Picarus Sailing Club Yacht Trip

On my recent visit to Tenerife, I was interested in trying a different type of boat trip from the usual larger noisier one’s so my friend Simon and I joined a luxury yacht tour with Picarus Sailing Club.

From the very first contact with Irene, everything was easy and professional.

On the day of the trip, Simon and I met Irene at the office in Las Galletas and walked down to the yacht moored in the nearby harbour. There can be a maximum of eight guests onboard, which makes for an intimate experience, but we only had four other guests joining us. They had been picked up from their accommodation in the Picarus Sailing van and would be dropped off again afterwards.

As I was welcomed onboard the Bavarian 46 cruiser of almost 15 metres in length, by the friendly crew and Jaime the captain, all I could think was wow!! This was my first time aboard anything like this and I was amazed at how much more spacious it was than I had expected. It was also spotlessly clean.

As we set sail, a crew member called Takashi told us the safety rules on board and made us all feel comfortable and safe. After this, I moved to the front of the yacht, enjoying the sense of freedom and the movement of the waves. Simon joined me, and we had a fun photo session, and then just relaxed while the yacht glided through the water.

We travelled to a conservation area just off the coast of Tenerife, where we very quickly found a pod of sleeping pilot whales. There were some mothers with their calves and the babies were so sweet. They would roll onto their backs and hit the surface of the water with their tail fins while making cute little noises. As there are not many guests on the yacht it is quiet, so you can enjoy the peaceful sound of the pilot whales breathing.

Takashi is very knowledgeable and cares about the welfare of these mammals and conservation of the sea. He told us all many interesting facts about pilot whales such as only half of their brain sleeps at a time. The male pilot whales can reach up to 25 feet in length and weigh as much as three tons, while the females are around 16 feet and weigh one and a half tons.

After spending a good bit of time with the pilot whales (much longer than the other boat trips I have been on), we set sail towards a fish farm just off the coast of Palm-Mar to see the dolphins. We had already seen a few before this playing in front of the yacht and jumping out of the sea just behind the whales.

There are many dolphins by the fish farm, obviously, a great supply of food for them is found here. This is a wonderful place to see the parents and their babies, especially during the winter months.

After watching them for a while we sailed closer to the shore and dropped anchor, and the guests that wanted to could then have the opportunity for a swim or to snorkel (all equipment is provided). There is even a paddleboard on the yacht to try if the sea conditions allow for it.

Then it was time for what I can only describe as one of the best seafood paellas I have ever tasted! It was cooked fresh onboard by the crew and was absolutely delicious, much better than I have eaten in many restaurants, and as a lover of Spanish food I have eaten many paellas.

If you have dietary restrictions, then be sure to tell them at the time of booking and some alternative food will be provided. There is also a broad selection of drinks on board to choose from.

After lunch, we headed back to the harbour after a fantastic four hour trip on the yacht.

This whole experience was amazing, and I can’t recommend it enough! For only €60 (not much more than the bigger noisy boats) you will be treated to a five-star service, which is sure to go above and beyond your expectations. I, for one, can’t wait to join Picarus Sailing Club on another trip very soon.

For more information about Picarus Sailing Club:

Article by Lynne Knightley 

If you wish to read more about amazing things to do in Tenerife, then take a look at Lynne’s excellent guidebook.

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How to Enjoy a Luxury Boat Trip in Tenerife

There is an outdated perception among some, that Tenerife is just a destination you head to for a budget getaway of sun, sand and sea. Of course if you are looking for a cheap and cheerful vacation, then it is certainly possible here as there are many great value hotels, resorts and apartments, plus of course you can spend a week by the pool or relaxing on the beach, but what many don’t realise, is that Tenerife is so much more than this!

One particular feature, among many of the incredible things to discover in Tenerife that surprises people, is what a great location it is to see whales and dolphins in the wild! In fact, the waters around the Canary Islands are one of the best locations in the world to witness these incredible creatures in their natural habitat, where they most definitely belong.

Keeping these animals in captivity is generally very cruel and hopefully, this practice will be ended in the not too distant future. Instead of going to see them in tanks, here in Tenerife you can take a boat trip and see these beautiful creatures enjoying life as it should be, wild and free!

While there are a number of different companies that offer boat trips from various harbours around Tenerife, one that we most certainly recommend is Blue Jack Sail. This is a family run business that offers luxurious trips abroad either a stunning sailing yacht or their luxurious motor boat.

