Video Update from Simon Manley, British Ambassador to Spain, on the Negotiations of Citizens Rights Following Brexit

Following the narrow decision by those that voted in last year’s EU Referendum in the UK which unfortunately resulted in victory for those calling for Brexit, there has been real worry among many citizens across the European Union. In the coming years, as the UK begins the unprecedented process of separation from the EU, this leaves a lot of doubt as to the future of those who have chosen to make their lives abroad.

For many of us, the freedom of movement afforded to EU citizens, including the right to live and work abroad has offered huge socio-economic opportunities. People across all EU member states have been able to completely transform their lives either on a temporary or permanent basis, through moving to different EU states. In much of the pro-Brexit press, it was made to seem as if only those from outside of the UK were benefiting from this. In fact there are approximately 1.3 million British expatriates living in other EU member states, including around 319,000 living in Spain (Telegraph, 2017). This of course includes many thousands living and working in the Canary Islands, such as here in Tenerife.

Luckily, despite worries of loss of citizens rights, as things stand at the moment it seems highly unlikely that British expatriates living in other EU nations will be forced to leave or lose their rights to healthcare, or their homes. One of the major reasons for this is to avoid retaliatory measures from the UK, where around 3 million EU citizens are currently living. To avoid diplomatic and economic catastrophe, it is very likely that British citizens will be allowed to carry on living in other EU states and vice versa, even after Brexit has been fully realised. To help allay fears, Simon Manley, the British ambassador to Spain recently released the video statement above regarding negotiations between the British government and the EU parliament.

This is a great relief to all of the British citizens who have chosen to live across Europe. It also shows that Tenerife and the Canary Islands remains a fantastic destination to move to and invest in, especially with such high levels of interest from tourists worldwide. The Canary Islands are more popular than ever and continue to enjoy a massive growth in numbers of visitors, leading to an ever greater boost to the economy. This in turn will lead to further investment by the government of the Canary Islands in infrastructural improvements and other enhancements to life here on these beautiful islands!



Tenerife ends 2015 with growth of the 9.2 per cent in recruitment of the tourism sector

Tourism sector in Tenerife ended 2015 with an increase in contracts and a reduction in the unemployment numbers “both in the sector and in the whole of the island’s economy by its drag effect” announces the Cabildo’s President, Carlos Alonso, who particularly appreciates this positive evolution of employment in the sector is a growing trend and has been able to “pull” other less dynamic sectors of the island’s economy.

Thus, contracts linked to the tourism sector of Tenerife grew 9.2 percent in 2015, year in which a total of 125.489 new contracts were formalized 10.566 in contrast to 2014.

July and October were particularly dynamic in terms of signing contracts “mainly due to the reinforcements that occur at the beginning of the summer and winter seasons, respectively”, explains the President of the Council.

The insular tourism, Alberto Bernabé, adviser says that tourism brings in 41 percent of contracts formalized in the whole of the Island labour market and 47.1 percent of those generated in the service sector, “which highlights the importance of this economic activity in the whole of the economy of the island”.

However, 90 per cent of these hires are temporary unavailable against 10 percent of indefinite “so it needs to be done to achieve greater stability of these jobs”, States Bernabé.

The characteristics of tourism activities, hospitality records by 2015 an increase in recruitment of 12 per cent, 10.357 contracts rather than in 2014. In the case of accommodation services, the increase stands at 10 per cent (4.574 contracts more) while in the activity of food and beverage accumulates growth of 14.3 per cent in the year (5.783 contracts more).

President Carlos Alonso points out that labour dynamism of the Tenerife tourist sector not only gets highlighted in the increase of their engagements, but also in the decrease in unemployment, “which is shrinking since the end of 2013”.

The results for the year reflect a fall in unemployment from 4.7 percent in December, which translates into 1.057 unemployed less than at the end of 2014 for a total of 21.299 people unemployed registered at the offices of the employment service Canary.


State Visit will celebrate close royal and historic ties between the United Kingdom and Spain, says British Ambassador Simon Manley

The British Ambassador to Spain, Simon Manley, has welcomed the announcement of a State Visit to the United Kingdom from the 8th to the 10th of March 2016.

“The British government is delighted that Their Majesties King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia of Spain have accepted the invitation from Her Majesty The Queen,” said Mr Manley.

“This State Visit will celebrate not only the long and deep royal and historic ties between our two countries, but also our strong relationship as partners in the European Union, NATO and United Nations.  We enjoy close connections in terms of culture, trade, investment, security and defence. This is an opportunity to celebrate and deepen those links.”

