How to Be Vegan in Tenerife

Over the years, Tenerife has built itself a bit of a reputation as a party island. So you’d be right in thinking that a lot of the resorts on the island cater to northern European tastes. Just a short stroll down Costa Adeje’s main boulevard leads you to a mass of bars and restaurants serving meat heavy dishes. But, you’ll be pleased to hear that things are starting to change. Tenerife is not only attracting a different type of tourism, those there to see its incredible landscape and wildlife, but it’s also nurturing a very up and coming vegan scene.

Mount Teide

This vegan scene is not only flourishing in the main holiday resorts but also in some of Tenerife’s traditional towns and villages and they aren’t just carbon copies of vegan restaurants found elsewhere. Many take advantage of the local produce, like bananas, papayas and avocado which grow aplenty across the island. In doing so they create original and fresh dishes which blend traditional Canarian flavours with popular vegan cuisine.

El Guanche, Masca

Take the restaurant, El Guanche. Located in Masca, one of the prettiest and smallest villages in the Teno Mountains, this family-run vegetarian restaurant offers a fantastic opportunity to try traditional Canarian cuisine with a twist. Most things can be made vegan and the family adapt their small menu to what they have growing in their garden.

El Guanche, Masca

It’s the perfect setting to try Canarian soup with homemade bread, or one of the many salad dishes with papas arrugadas, a traditional potato dish usually served with a chilli garlic sauce. Be sure to try one of their fresh smoothies and one of their sweet desserts, usually made with locally sourced palm honey. While the food is tasty, it’s the view which makes this restaurant stand out. Surrounded by sweet-smelling flowers and lush vegetation, the
balcony looks out onto the Masca valley which blooms with citrus trees, palms and cacti.

For those keeping to the main towns, there is even more to choose from. K Vegan is situated in the popular tourist town of Los Cristianos and it’s a neat little food stall found in the La Pepa Food Market, on the top floor of the Passarela Oasis shopping centre. It’s a great place to stop and grab a quick bite to eat on the go.

K Vegan, Los Cristianos

The menu is entirely vegan and offers a range of fast food dishes including falafel wraps, burgers (grain, soy and seitan-based) as well as a few specials including Spanish-style potato tortillas. It’s vegan fast food at its finest and the falafel wrap is, to date, the best I’ve ever had. On top of that, there’s also a variety of homemade kombucha drinks to try, including raspberry and mint, and mango!

For those wanting more vegan fast food, there’s even a vegan chain restaurant in Tenerife called Burger Mel! It has a few establishments in the north of the island and offers a range of vegan burgers, hot dogs, fries and desserts!

Veggie Penguin, La Laguna

For something a little more unique, the main towns are also home to several independently run restaurants. One of the best is Veggie Penguin, located in the historic university town of La Laguna. Its vibrant and botanical inspired interior is the perfect setting for lunch and, with its fresh menu, it’s easy to see why this place is a popular hangout for locals.

Veggie Penguin, La Laguna

From fully customisable salads and pasta dishes to its lentil based burgers in the softest brioche-style pumpkin bread buns, it’s no wonder it’s advisable to book a table in advance. Make sure to try the turmeric almond latte!

Veggie Penguin, La Laguna

For those holiday-makers going self-catered, finding vegan food in the supermarkets is also a lot easier today than it was a few years ago. While meat substitutes are still yet to hit the market, most shops stock a wide variety of plant-based milk substitutes, including soy, almond and oat. Pulses are easy to come by, as are fresh vegetables and fruit and even soy yoghurts. Likewise, one advantage of the island being a holiday resort is that most packaged
food lists its ingredients in different languages. This makes it really easy for non-Spanish speakers to check whether items are suitable for specific diets.

While most of the established cafes and ice cream parlours are slow to catch up and as yet don’t offer milk alternatives, there are a few places you can treat yourself to a vegan-friendly hot drink and sweet treat. Sweet Paradise is one of those bakeries you don’t want to miss. Located in the capital, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, it serves a variety of vegan cakes, cheesecakes, brownies and doughnuts – enough to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. On top of that
it also serves a small selection of lunch options such as salads, sandwiches and burgers – making it the perfect lunch and afternoon stop off.