Recently the Tenerife Magazine team took a trip on their motorboat to see the dolphins and whales. The excursion started from Puerto Colón in Costa Adeje and lasted 3 hours. The boat was expertly controlled by Jesús who
owns and runs the company with his partner Monica. Their ethos is very much centred around providing a more personalised trip with the focus on providing the best possible experience for their passengers.

The boat certainly has a lot of power and it raced through the waves at certain moments, but Jesús always steered the boat with control and the safety of all of us in mind at all times. As well as this he made sure we got the best possible views of whales and dolphins. We got great glimpses of pilot whales surfacing near to the boat and absolutely incredible views of many different pods of dolphins. At times they were literally racing in front of the boat right beneath our feet!

It is so obvious when you see these animals in the wild, how much they enjoy being free in their natural habitat. The whales swim peacefully through the ocean, minding their own business, and the dolphins race about leaping in and out of the water. They seem genuinely curious about humans and the boats as they followed us around and chased alongside and raced in front, putting on an awesome show with no need to be forced to perform unnatural tricks.

Following these awesome views, we then headed back towards the coast, towards the tiny El Puertito. This picture perfect typical Canarian village is located between Playa Paraiso and Costa Adeje and provided a perfect backdrop for a swim after the captain dropped anchor.

"Welcome the present moment as if you had invited it. It is all we ever have, so we might as well work with it rather than struggle against it. We might as well make it our friend and teacher rather than our enemy." Pema Chödrön ————————————————— I recently had a fantastic trip with Blue Jack Sail (www.bluejacksail.com) on their luxury speed boat to see dolphins and whales in the wild! We also got some time for a refreshing swim, and as you can see I took that opportunity 🌊 😉 Overall this is an amazing excursion which I definitely recommend you try here in Tenerife! It's a perfect chance to disconnect and live in the moment 👌🏽 #WhatsSimonSaying ————————————————— Which has been your favourite excursion recently? ————————————————— @visit_tenerife @thecanaryislands @spain @tenerifemagazine ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ #ThursdayThoughts #qotd #tbt #throwbackthursday #quoteoftheday #Tenerife #CanaryIslands #IslasCanarias #latitudeoflife #latituddevida #Spain #españa #travel #explore #adventure #ocean #sea #wanderlust #wearetravelguys #swimming #YearOfCalm #TenerifeMagazine

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While the girls took the opportunity to top up their tans on the deck, the guys took turns jumping in and showing off, by braving the slightly chilly water. 

Following the swim, we were provided with delicious fresh fruit (strawberries and pineapple) and drinks including a chilled bottle of cava. This was the icing on the cake of a fantastic trip with Blue Jack Sail. While at the start conditions had been unusually cloudy, by the time we had our swim and were then lounging back on the deck eating fruit and sipping cava the sun was shining gloriously.

The trip seemed to have raced by as we had all been having such fun, but it was then time to head back to Puerto Colón. The anchor was raised, the engines powered up and off we went. As the boat headed along back to base, we sat out in the sunshine, with the wind in our hair taking in the amazing views of the Tenerife coastline, such as the beautiful town of La Caleta.

This was certainly a trip to remember with a company that really puts its clients first, and are clearly passionate about providing the best possible service. We’ve been invited back on the boat in the future and will certainly be taking them up on that offer!

Your own Private Boat is not as expensive as you think!

Just an awesome day out …one we highly recommend! You can book directly with Blue Jack Sail! A big shout out to Kate … The Italian Chica for making this video for us while staying at the @Jardin Tropical Hotel! If you do go please let us know how you enjoyed it.

Posted by Tenerife Magazine on Friday, April 13, 2018

Video by Kate Michelle Conti aka The Italian Chica 

Thanks to Jesús and Monica for sponsoring this excursion which was an absolutely brilliant experience. To find out more about their trips, head to their website – www.bluejacksail.com/ and follow them via Facebook.

Around Tenerife, there is an incredible variety of different places to see and discover, new things to try such as paragliding, helicopter flights, incredible trekking adventures, and many excellent upmarket hotels and resorts. In fact the whole profile of Tenerife (and the Canary Islands in general) have been significantly raised in the past decade, with increasing numbers of more discerning visitors arriving on these beautiful shores.

This is a trend that we envision will continue long into the foreseeable future. While there should always be a place for families and others travelling here on a budget, this should not dominate the whole of the local economy, as this doesn’t benefit the island or those living here. We hope more people will take advantage of the amazing experiences such as a luxury boat trip with Blue Jack Sail and truly see the best of what Tenerife has to offer!




