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Talking Tenerife

Trust Your Dream Wedding To The Barefoot Bride

What is ‘Barefoot Bride’? It is a wedding planning company in Tenerife. Usually assisting couples from abroad, also available for locals. Barefoot Bride is your best friend if you are planning your wedding in Tenerife. We organise and style the wedding, deal with suppliers, negotiate prices, plan the budget, coordinate the wedding day and take care of all other wedding ...

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Try Wind or Kite Surfing While in Tenerife on a Windy Day

Have you experienced going on holiday and facing bad weather? Have you ever tried considering it as a positive? Wind in Tenerife can become an opportunity for you to try something new. Perhaps you always wanted but never got a chance to harness the wind and go surfing into the rough sea. This is your chance, if you are in ...

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Buying Real Estate in Tenerife: Island Home Interview

Today, we are meeting the director of the company Renata. A long term resident in the Canaries, with banking background and prolonged experience in real estate field. She will answer usually tackled questions, when it comes to buying real estate in Canary Islands. What is Island Home? A team of experienced real estate agents with one set goal; to help ...

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Paragliding with Skyparafly in Tenerife: Interview

What is Skyparafly? Experienced and qualified team of paragliding pilots, fully insured institution, flying attraction in Tenerife. About a pilot Denis How long have you been paragliding for? How did you start? And why? I’ve been doing this for 14 years, started when I was 15 with my father who also flies. I’ve spent 5 years flying alone, then started ...

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