As well as that, I’d highly recommend paying a visit to Il Gelato del Mercato, a tiny ice cream shop located in the capital. (There’s also another branch in Los Cristianos.) It’s one of the few places I found that serves vegan ice cream, as well as gluten and sugar-free options, and every day they make different flavours freshly in their kitchen. The dark chocolate ice cream was absolutely divine, and mixed with the orange sorbet; it tasted just like Terry’s chocolate
orange. I wish I had brought home tubs of this stuff!

Il Gelato del Mercato, Santa Cruz

So with a little research, it’s relatively easy to find vegan-friendly food throughout Tenerife – and this food isn’t second best. These small establishments, which are promoting veganism, experiment with exciting fresh flavours to create food that closely rivals some of the best you can find in the well-established vegan cities of Berlin, Edinburgh and Amsterdam. It’s only so long before veganism becomes mainstream in Tenerife and that’s when things get
really exciting.

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‘Sitting is the New Smoking’ Petrinic Fitness System Studio


‘Major problems for the modern age people are poor posture, mobility, flexibility and incorrect breathing.’

Just by looking down on our smartphones every day we are putting so much pressure on our necks and creating spine deformations, lower back pain, deformed posture and mobility issues.


This week we participated in an opening of a new Petrinic Fitness System studio in San Eugenio. When we got an invitation, we thought it will be just another gym in the town, however it turned out to be much more than that.

Petrinic Fitness System isn’t just about your body, as you would normally expect by perceiving ‘fitness’. It’s about the connection of body, mind and spirit, and according to the studio’s owner and personal trainer Dalibor Petrinic, only by employing these three aspects, you will achieve results.

When you first enter the studio, you are completely amused, for its unconventional environment. What you would normally expect, is different machines and other ‘torturing equipment’, while here is just a set of gymnastic rings and a suspension trainer hanging down the ceiling, some resistance bands and a soft flooring -“tatami” which is widely used for martial arts training and anything that is done on the floor barefoot.

Petrinic Fitness System Studio

There is also a small kitchen for nutrition training and smoothie preparation. An unbelievably relaxing atmosphere, calmness in the air and a small crowd of people gathering for the opening.

‘Be careful, don’t step on the soft bit’ says Dalibor when we walk in. This is the area only for exercising barefoot, so we avoid it carefully. According to the owner, sports shoes are one of the worst inventions ever.

Dalibor introduces us to the idea of the studio, his training system, and talks through some interesting facts. We are offered some snacks and drinks while we wait for the grand opening talk.

Petrinic Fitness System’s goal is to elevate health level in Tenerife in general. Dalibor explained how he was surprised when he arrived to the island. He said ‘This is the best place for exercising, and people are not doing it’. The idea is to train personally or in small groups no more than 4 or 5 people. The owner explains, that by training in large groups, you are not looking for anything but injuring yourself at any moment. ‘There aren’t two people in this world who can perform the same fitness programme’ he says.

Dalibor Petrinic, the owner and the personal trainer

90% of information about fitness online – is false, Dalibor states. But we live in the virtual world, and most if not all information comes from the internet. So how do we select the right information?

‘People ask, how long will it take, and I say, all your lives’. Dalibor explains how diets, get fit quickly, and other fake programmes simply don’t work so we simply need to be realistic. The problem of our busy lives today, is that we are always looking for shortcuts, and this is wrong, we must enjoy the process of becoming better than we were yesterday and be ready to make it our lifestyles, healthy lifestyles. ‘If we are not in the peace of mind, we will never be happy about our bodies’ he says.

The shocking fact is that a vast majority of people today are obese or overweight, including children. We are drawn into the world of Carbonated drinks, Refined sugars, Artificial sweeteners and Processed foods. Attention to detail, first capital letters add up to ‘CRAP’. ‘There is one thing worse than cocaine – sugar’. It is highly addictive, and if we would give up sugar for 30 days, we would experience miracles, says Dalibor.

‘We are not happy, because we are not designed to sit in the office all day, we are people designed to be active and be out in the fresh air.’ The owner of the studio highlights, how far we’ve come away from our natural selves; human beings.

Petrinic Fitness System is only looking for truly interested and motivated people who are ready to change their lifestyles and see all that they are capable of.

There are no shortcuts, so if you are ready to transform your life, become healthier and happier, this is for YOU.