Paragliding – The Best Thing I’ve Ever Done

While in Tenerife in December I got the chance to go paragliding with Airsports Tenerife! After the initial excitement had worn off I began to wonder exactly what I had said yes to…

At 15:30 on the day of the paragliding I met my pilot Simon at La Enramada beach near La Caleta. Yes, I wasn’t going by myself, I had The Best Pilot for my tandem paraglide. There is a great bar at this beach called Coqueluche, and while I was offered a drink before my flight, I thought it better to decline.

The vans were packed with all the gear, and the different pilots and other guests like me jumped in, and we were on our way up into the mountains. At the top, we unpacked the vans and hiked a little way to the Los Pinos take off point at around 800 metres high. Simon and I would be taking off first.

I was strapped into the harness and attached to Simon, and while he was watching for the best conditions for take off, I was standing there utterly terrified.

Suddenly the conditions were right, and Simon told me to run and then we were up in the air. It really does feel like you are a bird in flight just gliding over the mountains, and I soon relaxed and started enjoying myself. The views were amazing and like nothing I have ever experienced before, even though I do a lot of mountain hiking. This was a totally different feeling.

After a while Simon took us up into the clouds and allowed me to have a go at flying the paraglider myself. I don’t think I was very good at it, but I’m so glad I got to give it a try. I’d love to tell you more about what happened in the clouds, but like Simon said, ‘What happens in the clouds, stays in the clouds’.

We went up to around 1450 metres and to be so high up and flying free is surprisingly peaceful and relaxing. It was an amazing sight to look down at the other paragliders way below us.

We began heading towards the coastline and out to sea. We were still around 800 metres high once we were over the ocean. Then Simon said it was time for some fun and let’s go upside down! This I was not brave enough for…maybe next time. So instead Simon did some crazy turns, and yes, I admit it, I screamed on almost all of them!

It was time to head to the landing point back at La Enramada beach. As we were coming in to land I said that I needed to stay on my feet and look cool in front of all the people watching. This didn’t happen, and instead I went down on one knee as though proposing to Simon. Afterwards it was time for a glass of cava while watching the most magnificent sunset I have ever seen.

The whole experience is recorded on a go pro camera and you get the SD Card after your flight. What a great souvenir to take home. You can read more about what to expect by visiting the website at airsportstenerife.com.

If you are a little unsure if you want to try paragliding then head to La Enramada beach at around 16:30, have a drink at the beach bar, and watch the paragliders coming in to land over your head. Make sure to do this near the start of your holiday, as I can almost guarantee that you will be begging the pilots to find
time to schedule a flight for you.

Though I was terrified at the start, I soon discovered that paragliding is simply fantastic, and I highly recommend everyone to give it a go while in Tenerife. In fact, this paragliding experience I had with Simon and Airsports Tenerife is The Best Thing I have ever done!!

Text and photos by Lynne Knightley

If you wish to read more about amazing things to do in Tenerife, then take a look at Lynne’s excellent guidebook.

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Why You Need to Try Paragliding with Airsports Tenerife

If you’ve never been paragliding before (or even if you have), then you definitely need to try with Airsports Tenerife for an absolutely epic experience! Tenerife is almost certainly one of the best places in the world to enjoy this amazing sport, with a wonderful climate all year round offering excellent conditions and breathtaking views.

Don’t worry if you are a complete beginner though as you will not be alone! These are tandem flights with an extremely experienced, professional and safety conscious team. There is an international mix to the team, representing the best from the UK, Sweden, France and Italy with a combined flying experience on Tenerife of almost 30 years!

Clearly with this much experience you are in extremely safe hands and as should obviously be the way, your safety is the number one priority for the team, followed closely by providing you with the best possible flight experience. There are a number of different competing companies on Tenerife, due to it being one of the best paragliding locations. Despite this, Airsports Tenerife certainly stands out due to their exceptional service and consideration for the safety and enjoyment of their clients.

Whereas other companies take a more rushed approach, sometimes taking off in less than desirable conditions, while aiming to maximise their profits, Airsports Tenerife owner Simon Fulford and his team on the other hand are not purely driven by profit and instead offer a more personal experience. They will only take you on a flight if the conditions are optimal for safety and the best views/wind speed etc. This is achieved by not trying to pack so many flights in per day.

Pre flight pic!Simon and his friendly team are also happy to have a drink and chat with clients at the wonderful beach bar next to where you land. Depending on the time of day, you may even be greeted with some live music and a gorgeous sunset if you’re lucky. It’s these more personal touches that really make the difference between a company being average or even good and one that is great like Airsports Tenerife.

