Why Los Gigantes is a Great Place to Visit

Most visitors to Tenerife tend to stay in the popular Costa Adeje area in South Tenerife and hence many get the image that Tenerife is basically a destination for UK folks looking for the next “All-You-Can-Drink Sangría Party.” Well, let me show you a different side to Tenerife: Los Gigantes.

Los Gigantes is located at the far west of Tenerife island and it is not only a perfect day-trip from Costa Adeje, but also the perfect place to spend your entire Tenerife holidays. After living for several months in Tenerife, namely in the Los Gigantes area and exploring the island as much as possible, I want to share with you my love for this particular area and why it is a great place to visit.

Los Gigantes (“The Giants”) area, located at the west coast, got its extraordinary name from the enormous, giant rock formations that shape the landscape of the area. The cliffs of Los Gigantes reach up to 800m height and are considered to be some of the highest in Europe. The towns located in the Los Gigantes area are Puerto de Santiago, Playa de la Arena and Los Gigantes village with its marina.

So what makes the Los Gigantes area so adorable? For me, besides its breath-taking natural setting, it was particularly the fact that it has maintained the traditional Canarian character of a village despite being a coveted resort town. This means that you still can do your grocery shopping together with the locals and experience old Canarian traditions. Even though there are several supermarkets, you can still find cute little shops. My favourite one was the fruit shop in Puerto de Santiago where you only get local, seasonal fruits like mangos, avocados, oranges etc.

Village life in Puerto de Santiago, once a small fishing village, is characterized by its numerous religious and traditional festivities like the processions, a folklore dance festival or the “romería”. Those festivals are the perfect opportunity for tourists and locals to mingle.

Food & Beaches

Exquisite restaurants also played a major role in my growing love for the Los Gigantes area. The price-performance ratio is optimal because you only get the freshest seafood, but at lower prices than in the Costa Adeje area. On top of this you get to enjoy the best views across to the neighbouring island La Gomera. I spent some of the my best moments at a terrace in Los Gigantes watching the sunset behind La Gomera enjoying a glass of local wine and some gambas. The most prominent restaurants in the area are Fisherman’s Inn, La Pergola and Los Corales.

What is a town in Tenerife without its beaches?

Well, the Los Gigantes area has plenty! Most are of black sand and have a lovely view of La Gomera. There is Playa de la Arena, Playa Chica, the natural swimming pools in Puerto de Santiago, and Playa de los Guios next to the marina of Los Gigantes. Although it has a stunning view of the cliffs, it is occasionally polluted due to its location next to the marina, but nonetheless remains highly impressive. These beaches are especially suited for families since they are quieter and less crowded than the beaches of Costa Adeje.


Another big plus of Los Gigantes is its large range of activities for families and adventure lovers. Several whale-watching and catamaran tours depart from the marina of Los Gigantes. The more adventurous among you can do jet-skiing. In case you fancy visiting Masca village and doing its legendary hike through the incredible gorge down to Masca beach, then Los Gigantes is the best place to stay due to its proximity. Masca village is only a 30-min drive away and many taxis in Los Gigantes offer this service.

I hope I was able to show you the beauty and fascinating character of the Los Gigantes area. With its breath-taking rock formations and its fishing village charm, it’s definitely a must-visit of every Tenerife holiday.


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5 Photos Showing How Stunning Tenerife Really Is

What springs to mind for so many people when they think of Tenerife and the Canary Islands in general, is sun, sand and sea. You may think you already know the island, perhaps even before you’ve visited, but this is a destination that really has to be seen to be believed.

While we definitely won’t deny that this is a perfect getaway for a beach holiday, with plenty of gorgeous sunny weather at almost any time of the year, this place has so much more than that to offer. Even if you have visited once before or multiple times, there are hidden gems dotted right around the island, that make Tenerife a destination worth both discovering or rediscovering.

Here are 5 showing how stunning Tenerife really is!

