Where to Find Some Great Restaurants in Los Cristianos

Los Cristianos has a brightly coloured coastline, harbour to catch a ferry to the neighbouring island of La Gomera, plenty of bars and an array of some great, long standing restaurants. The popular choices have been many tourist’s favourites over the years and still today, they attract diners and maintain good reviews on Tripadvisor.

Tenerife has so many fabulous places to eat with different cuisines to choose from so selection is readily available. From Thai, Italian, French, Chinese and my favourite, Canarian, this is just to name a few!

Rincón del Marinero, c/cabeza Muella Viejo not just your ordinary fish selection

Tenerife offers an amazing opportunity to dine with fresh fish choices and over the years, Los Cristianos was once one of the busiest fishing ports on the Island. Home to fisherman and some delicious fresh fish. This fish restaurant is one of the longstanding favourites which has been operating since 1978 and specialises in fresh fish or seafood only.

Over the years, I have walked past this restaurant countless times as it is on the main walkway from Los Cristianos to Playa de Las Americas (just before the subway tunnel). The downside of this restaurant is that there is no view, it just looks out onto a yard which is in front of the harbour. The positive side is that you will be guaranteed fresh fish or seafood!

Traditional Sea Bass is on the menu or you can opt for something a little different like Wreckfish (which is great for sharing for two) or why not try the Snapper fish. Other menu favourites include garlic prawns, Calamari or seafood Paella.

It is easy to spot with the fishing boat located at the entrance of the restaurant and the bold blue and white colours will catch your attention either before or after coming out of the subway.

Linares, Av, Las Playeras 41 is central location and popular Italian food

Trading since 1957, Linares is situated in a prime location, short walk to the beach and a popular choice for lunchtime or evening meal. Inside dining or you can sit in the shade outside in the main street and take a cold beer or glass of wine. If you feel like getting more into the theme, try a Sangria.

You can expect to find dishes such as pasta, pizza, cannelloni, steaks, mixed grill or fish paella.

Linares is close to many shops so if you fancy a little bit of shopping along the way, this is a perfect choice. This restaurant is certainly in a good location and an ideal resting area to top up on refreshments or chill out at night for an evening meal.

Check out a nice, quirky gift shop Ale Hop which is based in the same street as Linares and a fun little place to take a peek. Most of the holiday type shops offer the same tourist style gifts but this one is worth a visit.

Mongolian, Av. Amsterdam and offers eat all you can style dining

Renowned for good food and value, this popular restaurant certainly pulls in the crowds at night. A little walk from the beach, heading towards Paradise Park Hotel direction (but not up the slightly steep hill so it’s easy to walk to), this restaurant builds up its name based on repeat business.

For €12 per person, you can have starters of sushi, duck, pancakes, ribs, wontons, spring rolls (remember this is eat all you can style) so you can mix and match. Main dishes include steak, lamb chops, chicken, fish, king prawns, mussels and more. There are around 30 sauces to choose from which you can select and then take your food to the chef who cooks it in front of you with your selected sauce.

There is a choice of desserts too so you can see why this restaurant attracts many visitors night after night. For those tourists who have a large appetite, this is ‘food heaven’.

The quality of the food receives great reviews on Tripadvisor so it is definitely worth checking it out if you are staying in or around Los Cristianos.

Whichever restaurant you select, it’s great that you have ventured out to support the local businesses. It is really important to step out and take a look around the area, try some different food and enjoy what Los Cristianos has to offer, especially the fantastic restaurants and friendly service.

Take advantage of Tenerife, especially Los Cristianos and relax, eat and be happy!

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The Edge of Perfection for Tapas at Pearly Grey

For those readers who have read my previous articles, it’s clear that ‘good food and nice settings’ are key factors on my list. For those who don’t know me, let me tell you about a wonderful restaurant which is situated in a sleepy little town called Callao Salvaje, not far from Costa Adeje. The Edge Restaurant is a hidden little gem of a place which has stunning views of a rugged coastline and food to ‘just dream about’. Honestly, this food is amazing!

It was a perfect opportunity for me to get some photographs of the sun going down and the night falling in. It was wonderful to physically see the sun moving closer to the sea and within minutes, it disappeared.

The Edge Restaurant is situated in the Pearly Grey hotel. Tapas and good restaurants is one of my specialities and I don’t just want to talk to you about what was on offer, I want to let you visualise the dishes which were produced by a fabulous chef and assistant.

The outside dining area was the perfect setting with low lighting, soft furnishings, cool sea breeze (heaters on the terrace kept the temperature spot on for an evening meal – it was December time but still really warm). Fresh, warm, comfortable and totally relaxed, ready to see what tapas were heading my way!

The mood was light and fun, sipping a drink and chatting, it was easy to see why the Edge Restaurant was appealing to the holidaymakers who wanted to escape the crowds and enjoy some top cuisine.