So if you are visiting Tenerife or living here on the island and want to give paragliding a try, you should absolutely contact Simon and his team. Don’t hesitate, get in touch with them today!

You can find all their details on their website: http://airsportstenerife.com/

You can also find them on social media:


Sea Kayaking and Dolphin Watching in Tenerife

Over Christmas I did something which will live in my memory forever; I went sea kayaking to watch dolphins! I have seen dolphins in the wild before on a boat trip in Gran Canaria, but sea kayaking with them is a totally different experience, and a thousand times better.

On a visit to Tenerife, many tourists will go on a boat trip to see dolphins in the wild. While these boat trips are good, there is something you can do which is even better, and gets you very close to the dolphins. This is sea kayaking with Tenerife in Kayak. They are based in Palm-Mar, not far from Los Cristianos and will come and pick you up from your hotel and drop you off again after the tour. The tour lasts for two hours, and the pickup service is free.

Everything is included, and the instructions from the guide make this easy even for novices like me.

Tenerife in Kayak is a very professional company, and will answer any questions you may have.

This has to be one of the best ways of seeing wild dolphins in their natural habitat, and getting so close to them because they want to come to you. You will not regret choosing sea kayaking as a way to watch them instead of being on a tourist boat chasing after them.

If there is only one thing that you do in Tenerife, this should be it!

Price: €35 per adult, €20 per child up to 11 years old

Opening Hours: Open every day. Book online at http://www.tenerifeinkayak.com/en/

Address: Av. Palm Mar Edif. La Arenita Local 4, Palm Mar, Tenerife

Disclaimer: I have not received any kind of compensation from Tenerife in Kayak for writing the above feature. This is a company that I have personally used, and had a fantastic tour with. Everything written is my own opinion, with no input from anyone else.

Text and photos by Lynne Knightley

If you wish to read more about amazing things to do in Tenerife, then take a look at Lynne’s excellent guide book.

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See Why West Tenerife Offer the Best Jet Ski Experience on the Island

As a sun blessed island, you no doubt expect Tenerife to have a huge range of different ocean based activities and excursions available, and you would not be wrong! There is scuba diving, snorkelling, surfing, windsurfing, stand-up paddle, whale and dolphin watching sailing trips, and many more. If you are looking for something a bit more action packed out on the ocean waves, then jet skiing is a perfect option to choose.

Things are not so straight forward though as there are a whole host of jet ski companies hoping for your business. We can make the decision making process easy for you though, as we recently had an amazing experience with the brilliant West Tenerife jet-ski excursion company. What the company offered is so much more than we were expecting!

We arrived for our scheduled trip at the stunning harbour of Los Gigantes, situated right next to the incredible Los Gigantes cliffs, one of the most impressive and well loved parts of the island; with a height of between 300 to 600 metres the views are amazing. We couldn’t have asked for a better day with a clear blue sky, calm waters and the beautiful sun beaming down on us. Following such a great start, the day got better and better.

Mi gente 😎 ~ ~ ~ Muchisimas gracias a @west_tenerife para una experiencia muy unica y divertido! Jet-ski, snorkel y mucho mas en Los Gigantes, un lugar muy bonito en el Sud de Tenerife! Mas información aqui > westtenerife.com ~ Many thanks to West Tenerife for a really unique and fun experience! Jet-skiing, snorkeling and much more in Los Gigantes, a beautiful place in South Tenerife! More information > westtenerife.com ~ ~ ~ #SundayFunday #visitspain #tenerifetag #TenerifeMagazine #totaltenerife #MyPlaceInSpain #spain #Tenerife #CanaryIslands #islascanarias #tenerife #travel #wanderlust #mar #amigos #friends #latituddevida #latitudeoflife #excursion #explore #WeAreTravelGuys #guardiantravelsnaps #migente

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After signing in for our excursion we met the friendly West Tenerife team and had a brief introduction to our upcoming trip, were fitted with life-jackets and each given a GoPro Hero 5 to record our experience. From there we headed out to a waiting boat which transported us out to where we would set off with the jet skis. Even before our jet ski ride we were treated to some gorgeous views of Los Gigantes cliffs. You really have to see them to believe how huge they are, hence their name which translates to The Giants.

Following a speedy boat ride we arrived at a bay where we swapped onto the jet skis. Two pairs shared two jet-skis and the other two of us had each had a jet  ski to ourselves. For most of us this was our first time riding one so we weren’t quite sure what to expect. As soon as you sit down, turn on the engine and squeeze the throttle, you know you are going to be in for one incredible ride.

