5 Videos That Will Inspire You to Visit Tenerife

Tenerife, the largest and most populated island of the Canary Islands, has an abundance of amazing things to do, see and experience. While Tenerife is quite wrongly perceived by some as a cheap getaway destination only suitable for sunbathing, budget meals and drinks, with little else to do, for anyone who has taken the time to explore the island a bit more, or even do a bit of research before their first visit, it is clear that Tenerife is so much more than sun, sand and sea.

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Even if you have taken the odd holiday or two here, it is likely that you’ve probably only scratched the surface of some of the adventures and more unique places to explore. While it can be common for some on holiday to Tenerife to remain close to the hotel or resort where they are staying and see little more of the island than the nearby beach, blue skies and resort amenities, here at Tenerife Magazine we want to inspire you to get out there and see some of the incredible sites that this beautiful island has to offer.

Here are 5 videos that you will make you want to visit Tenerife:


As you can see from just these videos, there is a huge variety of different experiences and places to see across Tenerife, and these are merely a small taste of what the island has to offer. Of course we’re not denying that it is a wonderful place to go if you’re looking for a relaxing break to get away from stress and bad weather back home. There are some beautiful beaches, fantastic restaurants and a huge variety of resorts to suit all budgets and tastes.

We believe that Tenerife is perfect for a vacation filled with variety, from chilled out days at the beach or by the pool, to wandering around the towns or villages and then getting out to nature to see stunning sights natural sights such as Mount Teide or the Masca gorge. As well as this you can also throw more adrenaline filled activities into the mix like helicopter flights, paragliding and zip-lining through the trees! Hopefully you’ve been inspired to visit this incredible island and try some new things while you’re here.

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All The Family Feel That Animal Magnetism At Loro Parque

You know it’s going to be a bit of a giggle fest when your knees are wedged between the large hairy legs of a German stranger on a cramped wooden train chugging through the streets of Puerto de la Cruz. My obvious itchy discomfort was a source of great amusement to Amy, aged 11 and Chloe aged 12, over on holiday with my friend Sarah, their infectious chuckles had already been fired up by our journey up from Los Cristianos on a TITSA bus.

Loro Parque’s well oiled publicity machine grabs most family’s imaginations as soon as they touch down in Tenerife and based on my past visits, I never hesitate to fuel their interest further. As we arrived at the grand entrance to this animal themed box of delights, I tried to share the first impressions of my guests and to see if it lived up to its billing as a family favourite. Estate agents would call it kerb appeal, and Loro Parque scores early with the imposing pagoda entrance backed by large metal parrot statues and even hedges trimmed into the shape of a pack of elephants linked trunk to tail.
On a very hot and busy day we spilled inside delayed slightly by the huge multi coloured Koi Carp as we were funnelled over the lake bridge and snapped with two pretty polly’s on the way into the main body of the park. With three good women to organise me we set our sights on ticking off the four big shows first and headed for the performing birds at the Loro Show in a tall central hall. With 10 minutes to the start of the show we got some of the last seats and barely had time to appreciate the standing room behind us that allowed child buggies good parking spots. With a whoosh multi-coloured parrots swooped overhead and landed on their stage perches below to perform counting tricks, bell ringing and other cute turns. Amy and Chloe were engrossed and even slightly bird phobic Sarah was won over.

Twenty minutes later we were back on our mission and heading for the Sea Lions” show. Their small amphitheatre was stocking up well as one large, shiny, whiskered star was draped lazily over the performance area. Quite a few late-comers were kept at bay by a rope but as the park staff shuffled people to fill any gaps, we again had a good view, this time standing at the back. The music struck up, the trainers and the other sea lions slithered out and we were all caught up in a whirl of slipping and sliding as the sleek stars clapped, dived, rolled over and kissed their way into everyone’s hearts. The girls” smiles confirmed the general feeling, another hit.
Next stop the dolphins. Although baking hot the park is designed with plenty of shady paths linking the attractions, Amy and Chloe led the charge as we did our best to keep up with their youthful enthusiasm. The venues were getting bigger now but the demand still called for sensitive stewarding. As new arrivals were fed up to the higher seats the front rows were filled with buggies and their eager passengers. The animation girls kept the mood light as they built the anticipation with competitive clapping between the various sections.