Chatting to one of the guests at the hotel, I wanted to get to know his opinion, especially the food. The relaxed conversation supported what I was hoping for (as I was still about to experience my food which was being prepared). The guest had returned for another holiday at Pearly Grey and his reaction was for the food, peaceful location and the stunning sunsets.

Well our food was nearly ready to be served and it was time for me to see if it lived up to the conversation we had just had or if this would be a mediocre meal. With our table all set, eyes glued to the waitress in anticipation of hunger, the plates started arriving!

Beautifully cooked cutlets which were seasoned and dressed with some spicy chickpeas. Tucking into this dish and adding some to my plate, the meat melted in my mouth and then followed the kick of the chickpeas. Fabulous choice for those diners who like a little spice added to the flavour of their food. Perfect!

Next up was perfectly rolled, fresh healthy vegetables and salad in a tortilla style wrap, which any vegetarian would enjoy. The attention to detail in the presentation of this dish was outstanding. Dressed to impress and perfection on a plate.

Another stunning and well presented dish was round, vegetable (patty like) treats. Packed with flavours that would make any palate happy and the tapas were finished off with a beautiful drizzle of sauce dressing. I even tucked into the dressing and side salad to ensure I got the full advantage of the seasons used. My appetite just kept increasing.

For diners who like Octopus, well this dish would impress you. Perfectly presented, seasoned and garnished with a bit of colour. Finely chopped and dressed with a slight sprinkle of seasoning, this kept our crowd tucking in for more.

It is easy to see how the Edge Restaurant receives praise after praise for the top class food it serves guests and diners. The dishes exceeded my expectations without doubt and it left me wanting more of the wonderful flavours and perfectly presented food. What more could anyone ask for?

Sitting back, listening to the music, the good food, wine and scenery, what a great end to our night and an added bonus to watch the stunning sunset from the restaurant. I suddenly keyed in to think about my previous conversation early on in the night, from the guest and ‘totally got him’ regarding his reasons for coming back to stay at Pearly Grey hotel and to make the most of this stunning restaurant.

The hotel and Edge Restaurant is known for picture perfect opportunities. This place is a winner for anyone who is thinking of booking a nice table for Valentines day, anniversary or simply just a really good meal or get together! The standards are exceptional and the views are just stunning.

To end this amazing night of perfect food and magical scenery, it was lovely to meet the genius’ behind the scene who cooked these amazing tapas. (Oh and the desserts are another reason to indulge that little bit more). Keep up the great work as you are an amazing team!

Thank you to Pearly Grey for providing this stunning setting and restaurant for a ‘great little get away’. Most of all, the amazing tapas and gourmet food which this restaurant offers. Reserve a table for me please, as I will most certainly be back for more!

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5 Top Tips for Real Canarian Tapas

With so many beautiful parts of Tenerife to explore, this time my selection was Los Cristianos, where I was on the look out for some good tapas. Yes, proper tapas like what the local people eat and not tourist labelled tapas which has an overcharged price tag attached to the menu.

Los Cristianos is such a stunning area of beautiful beaches, sand and plenty of restaurants.

Heading along the beachfront, I decided to go off the main beach walk area and towards the bus station. Local people know that good, authentic tapas are cheaper and better away from the main tourist areas. Luckily, a local friend had told me about a cafeteria, Casa Goyo which was on my list to try out and they were based in Los Cristianos. What was I waiting for? Off I went in search of this restaurant to check out the quality and price of the tapas.

Tip No 1 – open your options to looking away from the beach front and travel more inland or better still, the local garages serve great tapas and drinks with very reasonable prices.


True to form, the caféteria had local people taking a coffee and tapas so I knew that the price would be good to my purse and the quality should be on par with what I expected, but you never know until you try it.

Casa Goyo which is situated in Bulevar Chajofe, 3, 38650, Los Cristianos. It was a nice sunny morning and a week before Christmas. Heading into the cafeteria, the brightly glowing interior colours of orange and yellow, gave me a happy feeling to this place. Instantly I thought that the orange walls matched the beautiful shades of the parasols down at the playa and the yellow contrast matched the glowing sun which was out in full force that day

Spotlessly clean and typical of a local Canarian style cafeteria, I instantly knew that the tapas were going to be the real thing.

Tip No 2 – look for a caféteria or bar in which the locals eat to ensure you get the authentic Canarian style food.

Usually, a standard selection would be around 6 tapas and this would range from Tortilla, Meatballs, Chicken thighs or drumsticks in a sauce, croquettes, ensaladilla, Octopus or Beef, potato & chickpea stew. There will be other types of tapas as this depends on the cafeteria or bar.

Sitting myself down outside among the local people, I was greeted by a nice waitress who spoke a little English but as I knew what I wanted, it was easy to order my 2 tapas selection. For me it would be Tortilla (Omelette) and Ensaladilla (Potato Salad).