Teide National Park:


Las Teresitas:

@domjvo with @repostapp ・・・ Here's a view I prepared earlier…. Tenerife me encataste desde el primer saludo. ❤

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Roque de Jama, Valle San Lorenzo:

Views over Adeje:

@raicorosenberg with @repostapp ・・・ Views over Adeje, the tourist resort of Las Americas and the island of La Gomera. Shot from Tenerife one great evening in 2012. Single exposure. You can also see Fañabe, los cristianos, adeje golf, la caleta, san Eugenio… basically the whole of the south almost! #latitudeoflife #canariashoy #loves_canarias #ig_canaryislands #tenerife #loves_tenerife #espacio_canario #costadeje #great_captures_spain #ok_canarias #ig_canarias #estaes_canarias #totaltenerife #canariashoy #viajarEuropa #okSpain #sunset_vision #majestic_sunset #igsunset #ig_shotz_sunset #enchanted_sunsets #sunset_madness_ #lonelyplanet #awesomeearth #wonderful_places #world_shotz #theglobewanderer #travelawesome

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Some of the best features of the island are actually located away from the coastline and you will be absolutely astonished by the natural beauty on offer if you’ve never ventured far from the beach. In addition to this, the most beautiful beaches are in most cases not the most popular or  well known among tourists to Tenerife.

At TM we would like to inspire you to truly explore Tenerife and appreciate it for the amazing island that it is which is so much more than just a cheap destination for spending a week by the pool or on the beach. Rather than just staying close to your resort or hotel, rent a car and take a drive or take one of the many bus services to see different parts of the island. We can almost guarantee that you’ll be really glad that you did, because you’ll experience incredible new sights and the memories will last a lifetime. Plus of course you’ll be able to get some incredible photos to make everyone jealous back home.

We love to feature interesting, unique and stunning photos of Tenerife on our Instagram account, so make sure to tag us and add #TenerifeMagazine for a chance to be featured!



Have You Discovered The Edge Restaurant?

Tenerife’s popularity among those looking for an amazing year-round sunny holiday destination continues to grow. Increasingly though, people visiting the island are looking for new experiences that take them off the beaten track and are looking to explore alternative places, experience different adventures and discover unique new venues to eat and drink at.

Chillout and Cocktail bar,
The Edge Restaurant & Cocktail Bar in Callao Salvaje

While there are those that are happy to stick to the norm and not try anything new, we know if you are reading this article then you’re ready to discover an amazing hidden gem. Well we’re going to let you in on one of Tenerife’s best kept secrets, because our readers have great taste. The Edge Restaurant & Cocktail Bar at Pearly Grey Ocean Club is somewhere you definitely have to experience!

Lunch at The Edge

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While The Edge has been open for a couple of years, it has very recently been refurbished and updated to become even better than it already was which wasn’t easy, as it was already a fantastic place to eat and drink. As the name suggests it is located right on the edge of the sea front. This is not just some standard sea front view overlooking an overcrowded beach. Instead you will be sitting up high on a cliff edge in the tranqil town of Callao Salvaje, making this the perfect spot to enjoy a delicious meal with your friends or family, or simply chill-out with a drink.

The views out to the ocean are quite simply sublime and if you look down over the stunning complete glass fence, you will experience the true power of the ocean as the waves crash into the cliffs below. When the tide is in and the waves are at their full strength you can literally feel slight vibrations which really adds an extra element to the ambience. At any time of day though, the view will leave you spell-bound as you glance across the Atlantic ocean to La Gomera on the horizon. During the day-time you will be bathed in beautiful sunshine, really adding to the vibrant colour contrast, or if you decide to stay for an evening meal or a cocktail you will be treated to a gorgeous sunset.

The Edge caters for all tastes and preferences, with a wide variety of different drink and food options available. This ranges from simple but tasty bar snacks, to full meals prepared by our team of top class chefs. Award winning head chef Daryl has worked in restaurants in a number of different countries, and now prepares world class meals for those lucky enough to discover The Edge which we fully recommend you to as well. Along with a full refurb of the restaurant the menu has been redesigned with a number of delicious new options available.

What a delight

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While the Edge is located within the grounds of Pearly Grey Ocean Club it is open to outside visitors and hotel guests alike. During the daytime you will be able to gaze out at the beautiful blue ocean and a variety of passing sea vessels sailing past, while a soundtrack of calm chill out music plays. Then in the evening you will be treated to spectacular sunsets as the sun sets on the horizon, with La Gomera in the distance. There are also different themed evenings on different days of the week with top class performances from a variety of entertainers such as musical groups.

Relax with obsession every Thursday #pearlygreyoceanclub #callaosalvaje #tenerife

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The stunning location overlooking the ocean waves rolling in and out far below, as well as the wonderful design will make you feel like you are on a cruise. This makes a meal or drink at The Edge Restaurant & Cocktail Bar truly feel like a unique experience, unlike so many other standard restaurants and bars dotted around the island. This is one of the many reasons, along with the amazing quality of food, excellent service and general ambience, why this is a perfect venue for all kinds of special occasions.