Visit his official website for more information on:

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Petrinic Fitness System from the outside




Miss Sur at Magma Arts& Congress


Miss Sur is back this year! On the 28th of November, Saturday, the event will be held in spectacular Magma Art & Congress in Adeje.

“It involves media support to the effort made at all levels to enhance the quality of the municipality of Adeje and its main industry, tourism; discloses our historical, artistic and cultural heritage, while allowing us to put the beauty of women from the South in value.” says the Mayor of Adeje José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga.

FREE entry!

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Feel Beautiful on Holiday with Procare Hair&Beauty

You are on holiday in Tenerife, and your hair goes all messy on windy summer days. Your hair colour fades on sun and heat. Your skin becomes dry and sensitive, your body is tense, and you only have a week or two! Your mood changes and you are too nervous worrying about your appearance.

Put your worries aside, Procare Hair & Beauty salon’s team is there for you to feel the best of yourself on holiday.

Procare Hair & Beauty offers highest standard professional hairdresser, stylist, beautician and nail technician services. Whether it’s Japanese manicure, permanent make-up, hair, nail, eyelash or eyebrow extensions, it’s all there for you.


Electric manicure and pedicure is a modern way of taking care for your nails. It’s processed with special machine and several filing nibs. Not only it becomes one of the most hygienic methods, but it’s also used in various medical treatments to improve skin appearance. This electric method gives an ability for the nail technician to perform the most miniscule procedures for the best look of your nails. This pleasant procedure is finished with relaxing palm or foot massage which most positively affects not only the appearance of your skin, but also improves blood circulation.

Permanent make-up is a pigmentation of skin on desired areas, such as eyebrows, eyelids or lips performed in order to create ideal lines defining your facial appearance. It is ultimately perfect for holiday, when applying make-up in the morning and removing it in the evening isn’t one of the most desired things to do. It stays on way much longer that your holiday lasts, and is performed by a specialist with 25 years of experience.

Professional beauty treatments are exclusively performed with particular care of your needs. The right way of taking care of your skin is the key of eternal youth. Particularly while on holiday, we feel need to get the most out of the sun and tan as much as possible in a short periods of time. We most often spend way too long laying on the beach or by the swimming pool, then nervously spend the rest of our holidays with aching red skin.

Beautician at Procare will make sure you take care of your skin correctly. In addition to variety advices, the salons professionals suggest to have facials and most importantly full body massage to get the most out of your holiday. “It is extremely important to have your body massaged at the beginning of your holiday, so that your body stays healthy and relaxed throughout.” Says the beautician Elita.

Beautiful shiny hair is unquestionably every woman’s dream. It’s almost impossible to bring all your hair care products with you for short holiday, besides hotel hairdryers are usually hopeless. Wouldn’t it be great to wake up in the morning, and have your hair washed and blow-dried for you? In Procare, professional hairstylists will completely take care of your hair, whether it’s a haircut, hair up or colour and much more. Hairdresser Jurate, with 20+ years of experience who worked in London for over seven years, says, that while living in such a multicultural city she now knows almost every woman’s desires. Make your dreams come true.


Elita Krasta

  • Beautician, main specialist and art director.
  • 25 years of experience
  • Studied and worked in France and Italy

Jurate Avan

  • Hairdresser, hairstylist
  • Studied and worked in Lithuania, Sweden and England
  • 20+ years of experience

Alex Savelev

  • Hairdresser, hairstylist
  • Studied and worked in Russia, Italy, France and England
  • Worked with well-known people

Procare Hair & Beauty are in process of preparing special Christmas offers. Don’t miss out, keep reading Tenerife Magazine for further news.

Procare Hair & Beauty salon is situated in Bitacora Spring Hotels in Las Americas

Pop in to PROCARE HAIR & BEAUTY at Spring Hotel Bitacora, California 1. 38660, Playa de Las Americas, Tenerife.

Or call on Ext. 3039 if you are in Bitacora Spring Hotel
T. +34603479678 for English, Spanish, Russian and Lithuanian languages
T. +34674446467 for Russian and Latvian


Models And Designers Pin Up Their Hopes For Peroni Calendar Fame

The last time I saw model Vanesa Cabeza (below) she was nursing an ice cold Peroni beer against her thigh as she posed in a pagoda overlooking Playa del Duque, now she was patrolling the blue carpet to present the candidates for the 2013 Peroni Calendar. Red was eclipsed as the fashionable colour in the late night, trendy Calle La Noria in Santa Cruz; blue reflected the Italian chic being sought by the 12 models and 12 designers seeking a date on the 500 copy, limited edition corporate calendar.