One of the good points when ordering tapas, you don’t have to wait long for your food. Sipping my refreshing Fanta Lemon (a must if you go to Tenerife), true to form, my food arrived quite quickly and certainly not to the meaning of the word ‘tapas’. The portion was huge and far too much for me to eat alone but I gave it a good go and tucked straight into it.

Tip No 3 – always go into the bar area and take a look at the selection of tapas available. Ask what they have and check with croquettes as sometimes the potatoes can be mixed with chicken or fish

All fresh products, healthy side salad and the tomatoes are one of my favourites ‘must eat’ when holidaying in Tenerife. The tortilla was packed with seasoning and potatoes and a great choice for any vegetarian.

Again, the ensaladilla was a perfect choice but unfortunately my efforts were not that good as I only managed to eat half.

Tip 4 – by finding a proper Canarian tapas cafeteria, you should save on price and increase in portion size

You don’t just have to have tapas, there are plenty of other tasty dishes on the menu for instance Paella or you could just order a sandwich and coffee to keep you on the go (which I did on another day, just to try out other options).

One thing that is important is, to get out of the hotel and take a walk around, see the area and support local businesses. It can be difficult for them to compete against the ‘all inclusive hotels’ and therefore they appreciate you stopping by, even if it is just for a drink and a friendly ‘hola’.

Finding a local tapas cafeteria or bar is certainly one of the cheapest options to eat out and it is ideal if you want to stick to a budget. The food is filling, good quality and more value for money.

Quite often, tourists will walk past this type of place when looking where to eat, as it is not the usual form of restaurant or holiday enticement. What I would say is, keep your eyes peeled and take a look next time. It certainly is worth a try and eating where the locals choose is definitely a winner in my books.

Tip 5 – to maximise your money and selection, head into one of the local towns where you will find even more selections of great food, tapas and cheaper prices. You will find great soups, goat stews, cheeses and meat dishes, all for half of the price you would pay in the tourist areas.

Luckily, Casa Goyo has reasonable prices even though they are only 5 minutes walk from the beach so it’s great to know that this cafeteria is offering excellent food, at a reasonable price.

After my food, the stunning scenery of Los Cristianos offered me a perfect setting to stroll along and click away on my camera. Perfectly relaxed and satisfied with my choice of tapas.

If you are staying in Playa Las Americas then I would recommend ‘Rosie’s Bar’ which is situated opposite the Chieftain Pub, close the Columbus Hotel. If staying in Costa Adeje, I would recommend Bar Rebumbio which is situated at Fanabe Plaza.

Choosing a good tapas restaurant or cafeteria is part of the fun of exploring so ‘enjoy the fun’ and hopefully you will be sure to find some tasty treats!

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Why Now is the Perfect Time to Visit Tenerife

So you think you know Tenerife? It’s all beaches, bars and sunburnt tourists right? Well if that’s your only perception right now it’s time to totally reconsider this beautiful island paradise. It is the  largest and most populated of the seven main Canary Islands and with around five million visitors each year, it is also the most popular tourist destination of the Spanish archipelago. In fact it is one of the most important Spanish and global travel and tourism destinations in the world. What you will realise is Tenerife is so much more than first meets the eye.

Of course one of the biggest draws of Tenerife, along with all of the Canary Islands is the amazing year-round spring like climate. It is not an overstatement to say that there is sunshine and bright blue skies almost every single day of the year, with very little variation in the temperature whichever month you choose to go. You can practically stroll around in shorts and t-shirt whether you choose to visit Tenerife in the winter or summer with a winter average of 18ºC in winter and 23ºC in the summer. This is in stark contrast to the rest of Europe!

While there are undoubtedly those that visit Tenerife to spend a week laying on the beach or by the pool getting sunburnt and drinking cheap beer, we know that most of you are looking for a far more interesting and exciting vacation. We are here to tell you why now is the perfect time to visit Tenerife.

Action Packed Water Parks:

The amazing year round climate in Tenerife lends itself perfectly to outdoor activities and fun. The island boasts a number of excellent water parks which are great for all age groups, and are perfect for a day out as a couple, with a group of friends or with your family. Not only that, but you will find Siam Park, voted the best water park in the world for the fourth consecutive year in the TripAdvisor 2017 Travelers’ Choice Awards!

Plenty of Activities to Enjoy on the Beautiful Atlantic Ocean:

The beautiful climate of Tenerife also offers the perfect opportunity to get out onto the open ocean waves. There are a number of excellent activities to try out to suit many different interests. For those looking for an adrenaline fuelled adventure you can try jet-skiing with West Tenerife.

If you want a more relaxing activity where you can take in your surroundings more peacefully, including seeing beautiful dolphins in the wild you should definitely try out kayaking with Tenerife in Kayak.