The power and speed of a jet ski is unlike almost anything else you will have experienced in your life and if you really push it to its limits you will be literally flying over the waves. It is without a doubt, one of the ultimate adrenaline rushes you can have in Tenerife. On the other hand the company has invested in brand new equipment and the modern jet skis we rode were extremely stable and felt very safe. We followed the West Tenerife boat and at all times we were two jet skis either side of the boat and the crew were constantly checking we were all ok.

It feels absolutely amazing speeding along behind the boat, jumping over waves with the wind in your hair and sun on your face. To our right hand side there were the giant cliffs and to the left the open ocean with La Gomera in the distance. If you are looking for something different to do on your holiday to Tenerife, other than lounging by the pool or on the beach, then this is an amazing option. The West Tenerife experience is so much more than a standard jet ski excursion though, with more to come!

We had been heading towards the Punta de Teno lighthouse located near to Los Gigantes and after speeding along to this point we stopped to meet with another boat from the company, and swapped from the jet skis into this boat which then headed around the Punta de Teno. There was fruit and water for refreshment and snorkelling equipment, including goggles, flippers and most exciting an underwater scooter which none of us had tried before!

This motorised machine was really cool as it can literally speed you through the water either down beneath the waves or horizontally along. With three speeds to select from, you can go as fast or slow as you like, it floats so can’t be easily lost and has a fitting for the GoPro to record your adventures. This part of the excursion offered something completely different from the jet ski ride and sets West Tenerife apart from other competing companies. The company has also just purchased stand-up paddle boards so now clients will have the option of snorkelling or stand-up paddle (or both) as well as the jet ski ride.

Following some time exploring beneath the waves, we got back on the boat and then swapped back to the jet skis for the exhilarating ride back past the beautiful cliffs. On the way we even spotted two sea turtles which added an amazing finishing touch to this awesome experience. Near to Los Gigantes harbour we made a final swap back to the original boat which transported us back to the beginning. Once we arrived back we were all buzzing with excitement from such an amazing time. The trip lasted around 2.5 hours but zipped by which always seems to happen with the most enjoyable things in life. With West Tenerife though, you don’t just have to rely on memories as the GoPros we were each provided with allowed us each to record this amazing experience to look back on and show off to friends and family.

Overall this was a completely faultless day out with a brand new, forward thinking company who we are sure have an fantastic future ahead of them here in Tenerife. As mentioned at the start of this article there are a huge number of excursion options in Tenerife, but there are very few doing things as well as West Tenerife!

For bookings and all the details about the company take a look at West Tenerife’s website here: westtenerife.com

You can also follow them on social media:






Paragliding in Tenerife is an Epic Experience not to be Missed

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of a holiday here in Tenerife, then you’ll know already that it’s the ideal destination if you are looking for somewhere to get away from any stresses you have back home. There are beautiful beaches, a calm, tranquil atmosphere and plenty of gorgeous sunshine to soak up. Of course not everyone is looking for that type of super chilled-out holiday though which is why Tenerife is perfect because you really can have it all! You can combine a relaxing holiday lounging by the pool or chilling at the beach topping up your tan, with more energetic activities. For those of you who love a bit of an adrenaline rush, then we have the perfect option for you: paragliding!

You will absolutely adore a paragliding experience if you’ve ever wondered what it must be like to be a bird gazing down at the ground from high up in the sky. You can experience a bird’s eye view and take in the incredible sights of Tenerife from a totally different perspective. Tenerife is a beautiful island of contrasts, even from normal human eye-level, but to see it from high up in the sky it becomes something truly spectacular.

The team at Tenerife Magazine and some friends recently took up the challenge to overcome their fear of heights and try paragliding with the excellent Tenerife Paragliding. We’re not going to lie, we were nervous at first, some of us more than others, because this was the first time for most of us trying paragliding. Some of us had been parasailing before, but this was taking things to a whole new level of excitement. Instead of being strapped to a boat and flying above water which seems relatively tame looking back, we were set to be soaring high above the land. This was certainly not a natural thing for humans to be doing and we would be putting all our trust in the professional abilities of our paragliding pilots.

Luckily for us we were in completely safe hands though as each of us were assigned a professional paragliding pilot to fly with, who each had decades of flight experience. Daniel Crespo had been paragliding for over twenty years and had competed in many competitions; he has even been the champion of Spain, so clearly knew what he was doing. For all of our pilots, their passion and love of flying was obvious right from the start and to them this is so much more than a job. They were getting to do something they love everyday of their lives which is something many can only dream of. We were to find out what all the fuss is about!

