Climbing for the Children, Teide 2011

On the 9th and 10th September 2011, 15 climbers from Switzerland, France and Spain will walk away from the surfers and sunbathers at El Socorro Beach in Los Realejos and will begin a climb and every step they take will give a child a chance to live a life outside of hunger and despair.

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Holding the Fort in Tenerife

It has always struck me that, for an island which for much of its history has held such a strategically important position on the world trade map, there are precious few castles on Tenerife, save for those that plop out of buckets and have flags stuck in them until the tide comes and washes them away[...]

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Teatro Guimera

Some people have got a lot of face, well you might think that when you’re on the Santa Cruz tram. A few stops out of the main bus station, and you are confronted by this very theatrical looking mask. The plain looking angular building behind it gives few clues, but it is Teatro Guimera, scene of great plays and concerts ...

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