For those of you that prefer to sit back and relax and let someone else take care of the sailing, then you can enjoy a luxurious VIP sailing adventure with Blue Jack Sail.

The waters around the Canary Islands are some of the best in the world for whale and dolphin watching, and one of the most established companies in Tenerife for an excursion to see these magnificent ocean animals is Freebird Catamaran.

Discover Life Under the Ocean Waves:

It’s not just above the waves that are amazing, but down below the surface the ocean is teaming with wonderful aquatic life. There are many different ways to experience the fascinating wildlife that exists there, but surely one of the most unique must be in a submarine! Tenerife has one of the only submarines in the world that is available for tourist excursions, operated by the fantastic Submarine Safaris.

Experience the Incredible Natural Beauty of the Island:

Tenerife itself is an incredibly diverse island with amazing natural beauty. This includes a stunning coastline with beautiful beaches, natural pools and gorgeous palm tree lined promenades. While most people head to the coastline of the island, especially in the sunnier South, you definitely shouldn’t miss out on the stunning inland landscape.

As with all of the Canary Islands, Tenerife is a volcanic island with a multitude of mountains. This includes Mount Teide which stands at an amazing height of 3,718-metres, making it not only the highest point in Spain, but also the highest point above sea-level in the islands of the Atlantic. It is described as the third-tallest volcanic structure in the world by UNESCO and NASA.

As you ascend up Mount Teide away from the coast the vegetation changes from palm trees to pine forests and you will truly get to appreciate how diverse this amazing island really is. The surroundings and the volcano comprise Teide National Park, the most visited national park in Spain and Europe. If you are looking for somewhere amazing and unique to explore on your next vacation to Tenerife, then you absolutely must take a hiking trip around Teide National Park. For a variety of excellent specialised tours and activities on Mount Teide and around Teide National Park, then head over to the Volcano Teide website.

See Stunning Tenerife from the Air:

To experience how stunning the landscape of Tenerife is from a completely unique perspective, you should definitely consider heading up into the air. From up above you can take in much more of the island at once and see it in a way that most other visitors will not have ever tried before. There are a variety of options available to suit different tastes. If you are looking for an adrenaline packed adventure, then you will absolutely love a paragliding flight with Airsports Tenerife.

If you are looking to soar above Tenerife in a more luxurious style but still with the stunning views from above, then choose a helicopter flight with Helidream Helicopters.

Enjoy An Up Close Encounter With Incredible Animals:

As well as the animals native to the Canary Islands, you can also enjoy an up close encounter with incredible animals at a number of excellent zoos in Tenerife. One in particular, Loro Parque, is especially worth a trip to considering it was rated the Number One Best Zoo in the World in the TripAdvisor 2017 Travellers Choice Awards.

A Huge of Variety of Excellent Places to Eat and Drink:

While you can come to Tenerife and simply eat and drink at the onsite restaurants and bars in the hotel or resort you decide to stay at, or alternatively go to the same boring British themed pubs and Irish bars, we definitely don’t recommend this. Instead there are a huge selection of excellent places to eat and drink across the island to suite all different tastes and price ranges.

These include restaurants with Spanish, British, Asian, Italian, Mexican, French and traditional Canarian cuisines and a whole host of other styles. One excellent choice, especially for those who are partial to top quality American style meat dishes is Brunelli’s Steakhouse located in Puerto de la Cruz.

Huge Selection of Stunning Places to Stay:

Too many people in the past have chosen to stay in large, boring all-inclusive resorts when visiting the Canary Islands. While these can serve a certain purpose as they take some of the stress out of holidaying for families, with less to worry about with all meals provided. Unfortunately what often happens is that those who choose to stay in all-inclusive resorts don’t end up experiencing much of the amazing things that Tenerife has to offer as they tend to stay most of the time in the resort. This means that these tourists don’t see the real Tenerife and also this is very negative for many of the businesses across the island.

Instead here at Tenerife Magazine, we recommend staying in hotels and resorts that are not all-inclusive, and also of course for you to explore the island and try many of excursions that we have suggested. One of the best hotels on the island is the gorgeous luxury 5* Hotel Suite Villa María located in La Caleta, Adeje.

As you can tell there are so many amazing things to see, do and experience in Tenerife. While you will undoubtedly enjoy the sun, sand and sea, the island is so much more than the typical stereotypes you may have heard. Make 2018 the year you decide to discover the true nature of this sun-filled Spanish paradise!

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5 Tasty Choices to Eat in Tenerife

From cafes, bars, restaurants and 5-star Michelin gourmet food, you will have a fantastic choice of dining when it comes to eating in Tenerife. The selection is endless and the standards are improving, year upon year. From international dishes of English, Italian, Chinese, Indian, right through to the local dishes of the Canarian style, which are definitely top of my list.

