Aye Up Mick

My World Cup hero so far is Mick McCarthy. The Wolves boss is wonderful with his dour no nonsense commentary on games. “Cut out the fancy stuff and clear the chuffing ball” he seems to be inferring. You won’t find our Mick wasting time with niceties and talking about elegant football, he just tells it like it is – and he wont try and flog you a few tickets.

Players v Media

I”M desperately looking out for signs of boredom in the England camp, that’s when the fun starts. Back at the 1990 World Cup the England players had a series of bets riding on who could slip the most song titles into media interviews. They got away with it for a while but Stuart Pearce gave it away when asked about the hotel facilities. He said “it’s pretty good, not quite Club Tropicana but it does us fine”. After that the media combed back through old reports and suddenly they all made sense.

Iker Casillas Told Not To Watch The Birdie

The recriminations linger on after Spain goalie Casillas made a desperate feet first lunge at a Swiss attack that led to the Switzerland goal in the shock 1-0 defeat. Critics have pointed the finger at Sara Carbonero, soccer babe, touchline reporter, and the goalies long term girlfriend. Was he distracted by her sweet smile and the way she could recite the La Liga goal save averages from memory? personally i think it is discraceful that a dedicated football man could be distracted so easily by….whoa is that Gaby Logan just popped up on my TV screen, I will have to get back to you later.

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