The place to be @pgtheedge #pgtheedge #mypearlygrey #tenerife #callaosalvaje #restaurant #costaadeje

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For more information about The Edge make sure to take a look at the The Pearly Grey Ocean Club website and also follow The Edge on Facebook and Instagram. For reservations contact the team on 600 25 26 25.


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Why You’ll Love Portable Air Conditioning in Tenerife this Summer

While the climate in Tenerife is generally favourable all year round, offering spring like temperatures, blue skies and the beautiful sun beaming down on tourists and locals alike, things are not always perfect. We love Tenerife of course, but we can’t deny that things can get a little too hot even for our liking in the summer months. It is not often the case that you will face heat like in other destinations such as Dubai or Australia which can both be absolutely unbearable in the summer. On the other hand there are times when you will be faced by hotter than average temperatures and at these times even Canarians born and raised on the island find themselves hotter than they would prefer.

In the summer time #lasvistasbonitas #loscristianos #tenerife #Arona @turismoarona

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The beach can offer some respite if you regularly take a break from sunbathing and take a refreshing swim, but the sun will undoubtedly be bearing down on you when you’re back on the sand. You can get some respite from the heat indoors, but without a fan or air conditioning, even sheltering inside can start to feel like an oven. This can leave you feeling lethargic, hot and bothered and irritable, not the kind of mood you were hoping for when you are supposed to be enjoying a relaxing holiday. The trouble is that many resorts, hotels and holiday rental apartments do not have air conditioning units, or even a fan.

The problem isn’t just confined to the daytime when the sun is out and strongest, because temperatures can remain uncomfortably high even at night time. This of course is not conducive to a restful night’s sleep. Instead you will find yourself restless and continuously waking up, feeling hot and sweaty. Then the next day when you want to enjoy yourself exploring the island or going on an excursion, you’ll feel exhausted if you have suffered from a lack of sleep. Don’t worry though as we have the perfect solution to keep you cool this summer in Tenerife. You should definitely rent a portable air conditioning unit from Portable Air Conditioning Tenerife!

This is a brand new option on the island that has not been possible before and will save you from feeling overheated. The units are modern, extremely easy to operate and highly effective at their core function which is to keep you feeling cool, calm and comfortable. When you decide to hire one of the units from Portable Air Conditioning Tenerife, you don’t need to worry about any set-up difficulties because the team will take care of all of this. Your friendly delivery driver will bring the unit to your apartment or hotel, place it in the ideal position, show you how to operate it correctly and even plug it in. All you have to do then is turn it on when you need to be cooled down, or off when you’re cool enough.

The portable air con units are available for hire to  holiday, residential, commercial and bespoke clients. They are perfect for those on vacation who find their hotel room or holiday apartment is too hot. They are also ideal for residents and business owners who do not feel the need to install permanent air conditioning, because throughout most of the year this is not necessary in Tenerife, due to the pleasant spring like temperatures. Prices also decrease per day if you decide to rent the unit for over a week, over two weeks and so on, making this even more affordable for those on a longer holiday or for residents or business owners.

Portable Air Conditioning Tenerife also offers high quality and powerful Pedestal Fans for rental which can also be delivered directly to your apartment, hotel, business or home. Overall the portable air conditioning units and fans are High Quality, Modern and Energy efficient and the perfect solution to stifling summer days (and nights) in Tenerife, meaning you can sit back, chill out and relax in comfort on holiday or at home.

Another issue you may face during summer in Tenerife is overheating while you are out and about, either exploring some of the beautiful natural landscapes, wandering around the fascinating villages, towns or captivating capital Santa Cruz, lounging by the pool or sunbathing at the beach. Of course a portable air conditioning unit can not help you during these moments, but there is another simple solution that you can make use of. This is the brilliant Beauty Formulas Body and Face Cooling Mist! Portable Air Conditioning Tenerife are now the exclusive distributors of this wonderful cooling spray in Tenerife.

While this product has been available in much of the rest of Europe for many years, it is only now possible to buy it in Tenerife. Now though, with this possibility you no longer have to worry about feeling overheated while you are out and about on the island during the summer. With the Beauty Formulas Body and Face Cooling Mist you can cool down anywhere you decide to go.