Having visited the island many times, over a lot of years, for me the food is one of the most enjoyable things of Tenerife. Why? Because it tastes so damn good!

Here is a quick look at my 5 tasty choices to eat in Tenerife.

Food for thought at Mesón Era Las Mozas and the portions are huge.

Typical Canarian and oh boy is this place really great value for money as it offers top, quality food. Popular with the local people but over the years, tourists are becoming more and more aware of this fabulous restaurant. They head there to try out the large meat portions that are on offer.

You will find Mesón Era Las Mozas in Calle La Cabezada 26, Valle San Lorenzo which is in the South part of Tenerife. Hard working staff and a bonus as they have the menu in English too.

The slow cooked chicken is a ‘must try’ or if you feel like a challenge, try one of the famous pork chops. Don’t forget the mojo to add to the Canarian potatoes and why not try a butterbean and ham soup for starters or garlic goat’s cheese. Simply delicious!

All the right ingredients for a classical and elegant restaurant at Monte Christo

If you want to have the option of an Italian meal while holidaying in Tenerife, Fanabe hosts a fabulous restaurant for that extra classy touch. Monte Christo is an elegant and selected restaurant that offers tourists a quiet, relaxed and refined dining experience for an evening meal.

The restaurant is situated in Calle Bruselas, Adeje and opposite the Bahia Princess Hotel.

The experience here is truly a high standard of interior and food. The fillet steak is a winner for me and the ‘secret ingredients’ for the Tiramisu dessert is something you must try before leaving. For me, the memory of eating in this amazing restaurant, stays with me and a longing for me to visit again, really soon!

Please be aware that the restaurant is closed on a Wednesday so make sure you don’t plan your special night for this time of the week.

Let’s be honest, the views don’t get much better than from La Baranda

If you are staying in Tenerife North, La Baranda in El Sauzal is a place worth visiting for the views alone. The simple style café type service, offers day time menu but at night, it is vibrant with music and locals enjoying dancing.

This is a perfect choice for some tapas but they also offer a selection of meals such as steaks or fish. The inside is fresh, cool and airy and the cafeteria also offers an amazing balcony where you can take in some of the fresh air, spectacular views and lose your cares to the world.

The hidden little gem of a place is a photographer’s paradise and a fantastic choice for afternoon snacks, cold drink or just a light meal to watch the sun go down. With postcard views, framed with green palm trees and plants, the added little houses dotted around in the background, make this a colour scenic picture for any traveller.

Power up your day trip to Candelaria by eating at Doña Pata

Many tourists head out to Candelaria and if so, don’t miss the opportunity to take some local food in a wonderful cafeteria which is hidden at the back of the main square. Doña Pata is situated in Calle Obispo Perez and it offers some really good local dishes, meats and fresh food. It is a fraction of the cost from the restaurants in the main plaza of Candelaria so if you are heading that way, make note of the name and address.

The colourful green and orange interior offers a vibrant setting for locals and tourists. It has great views out to sea and being sat inside, you will be sheltered from the winds which can be blustery in Candelaria.

The best kept secret tapas in Los Cristianos is at San Luis

Last but not least, my choice is a relaxing restaurant based in Los Cristianos. San Luis is based in the old cobbled streets part of the town and situated in Calle Estocolmo 7. It has a relaxing feel to the place and looks very pretty.

You will need to walk up the steps to gain entrance so this restaurant is not suited for those people who have mobility issues.

There are some lovely tapas on the menu, good wine and a friendly feel to the place. Set in the main busy area of Los Cristianos, it is ideal to walk in the afternoon looking around the shops or a stroll along the beach to finish off your day.

My work is featured from experiences of eating in the restaurants or cafeterias so all information is based on my opinion. Photographs are images taken by me and therefore reflect my interpretation of my views.

You can find more of my work by visit www.tapasintenerife.com or following me on social
media sites:
Facebook: @tapasintenerife.com
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Instagram: @tapasintenerife


Have You Discovered The Edge Restaurant?

Tenerife’s popularity among those looking for an amazing year-round sunny holiday destination continues to grow. Increasingly though, people visiting the island are looking for new experiences that take them off the beaten track and are looking to explore alternative places, experience different adventures and discover unique new venues to eat and drink at.

Chillout and Cocktail bar,
The Edge Restaurant & Cocktail Bar in Callao Salvaje

While there are those that are happy to stick to the norm and not try anything new, we know if you are reading this article then you’re ready to discover an amazing hidden gem. Well we’re going to let you in on one of Tenerife’s best kept secrets, because our readers have great taste. The Edge Restaurant & Cocktail Bar at Pearly Grey Ocean Club is somewhere you definitely have to experience!