Tenerife has become a venue of choice for the creative team. Peroni Nastro Azzurro is distributed here by Compania Cervecera Canarias and this year the new format included a link up with Tenerife Moda, the government sponsored organisation that nurtures and promotes home grown fashion talent. La Noria is a tight, intimate zone lined with restaurants and bars. The tables spilled out to the edge of the blue carpet and they were packed with evening customers winding down after a hot, busy day in the Tenerife capital. A DJ at one end of the catwalk pumped out lively, mood music as models, designers, and fashionistas mingled in front of the flashing cameras.

The protective plastic was peeled back off the carpet as the jury took their places at the head of the avenue. Alfonso Bravo, photographer and creative driving force of the Peroni calendar, sat alongside models and a sprinkling of industry experts. It was all pretty informal, children scampered along the edge of the carpet and an older gentleman who seemed to have been researching the subject of beer in depth, grooved to the music much to everyone’s amusement.

At the stage end the bright young things gathered in a small compound waiting for Vanesa Cabeza to leap out ahead of them and call them out individually to show off their young designer’s wares. A strut, a pose and a seductive turn took the ladies up to the judging table below the glare of the spotlights and then back down to make way for the next contestant. Beauty was not the only thing in the eyes of the beholding judges, they were looking for clothes with style and flair and a cool elegance that summed up La Dolce Vita.

It’s a good job I feasted my eyes on each creation, I thought there would be some elimination process but after the delightful dozen had wowed the diners they retreated as the judges huddled in their own back room to decide on the winner. After a tense, music-filled wait all 12 models filled the blue carpet and awaited the word from Vanesa. Elisa Lastre leapt for joy as she was announced as the winning designer, her model Adriana Reveron kept her cool in her figure-hugging, white and black outfit trimmed and topped with a blue flourish.

The winning pair were soon united for the cameras as Elisa clutched a bouquet of flowers. Locations will now be selected around Tenerife and Gran Canaria for the November production of the 2013 calendar. Only a lucky few will see it but for Elisa it’s another accolade to add to her young designer award of 2008. The post catwalk party was in full swing and Peroni bottles clinked in salute to another triumph for Tenerife’s blossoming fashion scene.


Thai Treats in the Hotel Botánico’s Oriental Spa Garden

The huge twin doors decorated with two rather fierce looking Thai warriors are in no hurry to open. Worshippers at the Oriental Spa Garden in the 5 star Hotel Botánico in Puerto de la Cruz have to wait patiently before they can enter this palace of relaxation, sensuality and pampering. It’s a neat and deliberate trick.

Oriental Spa Garden in Hotel Botanico Puerto de la Cruz

The unhurried doors are a subliminal way of slowing you down; a visit to the Oriental Spa Garden is not to be rushed, it is one to be pleasurably savoured.

The walkway to the Oriental Spa Garden leads past rows of elephant carvings and blue, glazed pots overflowing with delicate flowers beside a long pond inhabited by oversized carp. Uniquely Thai touches that rouse a feeling of serene familiarity; a sense that I know this place even though it’s my first visit.

As I finally pass through the ornate portal the sense of deja vu intesifies as the perfumed air adds a further sensory pleasure and the soft trickling from a waterfall cascading into one of the heated pools adds yet another. Towering palm trees and gently swaying fronds lend the gardens a lush tropical ambience aided and abetted by the presence of a wooden pagoda; an inviting temple for traditional open air Thai massages.

Oriental Spa Garden in Hotel Botanico Puerto de la Cruz

The reason this exquisite scene feels familiar is that I’ve experienced similar scenery and décor in the past ““ but in exquisitely luxurious hotels around Thailand itself. The Oriental Spa Garden captures the style, the look and the gentle tranquillity of Thai culture perfectly. It is a little bit of Thailand in Tenerife

The Oriental Spa Garden is beautifully elegant, sophisticated and very, very romantic.

The Oriental Spa Garden Experience
There’s no denying the Oriental Spa Garden has the looks but what about the spa experience itself?

