The Why, Where and How of Camping in Tenerife

Camping on Tenerife is a completely different experience "“ dark threatening clouds are replaced by twinkling night skies, muddy fields replaced by fragrant pine...

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Walk this Way, Puertito de Güí­mar

Now summer is officially on us and before the thermometer loses its head entirely, it's the ideal time to explore Tenerife's east coast. Around Puertitio de Güímar the default setting is sun and ...

Walk this Way, Masca

Barranco del Infierno hung up its hiking boots and closed to the public 18 months ago. This month we stop mourning the manicured splendour of Adeje and head instead to the Jurassic jewel of Masca [...]

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You’d Be Nuts To Miss The Almond Blossom Walk In Santiago Del Teide

Sugared or covered in chocolate, that’s probably your childhood memory of almonds, after all they don’t just grow on trees, hmm hang on, apparently they do. Memorable crunches were very much on my mind when I first heard of Ruta del Almendra, the annual almond blossom walk in Santiago del Teide but a 4 hour […]

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Walk this Way, Guía de Isora to Chirche

This month we take an excursion away from the sun-soaked beaches of the south west coast to discover the ghosts of a past in the hills above them.

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Going With The Flow Under Tenerife

How dark is dark? I was about to find out as I opened my eyes deep below Icod de Los Vinos sitting on a lava ledge that was formed 27,000 years ago when molten lava was spewing from Pico Viejo in north Tenerife[...]

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Don’t Look Down? It’s Hard To Resist On Roque del Conde

Goats eh, bit dim aren’t they? Well it seemed that way to me. Down in the depths of Barranco del Ancon, and on the way to Roque del Conde, I stopped to take photos of the wayward animals as a farmer, perched on the lip of the ravine, whistled and shouted guidance to them. Then […]

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Budding Beauty – Tenerife’s Exotic Plant Life

When Columbus sailed his way onto the school curriculum in 1492, Europe developed a passion for all things exotic, not least, the amazing plant life that thrived in tropical climes[...]

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Tea in the Park

After the so-called "Winter of storms" in Tenerife, it's time to turn our thoughts to spring and lazy Sundays with the colour supplements...TM's guide to the best places to enjoy tea in the park [...]

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Painless Prickly Pears

When I first arrived in Tenerife I was intrigued to learn that the fruits of the cactus that are to be found in every nook and cranny on the island are edible. So was my husband who leapt out of the car to pick a few from a roadside plant[...]

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