Lunch at The Edge

A post shared by The Edge (@pgtheedge) on

While The Edge has been open for a couple of years, it has very recently been refurbished and updated to become even better than it already was which wasn’t easy, as it was already a fantastic place to eat and drink. As the name suggests it is located right on the edge of the sea front. This is not just some standard sea front view overlooking an overcrowded beach. Instead you will be sitting up high on a cliff edge in the tranqil town of Callao Salvaje, making this the perfect spot to enjoy a delicious meal with your friends or family, or simply chill-out with a drink.

The views out to the ocean are quite simply sublime and if you look down over the stunning complete glass fence, you will experience the true power of the ocean as the waves crash into the cliffs below. When the tide is in and the waves are at their full strength you can literally feel slight vibrations which really adds an extra element to the ambience. At any time of day though, the view will leave you spell-bound as you glance across the Atlantic ocean to La Gomera on the horizon. During the day-time you will be bathed in beautiful sunshine, really adding to the vibrant colour contrast, or if you decide to stay for an evening meal or a cocktail you will be treated to a gorgeous sunset.

The Edge caters for all tastes and preferences, with a wide variety of different drink and food options available. This ranges from simple but tasty bar snacks, to full meals prepared by our team of top class chefs. Award winning head chef Daryl has worked in restaurants in a number of different countries, and now prepares world class meals for those lucky enough to discover The Edge which we fully recommend you to as well. Along with a full refurb of the restaurant the menu has been redesigned with a number of delicious new options available.

What a delight

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While the Edge is located within the grounds of Pearly Grey Ocean Club it is open to outside visitors and hotel guests alike. During the daytime you will be able to gaze out at the beautiful blue ocean and a variety of passing sea vessels sailing past, while a soundtrack of calm chill out music plays. Then in the evening you will be treated to spectacular sunsets as the sun sets on the horizon, with La Gomera in the distance. There are also different themed evenings on different days of the week with top class performances from a variety of entertainers such as musical groups.

Relax with obsession every Thursday #pearlygreyoceanclub #callaosalvaje #tenerife

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The stunning location overlooking the ocean waves rolling in and out far below, as well as the wonderful design will make you feel like you are on a cruise. This makes a meal or drink at The Edge Restaurant & Cocktail Bar truly feel like a unique experience, unlike so many other standard restaurants and bars dotted around the island. This is one of the many reasons, along with the amazing quality of food, excellent service and general ambience, why this is a perfect venue for all kinds of special occasions.

The place to be @pgtheedge #pgtheedge #mypearlygrey #tenerife #callaosalvaje #restaurant #costaadeje

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For more information about The Edge make sure to take a look at the The Pearly Grey Ocean Club website and also follow The Edge on Facebook and Instagram. For reservations contact the team on 600 25 26 25.


ForFor Save


Amazing Escondida Restaurante in Alcalá for Sale

If you are interested in getting into the restaurant business in Tenerife, then we have the perfect investment opportunity for you. The amazing Escondida Restaurante in Alcalá has recently appeared on the market and is definitely worth your attention!

The amazing Escondida Restaurante in Alcala is for sale! Stunning location overlooking the harbour and a great investment buy for those looking to move into the restaurant business in this wonderful up and coming town. The restaurant has 243m2 floor space with a main dining space and a separate chill out lounge for drinks and relaxation, making this the perfect place for all occasions! The price is 599,000 euros. Check http://escondida.es for more details and contact information. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ #TenerifeMagazine #FridayFeeling #FeelGoodFriday #CanaryIslands #islascanarias #latitudeoflife #latituddevida #restaurant #food #chillout #Tenerife #Alcala #Escondido #restaurante #travel #investment #invest #wanderlust #Spain

A post shared by Tenerife Travel Magazine (@tenerifemagazine) on

Firstly, if you have never been to Alcalá, then you should definitely check it out. Just outside the town there is the luxurious Gran Meliá Palacio de Isora, widely regarded as one of the best resorts in Europe. While this impressive resort is very close to the centre of Alcalá, the town itself has retained its charm and remains very quiet and relaxing, unlike other parts of the South of Tenerife which have been somewhat overdeveloped. On the other hand, with a constant stream of new guests at the Gran Meliá, many of whom look for places to eat within walking distance from the hotel, you will never be short of new people to welcome through your doors.

The restaurant itself is set away from the centre of the town, instead occupying what many would consider a far better position. It is located on an elevated vantage point overlooking the wonderful fishing harbour which often becomes a hive of activity. While enjoying a meal or drink your diners can gaze out of the large floor to ceiling windows at the fishermen and their boats, swimmers, scuba divers and sunbathers below. This is one of the most popular places in Alcalá and it is clear to see why as it is an amazing sunspot for sun worshipers and absolutely perfect for swimming. The water is very clear and there are a whole host of colourful fish and even sea turtles sometimes.