The dolphins wowed everyone with high leaps and general playfulness and one lucky child was selected for a close encounter at the pool side, that special memory of stroking a dolphin will stay in her memory for years to come. The only disappointment of the day for Amy and Chloe was not getting soaked at the Orca Whale show, we sat a few rows behind their places at the edge of the splash zone. After a build up of catchy music and cheeky video close ups of the crowd, the whales announced their arrival with a few jumps and tail flips to send waves lapping over the pool side. Even those who had bought 3 euro plastic coveralls had a refreshing wash and Amy and Chloe giggled as their legs got sprayed. The creatures and the thrills don’t come much larger than the Orcas, their size contrasted by their intelligence and sheer beauty.
Regrouping in a café, expect captive audience prices, we took a vote on the next stop, luckily Planet Penguin got the thumbs up, saving me from stamping my feet and having a bawling fit. I’m a penguin addict and was glad to see the girls also delighted in their waddling on ice antics and majestic gliding under the ice and water floes of their huge snow dome.
Always leave them wanting more would be a good motto for Loro Parque, there is so much to cram in, the second visit 10 euros ticket is a good idea. We flitted by many of the enclosures ogling otters, admiring apes and treasuring tigers before heading for home. It was tough trying to get the girls to name a favourite, they loved everything but Amy was smitten by the penguins and Chloe chose the dolphins and whales. When it comes to family appeal Loro Parque is still serving up enough holiday memories to cram Noahs Ark.


  • Loro Parque ““ Puerto de la Cruz
  • Website ““ www.loroparque.com
  • Open daily 8.30 am to 6.45 pm
  • Adults 32 euros, residents 19.50 euros – includes all shows
  • Children (ages 6 to 11) 21 euros , residents 13 euros
  • FREE trains from Plaza Reyes Catolicos, Puerto de la Cruz seafront

Pueblo Chico ““ Small in Scale, Big on Fun

There’s a commotion in the road. The roller-skating girl just let her dog run in front of a pizza delivery boy on a bike almost garrotting him with the lead and sending him and his pizzas hurtling into the road. The girl looks on unmoved by the chaos she’s caused and the dog makes off with the spoils.
It’s an accident that’s destined to play out continuously in the Groundhog Day streets of Pueblo Chico.

I’ve heard it said that there’s no such thing as “˜fun for all the family’, and whilst I truly appreciate the sentiment in that statement, I have to disagree and cite Pueblo Chico as my evidence.

Hidden away on a quiet back road in La Orotava, the miniature world of Pueblo Chico is set in 20,000 square metres of beautifully landscaped grounds overlooking Puerto de la Cruz. Laid out amongst the greenery in a series of terraced zones, Tenerife in miniature doesn’t just have the island’s historic centres, iconic architecture and natural beauty spots all reproduced in perfect detail, it also has the sights and sounds of the life that occupies them.

To a soundtrack of bleeting goats in the Guanche zone a group of elderly men occupy benches beneath the shade of a tree, verbally putting the world to rights. If it wasn’t for the animal skins they’re wearing and the lack of a nearby bar, it could be a scene from any town plaza today.
In front of the La Orotava Ayuntamiento, this year’s sand mosaic is already in place; in La Laguna a school playground echoes with the shouts of its charges; on neighbouring Lanzarote a church bell chimes to call worshippers to prayer and back on Tenerife the local lad is about to win his Lucha Canario bout as he hurls his opponent to the floor.

All Tenerife life is here in miniature, from the house leeks growing amongst the Arabic tiles of roofs in the old quarter of Santa Cruz to paragliders launching themselves off the cliffs above southern beaches and the Fred Olsen Ferry dwarfing small boats alongside the Auditorio.
But it isn’t just about admiring the incredible detail in the models and smiling at the wonderful moving parts, it’s about discovering the little touches; the ubiquitous double parking; the teenage lad spying on his neighbour as she sunbathes topless on her roof; the workmen enjoying their second breakfast – or is it their third?

With gardens brimming with endemic and exotic plants; a very tasty restaurant and snack bar with a sunny outside terrace, kid’s menu and gift shop; and the whole of Tenerife at your feet, I defy anyone of any age not to enjoy it.
Pueblo Chico – fun for all the family. I rest my case.

Pueblo Chico Fact File:
Camino Cruz de Los Martillos, 62; La Orotava, off Exit 35 of the TF5. Tel: (0034) 922 33 40 60
Open every day from 9am to 6pm
Adults €12.50, children (aged 4yrs to 11 yrs) €6.50
Residents €8.50, children €5
Restaurant available for functions.