It cools and refreshes the skin and is perfect for all hot weather conditions. It is safe for all skin types as it is preservative free and can be used as often as required. This cooling spray instantly stimulates and revives the skin, leaving you feeling cool and refreshed and ready to carry on enjoying your holiday in Tenerife.

So whether you are back at your hotel, apartment or home, or out and about at the beach, by the pool or exploring Tenerife, Portable Air Conditioning Tenerife have the perfect solutions for you for chilling out this summer. You can rent the portable air conditioning units and fans, and order the Body and Face Cooling Mist directly from their website: http://portableaircontenerife.com/.

We also recommend connecting with them via social media to stay up to date with all new product updates and special offers:




Top Ten Things to do on Tenerife at Christmas

Forget the fact that Tenerife is a subtropical island off the coast of Africa. Forget the fact that the sun is shining, there are palm trees and you’re wearing T-shirt and shorts. There’s plenty of festive fun to be had during Christmas on Tenerife.

If you happen to be on holiday on Tenerife you can escape the frantic Christmas crowds at home but still enjoy a magical Christmas atmosphere. Here are our top 10 things to do at Christmas on Tenerife.

Pig out on Turrón
This scrumptious cake borne from a grand romantic gesture is only found on supermarket shelves on Tenerife at Christmas (well…until stocks run out). It is sinfully good especially when paired with a cup of coffee. There are oodles of different varieties to choose from, but the original almond, sugar, honey and egg yema tostada is still the best.

Slip on some Sexy Red Underwear
Apparently it’s good luck to see in the New Year wearing red underwear (it doesn’t say anywhere it has to be sexy, but ‘slip on some plain red underwear’ just doesn’t sound the same). Two conditions for guaranteeing good luck for the coming year is that the red underwear has to be new and also that it’s a present. Who knows how many people follow this tradition; it’s a difficult one to research ““ ‘excuse me, what colour is your underwear?’ is more likely to result in a slap than an answer.

Enjoy a Sparkling Christmas
The Christmas street decorations in some of Tenerife’s towns make a visit after dark an enchanting experience. Some of the resorts put on decent displays but to walk the cobbled historic streets in la Laguna and La Orotava after dark evokes warm and fuzzy memories of childhood Christmases.

There’s usually a popular musical at the Tenerife Auditorium Adán Martín and this year it’s The Sound of Music. Actually it’s the Spanish version Sonrisas y Lagrimas, so the music might sound familiar but the words might not; somehow ‘Doh a cierva’ just wouldn’t seem right. Possibly a better option is the free open air Christmas Day classical concert in Santa Cruz.

Eat Early on Christmas Eve
This applies more if you’re in a traditional town on Tenerife where every Canarian restaurant shuts early on Christmas Eve so that families can enjoy their big Christmas dinner together.
Of course if you’re one of those people who eat their dinner in the middle of the afternoon (around 6pm) then it won’t be a problem.

Forget Santa Claus and Cheer on the Three Kings
There’s no big portly guy squeezing down chimneys here. Tenerife’s version, like the rest of Spain, is the Tres Reyes (Three Kings) who pay a visit to Tenerife’s towns on the evening of the 5th January to bestow gifts on the children. Lots of towns on Tenerife have Tres Reyes parades, in some the kings arrive on camels. The tradition makes a lot more sense than the whole Santa Claus deal.

Let Them Eat Cake
It’s traditional to eat Roscón de Reyes (the Kings” Cake) on Tres Reyes (6th January) but you can buy these throughout the Christmas period on Tenerife. Riscón de Reyes is a wreath shaped bready cake topped by candied fruit. It used to be traditional to put a dried bean and a figurine in the cake mix. Whoever got the figure was made honorary king for the day and the person who got the bean had to fork out for the cake (approx €8). Last time I tried Roscón de Reyes I got the bean, so I haven’t bothered since (you can take the boy out of Scotland but…).

Build a Snowman
Honestly, this is a popular local tradition if we get enough of the white stuff on Mount Teide. But on Tenerife there’s a bit of a difference. You build the snowman on the bonnet of your car and then try to make it to the coast before the snowman completely melts…and without crashing because you can’t see as you’ve got a snowman on your bonnet.

Check out the Beléns
These nativity scenes found everywhere on Tenerife (town halls, shop windows, hotels) can be incredibly detailed with intricate moving parts. Adults and children love them, especially when they spot el caganer ““ the guy who always gets ‘caught short” out in the open.