The number one concern of the team at Tenerife Paragliding is their client’s safety and if the conditions are not entirely right, then they will not risk taking you up for a flight, because the right amount of wind is paramount for a successful and most importantly, safe flight. So that you can enjoy the safest and most enjoyable experience possible, the team will simply reschedule your flight for another day if the speed or direction of the wind is not quite right. They are a professional and safety conscious team and will not take any unnecessary risks.

The spot where you will be taking off from is high up in the hills and distinctly colder, so we definitely recommend wearing warm clothes. In this part of Tenerife there are pine forests and other vegetation, that will make you feel like you are on a completely different island! Up here you will already notice how amazing the views are out across the island to the coast and ocean in the distance. You can see how spectacular Tenerife really is from that height with its amazing volcanic landscape, deep gorges, golf courses, impressive hotels and beautiful beaches. The deep blue ocean sparkles in the distance and you will get a glimpse of La Gomera on the horizon. Even before take-off, this is a stunning sight!

Following your arrival at the take-off zone, the team will unpack all of the gear and get everything prepared. This is when everything starts to feel really real. Before it seemed like a kind of abstract thought, but once you see all of the paragliding wings laid out with the harnesses and other equipment you will know it is almost time to be flying above through the air. Following this our individual pilots attached our harnesses to the wings and gave us some clear instructions as to what to expect and how to achieve the best flight experience, one of which is that when it is your time to take-off you have to just keep running to the edge, don’t slow down at the edge of the cliff! We were also handed Go-Pro cameras on selfie-sticks to record the flight.

One by one we watched the others run to the edge with their pilot and then up and away they went. Even watching from the ground was spectacular. Then when it is your individual time to go and you are just about to run to edge, it will feel quite surreal. You will quite probably be thinking (as I was), what the hell am I doing here. There is not enough time to think too much though, as once your pilot shouts run then you go without looking back and before you know it, you are soaring through the sky like a bird.

Before take-off it seems difficult to believe, but once you are up in the air you can almost totally relax. You can sit back as you are suspended in the harness as your pilot does all of the work. Your nerves will go and you can just take in the incredible sights of Tenerife from the air, while also taking video on the Go-Pro.

From the heights you reach everything looks miniature including people, cars, buildings, hotels and even the golf courses and giant gorges. Seeing the people wandering around is like watching tiny ants and must be how birds see the world while they are in flight. You can enjoy a completely panoramic view as everything spans out around you spectacularly, with the land below, the ocean surrounding and La Gomera in the distance.

This really is an incredible experience and is likely to be different to anything you’ve ever tried before. It’s also quite the adrenaline rush, with the wind in your hair and nothing but an oversized kite keeping you up in the sky. Don’t worry though as it’s really no-where near as scary as you might think and is actually quite relaxing, as you can sit back and let the pilot take total control, as he navigates you towards your landing spot on the beach.

The landing is really fun as you head towards the coast, over the top of hotels where you can see people lounging in pools and eating meals. You head out to the ocean and then your pilot will navigate you back towards the beach where you will land right next to a beach bar with onlookers staring in amazement. After you land you can even enjoy a quick drink yourself.

If you are looking for something completely out of the ordinary and incredibly memorable on your next trip to Tenerife, then you should definitely try paragliding with Tenerife Paragliding. Even if you have a lot of nerves beforehand like some of our group did, you will feel amazing afterwards and buzzing with energy. Any holiday in Tenerife is awesome even if you just want a relaxing holiday by the pool or at the beach, but if you’re looking for that once in a life-time experience to amaze all your friends and family with, then this is definitely the excursion for you!



Have You Tried an Amazing Helicopter Flight in Tenerife?

So you’ve decided on the beautiful island of Tenerife as your holiday destination, or perhaps you’ve even chosen it as your home (good choice). Well we’re sure you’ve probably already noticed at least some of Tenerife’s incredible features such as it’s vibrant coastline, fascinating volcanic landscape, colourful towns and villages filled and gorgeous natural beauty.