In the summer time #Alcala #tenerife #hiddengem

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While this area does become lively, from your elevated position your clients can sit in peace, watching all the activity below while relaxing with a  meal or drink. The restaurant is a popular place for couples, families or groups of friends among both locals and tourists and has been in operation since 1995 so is well known and loved by many. This means when you decide to take over the restaurant you will already have a large and loyal client base which can be built upon. It is a hidden gem, hence the name Escondida which once someone knows about they will more than likely return to again and again and recommend to their friends and family.

Escondida boasts a very large area (243m²) which gives a very spacious, light and airy feel when you are inside. It is has been divided into the main dining area and two separate chill out areas for when you want to grab a drink with friends. The combination of chill out music and oriental theme inside and waves rolling in gently outside at the harbour beneath the sunny, blue sky really sets the restaurant apart from its competition.

This is Tenerife #enjoy #Tenerife #alcala #canaryislands

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The restaurant is in great condition, there is a bar, large reception area, toilets and modern and spacious kitchen perfect for preparing any type of meal. This makes it a fantastic investment opportunity at €599,000 with a huge potential for becoming one of the most popular restaurants in the south of Tenerife!

If want to find out more details then make sure to check out the restaurant website (http://escondida.es/) and contact us here at Tenerife Magazine. Do not hesitate and let this opportunity slip away, because you will only regret missing out on an absolutely fantastic buy!


Restaurant El Molino Blanco, New Management Focus on Food

Fronted by its eponymous, landmark windmill, El Molino Blanco has been one of Costa Adeje’s favourite restaurants for many years but in recent times, its reputation for food hasn’t been keeping par with its popularity as a live music venue. Now under new management, we popped along to see if fresh hands at the helm were steering an improved gastronomic course.

El Molino Blanco

Tucked away in a beautiful, mature garden with outside terrace, a covered dining room festooned with traditional Canarian agricultural implements and a stage and dance floor, El Molino Blanco is a taste of rustic Tenerife in the heart of Costa Adeje, with an ample side order of entertainment. For the thousands of people who come back year after year, this isn’t just a restaurant, it’s a dining night out.

After dark, soft lighting illuminates El Molino Blanco’s leafy courtyard setting to create a romantic ambience in which to enjoy live music and dancing along with the restaurant’s burgeoning culinary delights. But we opted for an indulgent lunchtime treat at celebrity table 32 housed in its rustic arbour in the garden.

The Main attraction, The Menu at El Molino Blanco

Featuring traditional Canarian and Spanish dishes such as paella, garlic chicken, garlic prawns and carne fiesta (marinated pork) alongside a handful of fish options and a mouthwatering choice of steaks, lamb and pork, the menu doesn’t challenge palates into uncharted territory, choosing instead to give traditional favourites like steaks and strogonoff a cooked-to-perfection makeover. Apart from vegetarian paella and some of the starter dishes, there’s little on the menu for veggies in the family but the restaurant assures us that, within reason, the kitchen is happy to cook meat-free requests.

El Molino Blanco

After our usual dithering over choices that would test the patience of any waiter, the smiling Pedro took our order. To start we chose prawns in garlic, garlic bread with tomato and, flying in the face of our instincts, prawn cocktail, a dish that would never normally make it onto our menu choices. For mains, I ordered Sea Bass with Green Sauce and King Prawns while Jack opted for Breast of Duck with Fruits of the Forest Compote.

El Molino Blanco

It’s fair to say the prices on El Molino Blanco’s menu are not for the faint hearted but when the opening dishes arrived it was clear to see that the new management aren’t scrimping on portion size or on the quality of ingredients. Happily, the beautifully presented prawn cocktail was a long way from the tired, swimming in thousand-island dressing specimens of the ’80s, offering instead a delicately flavoured mêlée of meaty prawns threaded with thin slivers of lettuce, dressed in a light mayonnaise sauce, topped with succulent king prawns and set on a pineapple ring surrounded by fresh mango, kiwi and orange. The prawns in garlic were big, fat and juicy in their sizzling saucer of olive oil flavoured with thin slices of garlic and the bread was a warm garlic ciabatta topped with sweet, diced tomatoes.

El Molino Blanco

Our taste buds now on full alert and the culinary bar set high, the main courses proved to be equally generously sized and creatively presented. My sea bass was cooked to melting perfection with firm flesh that was moist, lightly flavoured in paprika and drizzled in a pesto sauce. Jack’s duck was lean, tender and infused with a rich, gamy flavour which reached new heights with the fruits of the forest compote. Both dishes were served on a bed of boiled potatoes and fresh spring vegetables cooked to optimum, al dente texture. Although we both struggled to clean our plates, we battled on, refusing to leave a single tasty morsel.

El Molino Blanco

There was no question of us still having room for more which is why it was such a surprise when I heard myself agreeing to a ‘small selection” of desserts in the form of a tasty assortment of tiramisu, crêpes Molino, lemon cream cake and crème caramel. It was however no surprise that the dessert defeated us and we waved a white flag over the paltry remains.