Sunbathe on Christmas Day
If you haven’t done it before, there’s something bizarre about lounging about on the beach in your swimwear on Christmas Day, especially if there’s snow on Mount Teide and it’s a white Christmas on Tenerife.

¡Feliz Navidad a Todos!


Top Ten-erife Useful Spanish Phrases

Although the ability to speak the lingo when holidaying, or indeed living, on Tenerife ““ particularly in the main resorts of the island – has never been a major handicap, nevertheless, a little Spanish can go a long way.

Here’s Tenerife Magazine’s guide to some of the most useful phrases to have in your vocabulary, or how to sound more Spanish – savvy than you are.

1. Claro ““ a multi functional phrase meaning ‘clearly/indeed/of course’, this verbal equivalent of a head nod will hold you in good stead for most conversations.
2. Si, si, si ““ uttered in rapid fire, multi succession, the simple ‘yes” is the most Spanish of phrases.
3. Vale (pronounced ‘ballet”) ““ meaning ‘okay’ this one’s used in Spanish every bit as much as its English equivalent and will get you out of many tight spots. Just be careful you’re not agreeing to anything you may regret later.

These three phrases alone are enough to have you passing as a Spanish speaker. When someone starts chatting to you, just throw a vale, a few si,si,si‘s and the occasional claro into the conversation and you could easily be mistaken for fluent.

4. Mas o menos ““ meaning “More or less”, mas o menos is as much a mantra as a phrase and sums up the Canario approach to many aspects of life. Spoken without pronouncing the ‘s” and accompanied by a shrug of the shoulders, this will not only get you passing for a Spanish speaker, but a Canario at heart.
5. Buenos días, buenas tardes, buenas noches ““ ‘Good morning/afternoon/evening and night” ““ As the line between días and tardes is a very mas o menos affair which has nothing to do with midday and may fall anywhere between 1.30pm and 3pm, it’s easiest to adopt the Tenerife way of merging all three into a single ‘buenas‘ and dumping the watch altogether.

6. Guapa/guapo (pronounced wappa/wappo) ““ meaning ‘beautiful’ and ending with an ‘a’ for females and an ‘o’ for males, this handy little phrase will get you uttering small talk on everything from the weather to a hunk of gorgeousness passing by. Just say ¡que guapa! and pick up your membership card to Tinerfeño society.
7. Jarra/caña (pronounced hara/canya) ““ essential vocabulary for anyone who enjoys a drop of draught amber nectar after a hard day on the beach, a jarra is the local vernacular for a large beer and a caña is a small beer. Just don’t try using it when you head to Torremolinos in summer or you might end up with a jug full of beer. On the other hand…

8. La cuentita (pronounced kwen-tee-ta) ““ a handy one to have at the end of your restaurant meal, this literally means ‘the small bill’, as opposed to the full-sized one. It’s always worth asking for this, if nothing else it”ll usually raise a smile and it might just get you a free shot of honey rum with la cuenta.
9. Encantado/a, mucho gusto ““ the Spanish equivalent of ‘nice to meet you’. If someone says encantado/a to you, you should respond with mucho gusto and vice versa. And don’t forget the double cheek kiss which accompanies it, preferably not delivered by the typical British body language equivalent of an ironing board at the blatant invasion of private space by a complete stranger. When in Spain…
10. ¡Mi madre/Dios mío! – uttered whilst grasping the general area of your heart or making the sign of the cross, these are two typical expressions of utter dismay, ‘oh Mother and My God!’ Particularly useful when bartering over a new pair of Ray-Bans or when la cuentita is brought.


Booking a Holiday on Tenerife? Whose advice do you trust?

Have you noticed the revolution in the way that people research their holidays?

Before the entire cosmos turned cyber, holiday brochures were the mainstay of most vacationers; glossy pages filled with impossibly blue skies, golden beaches peopled by happy families with perfect tans and blindingly white teeth; and resorts that sounded like they were constructed to your individual design specification. If you were lucky, your high street travel agent may have been to the resort and could give you some first hand knowledge, otherwise, you hoped the brochure wasn’t too far short of accurate.