This is the first State Visit by King Felipe and Queen Letizia to the UK. They will stay at Windsor Castle. The programme will be announced in due course.

The last State Visit was when King Juan Carlos I and Queen Sofia visited in 1986.  HM Queen Elizabeth II and The Duke of Edinburgh returned with a State Visit to Spain in 1988.

Since then the Spanish and British royal families have paid a number of formal visits to each other’s countries. In 2002, King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia attended the annual Order of the Garter Ceremony at St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, including a dinner at Windsor Castle given by The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh.

In 2011, The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall paid a three-day official visit to Spain that was hosted by Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia. A few weeks later Queen Sofia, Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia attended the wedding in London of Prince William to Catherine Middleton.

The British and Spanish Royal Families are directly related through the marriage of Alfonso XIII of Spain to Princess Victoria Eugenia, known as Ena, granddaughter of Queen Victoria, in 1906.  Victoria Eugenia is the great-grandmother of King Felipe.

Today, the United Kingdom and Spain are close partners in the EU, NATO and United Nations, among numerous international organisations; and cooperate together through the UN Security Council, of which Spain is a current member.

The two countries are also major partners in trade, worth a total of 40bn GBP in 2014, including British goods and services worth 14.6 bn GBP exported to Spain, and imports from Spain to the UK worth 26.1bn GBP.

Spanish companies have invested heavily in the UK’s open economy, including Santander, which employs more than 20,000 people in the UK; Iberdrola, which owns Scottish Power; and Ferrovial, which operates Heathrow and three other airports.

Nearly 300,000 Britons are registered as residents in Spain and 15 million visitors came from the UK last year, whilst an estimated 131,000 Spaniards are resident in the UK and two million visited in 2014.

The UK and Spain will also enjoy a major cultural connection next year, which will mark the 400th anniversary of the deaths of two of the countries’ most famous writers, William Shakespeare and Miguel Cervantes, who both died in April 1616.


British Ambassador presents Queen’s Certificate and Badge of Honour to Spanish citizen for his services to the Falklands

Spanish citizen Jose Antonio Cordeiro Otero has received the Falkland Islands’ Queen’s Certificate and Badge of Honour in recognition of his services to the Falkland Islands and particularly for his work in the fishing industry.

The award was presented by the British Ambassador Simon Manley today during a ceremony at the Ambassador’s Residence in Madrid.

Antonio arrived in the Falkland Islands in 1988 and lived there until he returned to his native Galicia earlier this year. He worked for the Falklands fishery from its creation and also supported the establishment of The Mission to Seafarers in the Islands’ capital Stanley, which provides support and welfare during times of crisis or need to the men and women who work on the high seas.

However, his most important achievement was in developing and fostering relationships between the Spanish and the Falkland Islands’ fishing industries.

Simon Manley said:

“Previously the relationship between the two fishing industries consisted of little more than simple licence arrangements.  Today joint ventures between the two fisheries are not only commonplace but essential to the Islands’ economy.

“It is safe to say this would not be the case had it not been for Antonio’s tireless work in this area. As a result he enjoys widespread respect amongst his peers – not an easy thing to achieve in such a tough and demanding industry.”

Jose Antonio Cordeiro Otero said:

“I have had the privilege of serving two countries I feel I belong to.”

The ceremony was attended by Antonio’s family and friends as well as by the British Embassy’s Defence Attaché Paul Lemkes.


RDO4 2013 Conference


If you are looking for some inspiration or direction in the field of shared ownership, then come along to hear what the key players predict for the next few years as they share their top tips and forecast growing trends and consumer behaviour. With revelations about what we all need to do to ensure more sales and a better ways to market timeshare-related products and services over the next few years, you won´t want to miss this great opportunity!

John Beckley will be attending the RDO4 2013 Conference to be held at the 5-star deluxe Lopesan Baobab Resort in Gran Canaria on 15 to 17 September 2013, so why not come along and glean some insights at this year´s theme of “Standing Together”.

Also attending will be James Beckley, Justine Bannister and Dennis Markham representating Pearly Grey.


Golf Las Americas

Could it be any more convenient? Just a short chip away from the beaches and nightlife of Playa de Las Americas this 6,051 metre long course has tested and delighted professional and keen amateur golfers alike. The 18 holes of the par 72 course are set in a natural protective ring of greenery that preserves the peace and compliments the lakes and rivers that snake their way across the course.
Everything you need to inspire your performances is here, a chipping green, putting green, bar/restaurant, golf shop, tv lounge and changing rooms. If you need extra help, there is a golf school to polish up your swing.