El Molino Blanco

El Molino Blanco Summary
If you’ve tried El Molino Blanco and been disappointed by the food, now’s the time to give it another look. The new management have raised the standard of dining to a level that’s more in keeping with the restaurant’s glory days. As a venue for parties, weddings or just a great night out, it now has the culinary muscle to match its reputation for excellent entertainment and will have guests spilling out into the Adeje night air vowing to return before their holiday’s over.

Tenerife Magazine’s five star rating for El Molino Blanco
Décor – 4 stars. A fabulous garden and enclosed courtyard setting with mature trees and plants in the heart of Costa Adeje with a traditional, Canarian rustic feel which raises to sexy when the sun goes down and all the little lights come on.
Menu – 4 stars. A nice combo of traditional Canarian – a rare thing in Costa Adeje – and family favourites with a strong emphasis on quality over quantity of choice. New menus in the pipeline promise better descriptors and some exciting new additions.
Food – 4 stars. Ingredients are fresh, top notch quality, cooked with competence and presented with flair. Meat lovers will struggle to choose between prime cuts of beef, pork and lamb while fish and seafood addicts can look forward to some first rate culinary catches.
Service – 4 stars. We were served by as many different waiting staff as we had courses and each one was smiling and professional. There’s an unhurried atmosphere and no wait between courses but we have yet to test them on a busy Saturday night.

El Molino Blanco

Where, when and how
Avenida de Austria, 5, San Eugenio Alta (alongside Aqualand), Costa Adeje; +34 922 79 62 82; open daily 1pm to midnight.
Tapas average €3.80; starters average €12 – €14; main courses average €20. Our selection of desserts was €18. Lunchtime dining (table must be vacated by 5pm) is discounted by 20% and early evening ((table must be vacated by 7pm) by 15%. Our bill for three courses and drinks came to €103.87 discounted to €83.11.


Spectacular ‘Children of the 80’s’ night out at the Hard Rock Hotel with Kym Mazelle

As well as beautiful beaches, amazing weather and a stunning natural landscape, Tenerife also has an excellent nightlife scene with plenty of parties across the island. One party that is always guaranteed to please the crowds though is the spectacular Children of the 80’s show, a monthly event at the stunning Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife in the south of the island. The hotel opened last year and has proven to be hugely popular with it’s super cool music vibe, great location, excellent facilities and awesome events.

Children of the 80's ..best party in #tenerife tonight @HRHtenerife #hardrock @KymMazelle #playaparaiso

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Tenerife Magazine was invited to attend the Children of the 80’s show last Saturday which we were very excited about. We had heard very good things about this event so we were definitely looking forward to going ourselves, to see if it lived up to the hype. We can say for sure that if you decide to go to one of these nights at the Hard Rock Hotel you will not be disappointed!

There was an amazing atmosphere with a huge crowd, a massive stage with brilliant dancers, bright colourful lights and 80’s style decoration, streamers and confetti, and CO2 cannons blasting out smoke which looked super cool!

To kick off the night there was the talented DJ trio Dream Team Reload who played a huge selection of classic club and dance tunes such as Madonna, Michael Jackson and Bon Jovi. The crowd went wild for almost every song with lots of dancing, hands in the air and smiles on everyone’s faces. There were so many well known artists being played, that the hours quickly passed, with everyone having a great time.

Once the main act of the night, Kym Mazelle arrived onstage, you might have thought everyone would be tired after all that dancing, but definitely not! They were all ready for the 1st Lady of House Music and two time, Grammy nominated artist to start belting out classic songs such as Young Hearts Run Free. Kym didn’t disappoint and put on an amazing show, to end another awesome Children of the 80’s night on a massive high! Everyone is now looking forward to the next event on Saturday 8th April. Kym Mazelle has set the bar high and will be a hard act to follow!


Meteor shower in Tenerife 14 December

The collision of small fragments of Asteroid Phaeton with the atmosphere will lead to one of the most striking rains stars than are produced annually, with about 100 shooting stars per hour.

The maximum intensity is expected at 18:00  Canarian time on December 14.

The best time for observation will be the night of 14 to 15 December. This year, amateur astronomers and anyone who want to contemplate, you can do like I was in Tenerife, an island that has one of the clearest skies in the world. The broadcast will be online on sky-live.tv television and from the Tenerife Tourism website www.webtenerife.com.

During the meeting it was also connected with the islands of La Palma and Fuerteventura as well as Caceres.

There will be two broadcasts, one at 17: 55-18: 10 TU and another at 22: 00-22: 45 UT.

Make a wish!
sky-live.tv proposed that for each meteor, a wish is made. Those who are interested can send in a video or text on Twitter with the hashtag #UnaEstrellaUnDeseo #WishonaStar and quote @ sky-live.tv.