@raicorosenberg with @repostapp ・・・ Views over Adeje, the tourist resort of Las Americas and the island of La Gomera. Shot from Tenerife one great evening in 2012. Single exposure. You can also see Fañabe, los cristianos, adeje golf, la caleta, san Eugenio… basically the whole of the south almost! #latitudeoflife #canariashoy #loves_canarias #ig_canaryislands #tenerife #loves_tenerife #espacio_canario #costadeje #great_captures_spain #ok_canarias #ig_canarias #estaes_canarias #totaltenerife #canariashoy #viajarEuropa #okSpain #sunset_vision #majestic_sunset #igsunset #ig_shotz_sunset #enchanted_sunsets #sunset_madness_ #lonelyplanet #awesomeearth #wonderful_places #world_shotz #theglobewanderer #travelawesome

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Tenerife is an island filled with contrast, from the bright colours of the golden sand or black volcanic beaches, verdant green palm trees, brilliant blue ocean and sky, vast pine forests and the absolutely stunning Teide National Park with the enormous Mount Teide as the centerpiece, dominating the middle of the island at a height of over 3,700 metres!

If you think you know Tenerife from spending a week at the beach here though, then you really haven’t experienced much of the island at all. Even if you have taken the time to explore and seen more than just your hotel and local beach, there is another unique perspective of Tenerife that you really must experience. We recently took to the skies with the brilliant Helidream Helicopters for a helicopter flight and it was absolutely amazing. The views were seriously stunning and really allowed us to appreciate the beauty of this incredible island.

Tenerife is our home and we have seen so much of the island already, that we must admit even we sometimes take for granted how truly great it really is. This can happen even for the best places like Tenerife, when you’ve seen many of the same views multiple times. Sometime it takes experiencing somewhere in a new way or trying something new to remind yourself again how lucky you are. Almost all of Tenerife is beautiful or has something of interest to see, but viewing it from the air will really show you how it is as you will be treated to a bird’s eye view.

If this is your first flight in a helicopter which for most people it likely will be, then you can be forgiven for feeling at least a slight twinge of nervousness. This is completely understandable at it is a new experience that for many is out of their comfort zone. You will be flying up into the sky and soaring above the land below in a form of transport that most people never get to experience. Once you arrive at the Helidream heliport though you will meet the excellent team that works there, including the friendly manager of the company Luciano. Before your flight you will be shown a short safety/instructional video and the team will be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

Shortly afterwards you will head out to the helicopter, where you will be strapped in safely and be given your headsets. While you may still be feeling a little nervous at this point, your safety is of utmost importance to the team who thoroughly check everything which should completely ease your fears. Once the pilot is ready and the rotor blades up to full speed, the helicopter will ease off the ground and off you go up into the sky.

The sensation of taking off in a helicopter really is incredible and any last nerves you may have had will immediately turn to excitement, as you feel an amazing rush of adrenaline. It offers a totally different flight experience to that of being in a commercial plane as you feel far closer to the action.

While the helicopter does fly at an incredible speed and high above the ground, it is really exciting rather than scary, as you zoom rapidly through the air taking in Tenerife’s incredible sights from the air. The best part of the trip is being able to marvel at the island from perspective that normally only birds have. We opted for the South coast tour, taking in familiar sights but from a totally different perspective.

You can see straight down into the impressive gorges and ravines, look down at all the beautiful villas and their palm tree lined gardens with bright blue swimming pools, view the verdant green golf courses which are in stark contrast to the volcanic landscape, and fly straight over the vibrant, colourful coastline with stunning sandy beaches, bright blue ocean and La Gomera in the distance. You will also catch a glimpse of Teide in all its splendour surrounded by the giant Teide National Park when you head back to the heliport.

The South coast tour is just one of the brilliant flight options which you can choose to take with Helidreams Helicopters who offer an absolutely fantastic service. When you are holidaying in Tenerife or even for those that live here looking for something new to try, you should definitely experience a helicopter flight with Helidream Helicopters. The flight may be over relatively quickly but the memories will last for a lifetime, plus of course your photos and videos will make everyone back home just a little bit jealous!

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Why You Will Absolutely Love the Forestal Park Experience

We know that a lot of visitors heading to Tenerife are looking for some well deserved rest and relaxation. If this is what you are after then you have definitely picked the right place as you can easily while away a week or more here recharging your batteries. We can totally see the appeal of this, but on the other hand we also love an adventure. Variety is the spice of life after all!

For those of you who are looking for unique experiences to combine with all of the gorgeous sun, sand and sea, don’t worry as Tenerife is an amazing destination for adventure seekers. If you want an adrenaline boost, to add to all that vitamin D, then you definitely need a trip to Forestal Park Tenerife. We visited there recently and it was unlike anything else on the island, offering a totally unique and amazing experience!

