you want to vote: by post, by proxy (voting by appointing someone you trust to vote on your behalf), or even in person if by chance you will be in your UK local authority area on polling day.

All it takes is five minutes to register. And because overseas voters must allow enough time for their ballot paper to be posted from the UK, you should do it now rather than wait for the final deadline, at which point it may be too late to use a postal vote effectively.

Postal ballot papers will be despatched about a month ahead of the referendum – earlier than for the General Election last year – giving overseas voters more time to receive, complete, and return their ballot pack to the UK.

The Embassy is urging Brits to pass on the register to vote message via its ‘Brits living in Spain’ accounts on Facebook and Twitter, the expat media and a wide range of partners that work with the British Consulates in Spain.

If you are active on Twitter then do tell others that #YourVoteMatters and add the URL so that they can register too.

Go to and make sure you can have your say.

British Ambassador Simon Manley (centre) and expat community representatives gathered in Javea, Alicante province, to urge expats to Register to Vote.
British Ambassador Simon Manley (centre) and expat community representatives gathered in Javea, Alicante province, to urge expats to Register to Vote.

Tenerife ends 2015 with growth of the 9.2 per cent in recruitment of the tourism sector

Tourism sector in Tenerife ended 2015 with an increase in contracts and a reduction in the unemployment numbers “both in the sector and in the whole of the island’s economy by its drag effect” announces the Cabildo’s President, Carlos Alonso, who particularly appreciates this positive evolution of employment in the sector is a growing trend and has been able to “pull” other less dynamic sectors of the island’s economy.

Thus, contracts linked to the tourism sector of Tenerife grew 9.2 percent in 2015, year in which a total of 125.489 new contracts were formalized 10.566 in contrast to 2014.

July and October were particularly dynamic in terms of signing contracts “mainly due to the reinforcements that occur at the beginning of the summer and winter seasons, respectively”, explains the President of the Council.

The insular tourism, Alberto Bernabé, adviser says that tourism brings in 41 percent of contracts formalized in the whole of the Island labour market and 47.1 percent of those generated in the service sector, “which highlights the importance of this economic activity in the whole of the economy of the island”.

However, 90 per cent of these hires are temporary unavailable against 10 percent of indefinite “so it needs to be done to achieve greater stability of these jobs”, States Bernabé.

The characteristics of tourism activities, hospitality records by 2015 an increase in recruitment of 12 per cent, 10.357 contracts rather than in 2014. In the case of accommodation services, the increase stands at 10 per cent (4.574 contracts more) while in the activity of food and beverage accumulates growth of 14.3 per cent in the year (5.783 contracts more).

President Carlos Alonso points out that labour dynamism of the Tenerife tourist sector not only gets highlighted in the increase of their engagements, but also in the decrease in unemployment, “which is shrinking since the end of 2013”.

The results for the year reflect a fall in unemployment from 4.7 percent in December, which translates into 1.057 unemployed less than at the end of 2014 for a total of 21.299 people unemployed registered at the offices of the employment service Canary.


‘Sitting is the New Smoking’ Petrinic Fitness System Studio


‘Major problems for the modern age people are poor posture, mobility, flexibility and incorrect breathing.’

Just by looking down on our smartphones every day we are putting so much pressure on our necks and creating spine deformations, lower back pain, deformed posture and mobility issues.


This week we participated in an opening of a new Petrinic Fitness System studio in San Eugenio. When we got an invitation, we thought it will be just another gym in the town, however it turned out to be much more than that.

Petrinic Fitness System isn’t just about your body, as you would normally expect by perceiving ‘fitness’. It’s about the connection of body, mind and spirit, and according to the studio’s owner and personal trainer Dalibor Petrinic, only by employing these three aspects, you will achieve results.

When you first enter the studio, you are completely amused, for its unconventional environment. What you would normally expect, is different machines and other ‘torturing equipment’, while here is just a set of gymnastic rings and a suspension trainer hanging down the ceiling, some resistance bands and a soft flooring -“tatami” which is widely used for martial arts training and anything that is done on the floor barefoot.