Golf las Americas
38660 Playa de Las Americas
Tel (0034) 922752005
Fax (0034) 922795250
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Whats On Tenerife

The official guide from the Tenerife government (Cabildo) to cultural and social events across Tenerife. There is always a wide and varied programme of arts and culture reflecting all aspects of life in Tenerife and the rich history that has formed the character of the island.
Although the government headquarters are in the capital Santa Cruz, they also have a press office in the south to keep in touch with the major tourism zones.

Consejería Delegada Comarca Sur
Zentral Center, 5ª, oficina 1,
Avda. Antonio Domínguez 5,
Playa de las Américas,
38660 Tenerife, Islas Canarias
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International Media Officer

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Tenerife Businesses are Invisible to Most of Their Customers

A survey of 1,375 consumers conducted by TotalMedia, a UK-based media agency, found that almost 70% of consumers use the internet to book their holidays, compared to 23% by phone and just 8% who chose travel agents.

Consumers aged 35-44 were found to be most likely (74%) to book online. The survey went on to reveal that holidaymakers are now booking trips based on online travel reviews rather than glossy publications.

Wasted Opportunity
We all know that the Internet has revolutionised consumer habits and nowhere is that more true than in the travel and tourism sector.
Where once glossy magazine pages lured consumers into high street travel agents to book their holidays, today it’s search engines that act as the PR men. From holiday watchdog forums to blogs, consumers can research and book every aspect of their holiday from the flights, hotel and car hire to which restaurant they’re going to eat in on their last night, all long before they leave home.
Any business involved in the travel, tourism and property markets on Tenerife is only too aware that their primary consumer market lies beyond these shores.
Yet many still waste money paying for expensive advertising in printed magazines and newspapers which are only seen by those who are already here.
It’s time Tenerife businesses woke up to the fact that online marketing is the only way to get in front of consumers before they make their buying decisions.

Choosing the Right Shop Window
There’s only one consideration when it comes to deciding which Tenerife online publication to display your business with: it’s simple. Content is King.
Today’s online consumers are savvy shoppers. They know what they’re looking for and they want to get straight to it. Fluffy, vague content cobbled together from other sources is simply not good enough.

New so-called ‘tenerife’ sites pop up on an almost weekly basis; very few of them are even based on the island. They’re easy to spot. The content is superficial, rarely experiential, usually wildly inaccurate and very thin on the ground. In fact, the only thing that many of these sites have that is even vaguely Tenerife is the domain name.

At Tenerife Magazine content is written by professional travel writers who all live and work on Tenerife and whose business it is to know the island inside out.
Our content is timely, accurate, experiential, compelling and exactly what consumers are looking for.

With the island reeling from the effects of the global crisis, those who are serious about doing business in Tenerife shouldn’t waste precious marketing budgets on printed publications that fail to reach their intended market and will be lining the cat’s litter tray within a week.
At Tenerife Magazine we have over 15,000 consumers a month, every month, looking for information on Tenerife. Would you like them to see you?


Megabowl Sports Bar & Lounge

Bowl your family and friends over with a fun trip to Fañabe for tenpin bowling. Play individual, team or corporate challenges, it’s easy to play and the scoring is all done automatically. You will slip into the bowling rythm as easily as you slip into our snazzy hire shoes.

  • Great for that memorable birthday party, with special lanes, party bags, food and drink and loads of smiles.
  • An afternoon treat, perfect way to start an evening out, or ask about our adult parties, our bar is always fully stocked and cool.
  • Enjoy the latest sport on our big screens as you feel that competitive rush with friends or business contacts.

To find out how much fun you can have pop in to Calle Londres in CC Fañabe, Tenerife, from Monday to Friday 12pm to 12 am, or on Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays from 12pm to 1am. Come once and we know you will be back.

You can follow Megabowl on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Flickr.


Spring Hotels

Style, comfort and service come together in these well appointed four star hotels, all in key positions with good access to beaches and shops.

Arona Gran Hotel – On the old beach side of Los Cristianos port with a pool terrace overlooking the beach. Montaña Guaza provides a beautiful natural backdrop and the main shopping area is just a pleasant five minute walk along the beach promenade.

Hotel Bitacora – Just off the front at Playa de Las Americas, this family favourite has a childrens pool and play area called Nenelandia with it’s own water chute. Handy for the large dark sand beach and pedestrianised promenade.

Hotel Volcano – From the impressive entrance hall with Botanical Lounge, the food and service will compliment the overall feel of comfort. A short stroll from the beach and 1km from an 18 hole golf course.

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