Hotel guests can simply enjoy luscious surroundings and a thermal circuit that includes heated indoor and outdoor pools with underwater massages; jacuzzi, Turkish baths, Japanese saunas and ice temple and water beds.

Oriental Spa Garden in Hotel Botanico Puerto de la Cruz

But it would be a shame to not to take advantage of a heady selection of spa treatments. These range from standard massages to bathing in milk bubbles, papaya body wraps and, the ultimate couples” shared treatment, the private Gold Dragon Spa ““ two and a half hours of Turkish peeling with moisturising soap foam; aromatic baths and massages; moisturising with seaweed cream and a Turkish bath. Champagne, fruit juices and infusions are all part of the package, rounding off a deliciously decadent day.

Our particular ‘couples” treatment involved the Oriental Ritual ““ an invigorating ex-foliation and massage followed by a hot mud wrap with Arabian soil and finally a full body, aromatic massage that left me feeling as though someone had sneaked in and stolen the bones from my body. In between each treatment we retired to a sauna/shower where we were served with infusions. Drinking tea in a sauna was a first for me. It felt strange initially, probably partly down to the dream-like element of being served tea when you’re not wearing a lot (understatement). But it actually turned out to be a very refreshing and novel way to drink tea.

Oriental Spa Garden in Hotel Botanico Puerto de la Cruz

As relaxing, yet exhilarating experiences go the Oriental Ritual was right up there with the best of them. If I’ve ever felt so relaxed I really can’t remember when. The skin-softening treatments, calming Oriental themed surroundings and the expert touch and professional staff who make you feel completely at ease combined to deliver an experience that is addictively pleasurable and leaves you feeling 10 years younger. A post Oriental Ritual relax on water beds seemed an appropriate way to end the Oriental Spa Garden experience as by that time both of us felt as though we were floating anyway.

As we waited for the ornate doors of this Thai pleasure palace to swing open, we were in complete accord about one thing, this might have been our first Oriental Spa Garden experience… but it wouldn’t be our last.

The Oriental Spa Garden’s facilities are available to guests at the Hotel Botánico and Club Spa members. Whilst entry to the Oriental Spa Garden is free to guests, special treatments cost from around €32 to €445 for a full day of luxurious pampering. The romantic Golden Dragon for two experience costs €295. For more information have a look at Hotel Botánico’s website and imagine yourself being pampered in a sumptuous Far Eastern paradise in the north of Tenerife.


Pink Wave of Hope Surges Through South Tenerife With Walk For Life

Of course there were tears but it was smiles and laughter that dominated the two thousand plus pink army that danced through the tourist heart of South Tenerife. The Walk For Life is a loud, musical, happy expression of hope and defiance for all those people and their families touched by breast cancer. This year there was a new route to spread the message to holiday makers, residents and all nationalities, that early diagnosis and huge strides in treatment means the war against this blight on life can and will be won.

Anyone emerging from the nightclubs near the CC Gala start line feeling a little hazy may have doubted their vision as pink took on the form of bunny ears, wings, wigs, and a whole tide of balloons for women and men. Some brought their dogs with them suitably tinted and decorated for the morning.

Recent years had seen the walkers hug the coastline on the way into Los Cristianos but this time they spilled into Avenida Rafael Puig, crossing the border from Arona to Adeje. Sueños del Sur samba band led the way and provided the infectious beat as they put their best feet forward. Hotel balconies filled up and sun bed worshippers pressed their creamy bodies against pool fences to enjoy the passing parade.

Many wore signs dedicating their walk to lost loved ones and others carried photos to inspire them. So many stories were contained within those jaunty steps but everyone had found something positive to hold on to, maybe increased hope for the next generation or a raised awareness that could save a life. As a party, it stood strongly in its own right, even the climb up into San Eugenio seemed easier with friends on every side. At one stage some hairy bikers roared by, they too had added touches of pink, one even had a cute pink teddy bear tied to the bike.

Pouring down into Fañabe, the walkers could feel the sea breeze and see the finish line as they spilled onto the promenade. As they entered the park area in front of the stage, a flotilla of pink and white balloons was released into the sky to rousing applause. The swimmers of Tenerife Masters had their own transport and plunging in at Puerto Colon they were rounding the point ready to swoop onto the beach. The pink skull caps made them easy to spot and their close grouping enabled them to take a well deserved bow before touching dry land.

This year’s total raised stood at 15,000 euros immediately after the walk but the work goes on to raise money for the chosen cancer charities AECC and AMATE. The 2012 calendar featuring the swimmers is on sale for 10 euros and already plans are being drawn for next year. For now though, a lot of feet will be kicking off shoes and socks and wiggling in a bowl of water. For more photos follow this link.


Peroni Pours Out Italian Romance On A Sultry Tenerife Night With The Beautiful People

Going for an Italian after work took on a new meaning for the diners of La Noria as the refined Santa Cruz quarter welcomed a stylish parade of male and female models for the 2012 Peroni calendar shoot. Heads turned and dinner partners could be forgiven for their distraction as the red carpet sizzled. It’s a good job the cold bottles of Peroni were on hand to cool down the admiring locals.

The scene was perfectly set, from the classic Vespa scooters at the top end of La Noria to the orchestra of mixed mandolins and timples in the shadow of the tower of the Iglesia de la Concepción. As the flashing cameras weren’t visible to the audience, the mainly older crowd were a little bemused to hear a continuous rendition of O Sole Mio, the stage being next door to the JC Murphy pub probably didn’t help the cultural confusion.

I was lucky enough to get an inside view of Peroni’s first photographic venture onto Tenerife soil for the 2011 calendar. That was closed to the public so I wondered how the bustling setting of La Noria would affect the artistic muse of the models and returning photographer Alfonso Bravo. The audience eating outside the bars were already onside after being made an offer they couldn’t refuse, a tasty aperitif and a bottle of Peroni for just 3 euros. The Italian beer’s promotion girls and the paparazzi (above) made a big impact too and allowed a little privacy for the first shoot in the unlikely setting of a dark alley.

Nestor Guijarro and Sonia Hernandez made a striking couple, with hands clasped and attentive glances they were the essence of an evening that neither wanted to end. Pull back a few paces and the bright spotlights and perfection-seeking crew make those relaxed poses all the more impressive. With the shots in the bag the party returned to the red carpet and strode with the other models up to the bridge for the next take. As the night wore on many of the late night crowd swept down the stone stairs from the main street above and found themselves greeted by a well heeled group of friends emerging from the archway sharing a few bottles of their favourite beer.

Of the main cast Nestor is from Gran Canaria and Sonia, Sarah Ainhoa, and Adriana Reveron are from Tenerife. Adriana, a former Miss Tenerife, is from Los Cristianos so I felt a little local pride but they were all impressive. Peroni bottles were welcome props in most of the photo poses and around the tables they were going down as fast as the Italian economy. It was time now for some more relaxed and impromptu poses, the Vespa’s and a neat little Fiat added a nice classic edge to compliment the elegant beauty of the models. La Noria was relaxed and vibrant and set to continue well into the early hours as always but for Alfonso Bravo there would be a lot more fine tuning before the photos were ready to take their place in the 500 limited editions of the 2012 calendar.


Pink Sunshine On The Walk For Life

Roused from their sunbeds by the rhythmic beat of drums, the sun worshippers of South Tenerife were somewhat surprised to see a pink and white convoy snaking its way along the promenade. Was it a protest or a demonstration? No just a thousand plus friends going for a Sunday morning walk, but what a walk, and what a cause.

The Walk Of Life has become firmly established as a key event in the Tenerife calendar, raising funds and awareness for the fight against breast cancer. Salytien in Playa de Las Americas was the starting point and on a delightfully sunny morning the costumes and accessories were as bright as the snowy peak of Mount Teide. Dogs strained at their pink leashes, pink bunny ears and angel wings flapped in the breeze and the stalls around the stage were mobbed as walkers collected their official T shirts and handed in sponsorship money.

Katy Kennedy and Carlos kept the crowd informed and entertained as the 11am start approached and they welcomed a stream of guests to the stage. Adeje Mayor Fraga added his encouragement and a team of 12 Speedo clad and rubber suited swimmers and their back up crew took a bow before taking the sea route. One of the most poignant guests was a Spanish lady who had suffered a double mastectomy and had herself body painted to join in the walk.