Petrinic Fitness System Studio

There is also a small kitchen for nutrition training and smoothie preparation. An unbelievably relaxing atmosphere, calmness in the air and a small crowd of people gathering for the opening.

‘Be careful, don’t step on the soft bit’ says Dalibor when we walk in. This is the area only for exercising barefoot, so we avoid it carefully. According to the owner, sports shoes are one of the worst inventions ever.

Dalibor introduces us to the idea of the studio, his training system, and talks through some interesting facts. We are offered some snacks and drinks while we wait for the grand opening talk.

Petrinic Fitness System’s goal is to elevate health level in Tenerife in general. Dalibor explained how he was surprised when he arrived to the island. He said ‘This is the best place for exercising, and people are not doing it’. The idea is to train personally or in small groups no more than 4 or 5 people. The owner explains, that by training in large groups, you are not looking for anything but injuring yourself at any moment. ‘There aren’t two people in this world who can perform the same fitness programme’ he says.

Dalibor Petrinic, the owner and the personal trainer

90% of information about fitness online – is false, Dalibor states. But we live in the virtual world, and most if not all information comes from the internet. So how do we select the right information?

‘People ask, how long will it take, and I say, all your lives’. Dalibor explains how diets, get fit quickly, and other fake programmes simply don’t work so we simply need to be realistic. The problem of our busy lives today, is that we are always looking for shortcuts, and this is wrong, we must enjoy the process of becoming better than we were yesterday and be ready to make it our lifestyles, healthy lifestyles. ‘If we are not in the peace of mind, we will never be happy about our bodies’ he says.

The shocking fact is that a vast majority of people today are obese or overweight, including children. We are drawn into the world of Carbonated drinks, Refined sugars, Artificial sweeteners and Processed foods. Attention to detail, first capital letters add up to ‘CRAP’. ‘There is one thing worse than cocaine – sugar’. It is highly addictive, and if we would give up sugar for 30 days, we would experience miracles, says Dalibor.

‘We are not happy, because we are not designed to sit in the office all day, we are people designed to be active and be out in the fresh air.’ The owner of the studio highlights, how far we’ve come away from our natural selves; human beings.

Petrinic Fitness System is only looking for truly interested and motivated people who are ready to change their lifestyles and see all that they are capable of.

There are no shortcuts, so if you are ready to transform your life, become healthier and happier, this is for YOU.

Visit his official website for more information on:

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Petrinic Fitness System from the outside




Christmas and New Year message from Carlos Alonso, the President of the Cabildo Insular de Tenerife 

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, December 16, 2015


Christmas isn’t Christmas without a star or a bright light that shines. Every year, around this time, the Star of Bethlehem guides the way that each of us chooses to follow. If we stray off the path, either we stop or go back a few steps – no one will do it for us. Sometimes the light is hidden behind thick clouds, the night turns dark, the road becomes more difficult and we risk falling. But when the sky clears up, the glow becomes even brighter and everything looks much clearer.

In the Cabildo, the clouds over the years have made us tread more carefully: we have had to hold on tight so as not to fall and everyone has pitched in to push forward many projects. It has been a period of economic hardship for many families and for this public administration. Fortunately, we are beginning to see the starry sky again and the way ahead is becoming easier.

In 2016 the Tenerife Government will have the necessary funds to advance steadily. We can invest in people’s needs, promote job creation and undertake major improvements to our roads.

But undoubtedly the most exciting project of this New Year is the one that has to do with the training and preparation of our young people. Tenerife 2030 offers our children the shining stars they need so that each year they will find their way without fear of the dark. Empowering them with the tools of knowledge, it will enable them to face the future without stumbling.

Keeping any eye on those who are our future means not losing sight of our primary responsibility.

May the spirit of Christmas always shine brightly and may the sum of our good intentions become an inspirational light to guide us into the New Year.



Carlos Alonso


Tenerife Government