‘serious” travellers shunned holiday brochures in favour of travel guides. Reams and reams of in-depth history and political analysis; endless accommodation and restaurant listings; sometimes written by someone who’d spent less time in the resort than the two weeks you were planning.
Travel magazines and the newspaper weekend supplements provided both information and inspiration for travel destinations; travel writers covered the globe from the well-trodden to off-the-beaten track locations and filled their pages with beautiful images that cried out to be seen in the flesh.

Then came the Internet and suddenly everyone was a travel writer. From blogs to travel advisory forums, personal holiday experiences became available in their millions creating a massive information overload. With the growth of Internet-based information, printed travel publications and newspapers have been forced to reduce costs; travel supplements are thin and features are often compiled from behind a desk.

But unless you’re clued in to research techniques and know enough to separate the real from the copycats, ploughing through the mass of information available online is time-consuming and fraught with pitfalls.

Well now there’s a new kid on the travel block to help the consumer make informed decisions before they book their hard-earned holiday ““ the insider expert. The insider is someone who not only lives in the destination, but spends their time travelling and researching it; providing first hand, up to the minute information ““ warts and all.
One company who’ve already recognised the strength of the insider expert is the online holiday website, tenerife.co.uk

Newly launched and specialising in Tenerife, tenerife.co.uk provide two views for every resort on their site; the travel agent view, and the insider view ““side by side, so you can see at a glance if the resort is right for you. It’s an interesting and brave approach from the people behind tenerife.co.uk and it provides some telling comparisons such as “small, purpose built resort”- Travel Agent vs “housing estates in the sun” – Insider. Of course, deciding if it’s right for you is still your decision; but there are no punches pulled in giving you the facts with which to do that.

Adding value to the Internet by giving discerning consumers the best information available for them to make their choices is the way of the holiday company future.
And how do I know that the insider information tenerife.co.uk are giving is “˜the best’? That’s easy; because it comes from me 🙂


5 Tips Before You Buy Property in Tenerife

Ramshackle-HouseIt doesn’t matter how many times you have visited Tenerife on holiday, the time that you arrive with all your worldly possessions ready to set up home, is like no other. Full of excitement and hope for your new life in the sun, there are a few things you might do to make your transition from tourist to Tenerife property owner a success.

Rent Before You Buy

Putting down roots somewhere is very different from offending the locals by gadding about in bikini top and bum-biting shorts. Things that you may not even notice when you are on the island for a brief two weeks may assume Teide-like proportions when you have to live with them day to day. Imagine buying a ground floor, pool-front apartment only to find that the indescribable pong that assails you every time you leave the house is caused by the complex’s overflowing sewage tank which just happens to be buried under your front doorstep. Funny how the seller forgot to mention that, eh?

Try Before You Buy

Again, just as a residence can take on a new and infinitely more annoying character once familiarity has bred contempt, so too can the charms of a residential area begin to pall. It might have seemed like a brilliant idea to make your home in the middle of Las Americas, but I wonder if you will still think so after a month’s worth of Saturday night bar brawls in the street outside your window.

Fly Before You Buy

Have you seen the exposes in the UK newpapers recently that uncovered pictorial real estate advertisements of gorgeous country cottages for sale? These are pictured in sparkling sunshine and shown in splendid isolation until, that is, you see the whole picture which includes the nearest neighbour – Sellafield Nuclear Plant. Well, while Tenerife’s professional and experienced estate agents would never pull such an underhand and sneaky trick (heaven forbid!) that is not to say that wee Bobby McGumpher won’t exaggerate the beauty of his one bedroom in Las Brisas for the sake of an extra couple of thousand pounds when he flogs it on eBay. Get on a plane and actually visit the property you are buying before kissing goodbye to your cash.

Cry Before You Bye

For some people, upping sticks and leaving home is as easy as switching off a light. As they gaze out the aeroplane window at their homeland getting smaller beneath them their thoughts are full of glorious tropical sunsets and making a new home amongst the vivid colours of a new land. Meanwhile their spouse, whose heart still belongs to Glasgow, is sobbing into the Sports Section and already missing the grandweans.

Homesickness is one of the main reasons for the big move to Tenerife to end in tears. Quite often, one partner is less excited by the idea of living two thousand miles from their family and friends than the other. While one spouse is happy to leave the screaming grandchildren and sponging son-in-law behind, the other dissolves in floods of tears at the sight of a newborn baby. At times like these, much sensitivity is required. “Ahh, get over it, you big girl’s blouse!” is not now, and never has been, the right thing to say. For anything. Ever!