The swimmers were first off, the sea looked decidedly choppy but they still strode in and set off at a cracking pace. Back at the stage they were under starters orders and off on the 3.5 km route heading along the seafront promenade. Many wore dedications to family and friends killed by cancer but there was an overall mood of determination and hope about the parade. Great strides are being made in cancer treatment and many of the walkers had fought the hard fight and won.
The swimmers had already discovered that the breeze was strengthening but it was refreshing for the foot soldiers as the palm trees swayed beside their progress. As the walkers hit the second half of the route alongside the busy beaches into Los Cristianos, many sun worshippers leapt off their towels and came forward to offer encouragement and money. The front runners danced their way forward to the beat of the drums and many new friendships were made as those involved mingled and took the walk at their own pace.

As they rounded into the Plaza de la Pescadora finish a crowd already awaited and a flurry of pink and white balloons was released into the sky. More music and speeches followed as well earned rests and drinks were taken, this years slightly longer and more beach based route certainly made a big impression. The 13,631 euros raised will be put to good use by the two chosen cancer charities AECC and Amate but raised awareness and early diagnosis may be the greatest reward of all. There is a full gallery of photos at Flickr.


Peroni Models Pour Out A Taste Of Italian Style In Tenerife

Well they said it would be the hottest weekend of the year, temperatures were in the mid thirties, but Gran Hotel Bahia del Duque and Santa Cruz port were sizzling for another reason. Six Tenerife models were wowing the cameras for the prestigious Peroni calendar for 2011. Two shoots took place in Gran Canaria last week but they saved the best till last, as The Beach Boys might have said I Wish They All Could Be Tenerife Girls.

Arriving at the 5 star Bahia del Duque in Costa Adeje on Friday morning, the first three models were being groomed and prepared in the Salon Arquayo for a hard day’s work. Loud rock music belted out from the gym above, clothes and hair dryers masked the salon walls and there were enough shoes lined up to make Imelda Marcos feel under dressed.

Juan Casteneda, their make up guru, added deft touches, but to my eyes they already looked pretty special. Vanesa Cabeza, who counts acting and presenting among her talents, is a familiar face to many Canarians through the Cuatro channel, but how ever early they tuned in, they won’t have seen her in the curlers that were doing nothing to hide her natural beauty.

Laura Martin, the face of Tenerife Pearl, and Natalia Farina, a regular attraction in Fama and Showroom mag, were already trying out their outfits designed, along with the other calendar clothes, by Nuria Diaz. Completing the array of Tenerife talent, Alfonso Bravo the calendar photographer was loosening up his range of cameras ready for the task ahead.

Peroni Nastro Azzurro has its own connection to Tenerife as Compania Cervecera Canarias, brewers of our beloved Dorada, also distribute Italy’s famous bottled beer. A suitably cooled bottle of the blonde nectar followed Vanesa Cabeza and the crew up to a pagoda perched on a mound looking down on the resort and the beach below. Alfonso coaxed and encouraged his model and with added lighting to dispel any unwanted shadows he started to work his magic. Sun worshipers on the beach were later treated to the other girls getting some sand between their toes as they worked through the day’s demanding schedule.

There was a change of scene and models for the Saturday shoot in Santa Cruz. The old jet foil station in Avenida de Anaga is home to the Middlesborough built steam ship La Palma, currently being lovingly restored to its former glory. This proud ship and a classic Alfa Romeo were to be key props for the remaining three month’s pages. Each location brings its own challenges, the sun was fiercer than ever and the small dirty beach next door was heaving with swimmers, a few of the younger ones came to enjoy the unexpected floor show. Alicia Medina looked elegance itself as she posed on board ship, but those high heels made the gang plank and rough wooden deck into a challenge that she rose above with great poise.

Juliane Brandmayer, originally from Germany, tried to grab some shade for herself and her canine companion as she prepared for her later role. Leticia Sarda already had her engine running as she slipped in behind the wheel of the Alfa Romeo. It’s not always easy looking cool and sultry, especially when a local fisherman is just slipping off his dirty vest for a quick swill out of a bucket and a rusty tanker is sneaking out of port past a luxury cruise liner, but Leticia was parked in the moment that the shot demanded.

The whole process is quite drawn out and repetitive as they strive for the perfect look. The trick is to ooze style and sophistication, all six models I saw managed that with ease. Their efforts will only be seen by a select few, 1,200 copies of the calendar go out to valued associates of Peroni. I left full of admiration for their dedication and with a burning desire to have a nice cold beer.