Some people look at Tenerife (and the Canary Islands in general), as mainly a destination you head to if you’re looking for a beach getaway. Of course, we’re not going to deny that Tenerife has some sublime beaches which combined with almost guaranteed year-round sunshine make for the perfect beach holiday. What many don’t realise though, is that as well as a gorgeous coastline, Tenerife also has an abundance of natural beauty across much of the island.

While the extremely popular south is an excellent place to stay, it is not particularly green. If you want to see the incredible pine forests that exist then you need to head away from the coast to the higher altitudes, especially if you head to the north where you will find a rich array of biodiversity and a dense canary pine forest. For those who are used to relaxing poolside or being on the beach, you will not believe this is the same island; it is quite simply incredible.

Close to the town of El Rosario, on the edge of the stunning Teide National Park in the protected area of Las Lagunetas you will find Forestal Park Tenerife. Here you will discover an amazing array of climbing equipment consisting of ropes, cables, nets and bridges, in amongst giant pine trees. Following a safety instruction and brief introduction, the real adventure begins!

After a while you’ll begin to feel like Tarzan as you climb and swing among the trees and zoom down massive ziplines. It won’t be long until you’re clambering up ladders on the side of huge trees, crossing rope bridges high up in the trees and swinging into nets shaped like a spider’s web.

We’re not going to deny that in some places we felt more than a little afraid, as some of the routes are seriously high in places. Of course though that’s what made it all the more fun as you get a huge rush of adrenaline. You’ll be left with a big smile on your face and a real sense of achievement as you maneuver around the challenging circuits. Unless you a true adrenaline junkie who loves skydiving or other extreme sports, you will feel absolutely buzzing with energy as you cross one of the rope bridges or fly down a zip line!

If you’re looking for something a little exciting while you are staying in Tenerife then you should definitely try Forestal Park, for an epic experience that is way more than you can imagine. Even for those of you who are not feeling particularly adventurous, this is a great introduction to adventure sports and an excellent way to get back in touch with nature. Regardless of whether you are on your own, in a couple, family or group this should definitely be on your list of things to do.


This park has been built with all ages in mind and includes a section especially for families with kids, plus there are various difficulty levels to try on the main sections so no one will feel left out. This is also a superb place for bonding and having fun together, so is brilliant for a party or event. Overall if you want to get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself, head to Forestal Park Tenerife for what will very likely be one of the most unique and top highlights of your holiday!

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Siam Park Awarded No.1 Water Park in the World Again!

Tenerife has many amazing attractions including the awesome Mount Teide, the highest mountain in Spain and the stunning Teide National Park, one of the top ten most visited national parks in the world. Add to this the gorgeous year round sunny weather, beautiful beaches, and fascinating culture and history, and you can easily see why visitors from around the world love this incredible island.

Well if all of these reasons weren’t enough, Tenerife also has another big claim to fame; it has the no.1 water park in the world, Siam Park, as ranked in the TripAdvisor 2017 Travelers’ Choice awards!

Not only that but this is the 4th consecutive year that this stunning Thai-themed paradise has achieved this accolade, in the list of 25 Top Water Parks in the World. Clearly the team at Siam Park are doing something right!


Since the park opened back in September 2008 it has been a firm favourite for both tourists to Tenerife and residents of the island, offering an incredible and unique experience. Throughout the park there is a Thai theme including all of the rides, park buildings and restaurants, and it even contains the largest collection of Thai-themed buildings outside of Thailand. All of this is quite amazing in itself considering the park is located in Tenerife, a Spanish island in the Atlantic ocean.

What’s even more amazing are the rides! Siam Park has everything you could possibly want and more from a water park, with roller coaster like rides to get your adrenaline pumping, the meandering Mai Thai River, the world’s longest lazy river for when you’re looking for something more relaxing, a giant wave pool with the highest in the world from any wave pool and an  artificial white sand beach where you can watch the action while enjoying the glorious sun-shine.

You can tell you’re in for some action packed fun on the rides with names such as Volcano, The Dragon, The Giant and Jungle Snakes. One of the most memorable rides, the Tower of Power is a vertical, transparent slide, part of which goes through a giant water tank filled with sharks and stingrays. Even if you decide you’re not quite brave enough to zip through a shark tank, it is still an incredible sight to watch!

The park was built with all ages in mind, so for younger children there is still still plenty of fun to be had with smaller slides and other attractions such as Lost City, a giant children’s play structure. Overall, no trip to Tenerife is complete without a visit to the epic Siam Park, the world’s best water park! To find out more about the park including location, opening times, prices and about all the incredible rides then head to their website and follow them on social media: