Corona Rocks Children of the 80’s at Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife!

If you’re looking for the best party atmosphere in Tenerife, then you should definitely check out the monthly Children of the 80’s event at the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife! This is an amazing experience for anyone who loves awesome dance, electronic and rock tunes, but is in the mood for something a bit different to today’s hits, because let’s face it you can hear current chart songs anywhere you go.

Instead you can enjoy a night of nostalgia as classic club tunes are belted out to the huge audience. Every song that is played is an instantly recognizable hit from past decades which gets everyone in the audience in the mood to party. Added to that is the awesome setting of the brand new luxurious Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife outdoor venue, with palm trees, cool lights, smoke machines, streamers and a huge stage!

It’s almost impossible not to have a great night with such a exciting venue and cool vibe. Clearly the crowd were loving the music being played by the DJs and there was a buzzing atmosphere. Things got even better when Corona, real name Olga de Souza, came onstage to perform her huge club hits!

Originally from Brazil, Olga gained huge fame after she moved to Italy and, under the stage name of Corona, released ‘Rhythm of the Night’ in 1993, the lead single of Corona’s same named album. This became a huge worldwide hit across many countries including Italy, the UK and the US and is still a classic guaranteed to get crowds moving in clubs today! Corona sung a number of her other big hits which the crowd here in Tenerife loved, including “Baby, Baby” which sounded great in this awesome venue!

Each of the brilliant Children of the 80’s monthly events is headlined by a music legend like Corona (last month was Kym Mazelle) and also includes DJ support from DJ trio ‘Dream Team Reload’ and the popular ‘Puretas Party’. As well as the singers and DJs there are also talented dancers dressed in colourful 80s clothes and huge screens with music videos for each song in the background, making this a dazzling night of entertainment that is not to be missed!

Next up is Ultra Naté on Saturday 13th May 2017 which promises to be a huge night as she has had some massive dance hits including “Show Me”, “Free”, “Desire”, “Get it Up (the Feeling)”. In 2016 she was ranked as the 12th most successful dance artist of all time!

For more details on all the upcoming Children of the 80’s events make sure to check out the website: and follow on social media: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.



Sleeping Beauty On Ice At Santa Cruz Auditorium

You can’t beat a classic tale of good versus evil and the enduring power of love. Set it to the strident and emotive music of Tchaikovsky and mix in 25 ice skaters that have plundered medals across the globe and you have a fantastic evening of entertainment. Rejoice, the Imperial Ice Stars are back in the Adan Martin Auditorium in Santa Cruz this time with La Bella Durmiente Sobre Hielo (Sleeping Beauty On Ice).

Be careful who you don’t invite to your party, they might get very miffed, such is the case with evil black fairy Carabosse. Overlooked for the celebrations of Princess Aurora’s birth she crashes the party and curses the baby to be poisoned on her 20th birthday. If you like your villain dark and hissable Caraboose is for you, Elena Pyatash weaves her threat through the show whether she is lurking and spinning above the stage from a flimsy harness or skating rings around Prince Desire and his hunting party. Vadim Yarkov is equally menacing as the shadow and sidekick of Carabosse.

The cavernous Sala Sinfonica in the Auditorium adds to the grandeur of the music and dance and the scenery, designed by Eamon D’Arcy, responsible for the 2000 Sydney Olympic opening ceremony, raises and lightens the mood perfectly. The ice is an epic in its own right, 15 kms of tubes, 14 tons of ice, and 140 hours to build.

There’s plenty for all the senses to enjoy; the costumes from Natella Abdulaeva, the black fragmented outfits of Carabosse and her gang have a nightmare quality while at the other extreme the simple flower garlands at the villagers” waltz, and the bright pastel shades of the King’s six fairies shine with goodness and light.

Princess Auhora ( Olga Sharutenko) and her guardian the Lilac Fairy ( Yulia Ashcheulova) add hope and innocence to the story with some dazzling skating ““ you will believe a princess can fly. The lighter moments in this dark tale come from the cheeky Vova Khodakivsky as Catalabutte the royal courts master of ceremonies, he relishes his busy and slightly disorganized character that ties a lot of the story together.

Artistic Director Tony Mercer ( above with skaters) from Salford, Manchester was a little disappointed at ticket sales in the previous tour leg in Las Palmas and in Tenerife. I certainly noticed a smaller first night crowd than for Swan Lake last year but looking out from the Auditorium steps, posters and banners competed for several big city events in these less than fairy tale times. Next week the company move on to perform The Nutcracker on Ice at the Royal Albert Hall but back in the Auditorium a frantic and powerful finale was a great way to end a regal performance.


Shows: Thurs 10 May 8.30 pm; Fri 11 May 6 pm & 9.30 pm; Sat 12 May 6 pm & 9.30 pm; Sun 13 May 5 pm & 9 pm

Tickets from 19 euros to 45 euros from: online booking and from Box Office 10 to 3 pm Friday, 10am to 2pm Sat, plus two hours pre show or call 902317327.

Shows last 2 .5 hours with interval.



Review of History, A Journey Through Music

An exciting blend of booming voices, passion-filled instrumental solos, astounding acrobatics and unbelievable (for all the wrong reasons) dancing; History was definitely more than I expected.
The posters promised a rigorous two-hour performance at the Magma Centre in Las Americas and boasted more than 30 artists from 14 different countries covering everything from Beethoven and Mozart to Abba and Beyonce.

Singing From the Same Song Sheet?
The singing as a whole was mediocre. The perfect example being when The Beatles took to the stage; the group definitely looked the part decked out in identical clothes and haircuts, but the singing was just average.
It’s understandable that acts have to imitate the sound of the real bands but there was very little enthusiasm put into the vocals.

Fortunately, not everyone was average; two singers really did stand miles above the crowd. They performed a superb rendition of All I Ask of You from Phantom of the Opera, causing the audience to fall into a stunned silence as the duet belted out this beautiful song with great passion.

Dancing in the Dark
The majority of the dancing was disappointing and some of the audience seemed actually shocked at just how poor it was. There was nothing wrong with the choreography; it was the timings that were terrible.

One of the most astonishing dance scenes was Ravel’s Bolero. One man was bursting with confidence but his partner looked like he had skipped rehearsals ““ every single one of them. His timing was out, he kept nervously glancing at his partner to see what he should be doing and he just omitted the complex moves completely.

An exotic delivery of Arabian Nights looked promising ““ a seductive woman entered the stage and began a very ethnic style of flute-playing. Unfortunately, she was joined on stage by a group of very flexible, though totally out-of-synch, belly-dancers.

Luckily, it wasn’t all badly-timed and jerky moves ““ the male dancers who performed to Van Halen’s Jump were incredible. As they followed their energetic routine of break-dancing, gymnastics and acrobatic stunts, it was as if the rules of gravity just didn’t apply to them.

Uplifting Performances
Some performances, however, were incredible and transformed the night into something much greater than a string of ordinary singers and dancers.

Pink Floyd’s The Wall really stood out. A huge wall was slowly built on stage during the song with a gap through which the lead guitarist played a fantastic solo. A video of another wall being violently knocked down was projected onto the stage wall, making its falling seem even more dramatic and symbolic.

Another impressive performance began when the music of Michael Jackson’s Billy Jean started to play and the audience was shocked to see a young girl of no more than ten take to the stage and give a dance performance that the King of Pop himself would have been proud of.
The atmosphere suddenly took on darker tones as the sound of Thriller filled the air and zombies crawled onto the stage. The make-up and costumes were incredible and scarily life-like. Everyone was mesmerised as the performers re-enacted the world-famous Thriller dance.

The Future for History
History has already had its second performance which took place at the Teatro Guimera in Santa Cruz earlier this month. A few changes were made ““ the worst performers have been given the boot and the stronger ones have cleaned up their act and done everything they can to improve the quality of the show.
With these positive changes in place, I would recommend the show for an entertaining evening which is sure to bring back many musical memories.

History will be performing three nights per week at the Magma Centre in Costa Adeje between June and November 2012 before hitting the road for a tour of Spain, Portugal, France and Germany.

Images courtesy of History and Rock Story


Celebrity Visits to Tenerife

With its beautiful sandy beaches, breathtaking mountains and moderate climate, it’s no wonder that Tenerife is the most visited of the Canary Islands. In fact, over 5,000,000 tourists visit this amazing island each year. Among visitors to the island are many famous celebrities.

Celebrities on Holiday in Tenerife

Kerry Katona, winner of the UK reality show I’m a Celebrity, Get me out of here! in 2004 and lead singer of the former group Atomic Kitten visited Tenerife in 2009. She visited the island with two of her children, and the photos taken reveal the great time they had at one of the many resorts on the island.

Famous Celebrity Concerts in Tenerife

The Sun Live Festival held every summer in Tenerife always features a concert by a famous musical artist. More than 15,000 tourists and locals have shown up to see world famous crooners like Rod Stewart, Elton John and Simply Red. It has now been announced that in July of 2011, soft rock singer Michael Bolton will be featured act at this year’s big concert. No doubt, Michael will greatly enjoy the beautiful climate and beaches before and after his big show.

Many residents of Tenerife still remember the large concert held in 1993, where Michael Jackson visited during his Dangerous tour. More than 45,000 attended this record setting concert in Tenerife. Jackson enjoyed his stay at the island with several of his family members.

Movies Filmed in Tenerife

In 2009, part of the motion picture The Clash of the Titans was filmed in Tenerife. This popular movie starring Liam Neeson, Mads Milkeson, Sam Worthington and Ralph Fiennes features the beautiful scenery in Tenerife as its backdrop.

In February of 2011, it was announced that the sequel to Clash of the Titans will also be filmed in Tenerife. It is estimated that this production will put at least 5 million Euros into Tenerife’s economy.

Flying to Tenerife

As we have seen, Tenerife has attracted many celebrities to the island. So why not make it your next holiday destination? Many great deals on flights to Tenerife are available from major cities in the UK.

Located just 11 kilometres north of Santa Cruz is the Tenerife North Airport. This airport handled over 4,000,000 passengers in 2010. Over 1,000,000 passengers have flown in on cheap flights from Spain each year.

The Tenerife South Airport is a bit larger than the North Airport. It handled over 7,000,000 passengers in 2010. Flights from Germany, Finland, Spain and many other countries offer direct on a daily basis into Tenerife. It is especially busy during December to February, which is the peak tourist season in Tenerife. Travel deals can also be found even in peak season.

Guest post by Sergio Manuel Da Silva Santos. Sergio writes articles about travel destinations around the world.


Interview with Swan Lake On Ice Director, Tony Mercer

Swans are majestic and serene on the surface but frantically paddling below the water, hardly the case with Tony Mercer, Artistic Director for Swan Lake On Ice. Just a few hours before the opening show in Santa Cruz he looked calm and relaxed as he drew on his cigar and blew smoke out to the Atlantic below the concourse of the Adan Martin Auditorium. As four of his cast emerged to grab some sunshine he pointed them out to me; “ah here come my children“.

The Imperial Ice Stars are like a big family, 25 world class skaters with a haul of 250 competition medals and a dedicated technical team of set builders, designers, and ice engineers. Tony hand picks new cast from his Moscow base “before we started this two year tour I looked at 50 possibles but only chose two to join us“.

Growing up in Salford, Manchester, Tony was already juggling his options “I loved sport and drama, I was playing football as a goalkeeper for Droylsdon in the Northern Premier League and one of my Manchester United heroes, Alex Stepney was my coach. My school drama teacher had encouraged me to move into the directing side and I was enjoying working on local productions but then I broke my leg at football.”

The 9 month recovery changed the course of Tony’s life.

Football was finished for me and luckily I was offered a job with Playlight Lighting Company that was desk based at first. Those were great times working with musical heroes like The Three Degrees, Harold Melvin, The Supremes, Elkie Brooks, Jack Jones, I even got to do the lighting for the Popes visit to Heaton Park in Manchester“.

Teaming up with award winning Russian choreographer Tatiana Tarasova, Tony formed Wild Rose Ice Theatre and took Sleeping Beauty on the road with the aim of taking arena shows onto stage settings but it was difficult to hit the balance that would please fans from both sides of the artistic fence.

So Tony and James Cundall founded The Imperial Ice Stars with an initial four month run for Sleeping Beauty but calls from venues like the Lyric Theatre in Sydney stretched the run to 18 months, now the company tours for 40 weeks a year. It’s not always smooth running, last year’s volcanic ash cloud stranded Tony in Bulgaria: “The show was on in Montreal so I ended up overseeing the rehearsals on Skype“. The sheer logistics of the shows are staggering; the Tenerife show meant 140 hours laying the ice pad and another 30 to demolish it later.

Sounds like hard work. “Anyone who says it’s hard work hasn’t got the mentality we need for the performances. We all love what we do and get to tour to some tremendous places. I had only been to Tenerife before on holiday as a 17 year old and didn’t really think of it as a theatrical base. When the proposal to perform here came up I was flown out and was staggered by the quality of the Auditorium and the level of commitment to performance.”

The opening show lived up to all expectations, Tchaikovsky’s strident and emotional music couldn’t have found a better acoustic home, and the clever use of layered backdrops and lighting made each scene visually stunning. It was the vibrancy, skill and interpretation of the skating cast that captured the imagination. They were all outstanding but the main players relished every moment with towering performances. Andrei Penkine made hero Siegfried vulnerable but ultimately strong; Vadim Yarkov oozed evil as Count Rothbart; Olena Pyatash teased and tempted as the black swan, and Olga Sharutenko was the shining light as the white swan. The standing ovation was warm and prolonged. Let’s hope the next tour flies in to Tenerife.


El Lago de Los Cisnes Sobre Hielo (Swan Lake On Ice)

Adan Martin Auditorium, Santa Cruz

Shows Thurs 26 May 8.30pm, Fri 27 May 6pm and 9.30pm, Sat 28 May 6pm and 9.30pm, Sun 29 May 6pm.

Tickets from 19 to 45 euros. Book in person at the Auditorium box office 10 am to 3 pm Monday to Friday and 10 am to 2 pm on Saturdays, or phone 902317327 from 10 am to 7 pm Monday to Saturday or on line.


Traveller, Making The Blues Feel Right At Home

No one would ever moan at Whiskey, the lead singer of Traveller, for sitting down on the job, it’s the natural position to pluck a unique acoustic twang from a Weissenborn guitar. That was just the first surprise this Tenerife four piece of ex pat Brits had to deliver at the K9 charity night at The Heritage in Los Cristianos
Blues were on the menu and in just five months Traveller have cooked up a rich smokey mix that has got them noticed on the island music scene. Their appeal is about to spread far beyond the shores as The Crossing Roads, a self composed number, has been accepted by ITunes the world wide download site, a tough nut to crack. The criteria for acceptance is an original and marketable song that has to be approved by their selection board.

Traveller mix a few home penned songs with blues and rock classics, Whisky In The Jar, Red Red Wine and a slower deep south version of Sweet Child Of Mine all featured on this occasion. The band have a great love for classic rock and blues music and it shows in their delivery. Mr B provides the drum and percussion beat, Mad Dog weighs in with bass and vocal, Bluegrass is also on guitar but breaks off to use his harmonica to good effect on the Gerry and the Pacemakers favourite Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Crying. Whiskey put his Weissenborn lap steel slide guitar aside to take time out from his lead vocals to play the trumpet, it was all happening.

Taking a well earned cooler outside, the band talked about the journey so far. “I’m the only classically trained musician” confessed Whiskey “I studied trumpet and cornet but taught myself guitar in later years. Myself, Mr B and Bluegrass knew each other and got together a year ago but always knew we would need a bass player so once we found Mad Dog we made our live debut in June at Tajinaste bar in El Caldera just above Los Gigantes.”
Shared musical roots is not the only thing that binds Traveller. “That first concert we felt comfortable together but the energy of the band started to come through a bit later on. With our own songs, I write them,” said Whiskey. “But we all have an input when we start to rehearse them, all the cover songs have our own arrangement and we don’t use backing tracks.” The Crossing Roads is close to the hearts of this mature band and could open a lot of doors for them “it’s about growing up and making right choices” cue nods of recognition from Whiskey’s fellow Travellers.

Whiskey admits to being a bit of a collector and as well as the Weissenborn he has a three string cigar box guitar “it’s a beauty, got a maple wood neck and had to be specially ordered from Louisiana.”
Live performance really fire up Traveller and their new single and CD were recorded in Los Gigantes church square recently. Traveller already have a following and hope to increase that gigging around the island and via their website plus Facebook and Twitter. look out for the men in black near you.


The Replay On A Rising Musical Tide In Tenerife

Scottish voices, covers of The Kinks, The Arctic Monkeys and even Britney Spears caught many evening beach front strollers by surprise. Some typical Tenerife non advertising meant that The Replay from Cumbernauld, Scotland arrived on the Plaza del Pescadora stage with no fanfare but after a great set of mod inspired indie rock they left with some new converts to their fledgling career.
It wasn’t the ideal setting, the hastily built stage sat at the back of the plaza just in front of a parade of diners tucking into their Chinese and Canarian meals. The volley ball players and bathers had deserted the beach but there was a steady stream of evening explorers glowing in their best casual clobber.

The support band B For Team from Los Cristianos and Granadilla had some local fans moshing away near the front and at one stage even the police glided by on their mopeds to see what the fuss was all about. B For Team, did a good job of pulling in a few curious listeners and the young female lead singer impressed with her strong voice.
Four piece The Replay were preparing in a small marquee and replaced the openers after a few respectful handshakes and some tuning up. You know you’re getting old when bands look younger, but The Replay are young guns; three 14 year olds Jack Boyce on drums, Scott Parker lead singer and rhythm guitar and Carlos Hernandez on bass, plus the 17 year old Luke Boyce on guitar and also the band’s song writer. The bands” influences were clear in the covers they mixed with their own tunes, The Libertines and Arctic Monkeys featured in their set as well as the considerably older Kinks classic You Really Got Me and a well worked up tempo cover of Britney’s Hit Me Baby One More Time.The B For Team fans were soon converted and an appreciative audience grew as passers by recognised the musical skills and delivery beyond the band’s years.

After an hour The Replay signed off and found that rock bands at any age always attract keen young female fans. After the boys had posed for photos and swapped a few numbers with their new fans I grabbed a few words. Carlos explained how the Tenerife connection came about “I have family here in Tenerife and my uncle spoke to Arona council and they kindly invited us over to play here and another concert in Cabo Blanco.”

Sounding like veterans of the music scene and making me feel like an old dinosaur Luke ran through a bit of their history. “We all met at school and formed the band two years ago, I have been writing songs since I was 13” at this point brother Jack chipped in that he too was now penning a few songs. Playing clubs and bars around the Glasgow area, 20 miles from Cumbernauld, hasn’t been easy. “It’s tough fitting it in with school and our age means that some places can’t let us play but we have a good following, have a CD out soon and a few dates supporting rising band The Law.”
So make a note of the name The Replay these boys are determined to be taken seriously as musicians and have plenty of hunger for success. You can follow them at


Simply Red in Tenerife ““ Simply Sensational

The question that everyone wants to know after a “˜big name’ plays Tenerife is “˜well, were they any good?’

After Elton, Rod and Alicia (let’s not mention Whitney), it was the turn of Manchester’s Mick Hucknall to show Tenerife whether he could still turn on that old magic which shot him to stardom in the 80s. As it transpired, it seems Mick’s voice has been holding back the years.

On a sultry summer evening in Costa Adeje over 10,000 fans were treated to Simply Red adding the perfect soundtrack to the setting sun.
A crowd of mainly British fans sang and danced along to classic Simply Red hit after hit as Mick transported some back to their formative years; belting out soulful crowd pleasers like Money’s Too Tight to Mention and Stars with a voice that didn’t sound as though it had aged a day in the intervening years.

The general consensus was that Mick put on a sensational show with the one complaint from many being that, as the set only lasted between 70 and 80 minutes, the time Simply Red were on stage was too short for the ticket prices.

The other question following these big events at Golf Costa Adeje relates to the organisation which has come in for a lot of criticism in the past. The people at Canarias Sun Live Festival seemed to have learnt from their past mistakes and this time parking and access to the concert was hassle free.

However, a hefty €6 a beer inside is still exploiting a captive audience and not a practice that happens in other parts of the island.

Still minor gripes aside, Simply Red didn’t disappoint and put on a captivating and note perfect performance that had the crowd buzzing.

It was a great night in Tenerife; here’s hoping there are many more of the same.


A Feast Of Song For Tenerife’s Jazz Appetite

A voice in the wilderness? Sometimes that’s how it feels to Anna Rodriguez as she looks for new venues for her jazz performances in Tenerife. Talking after the Arona Jazz Festival had packed the crowds in at Los Cristianos church plaza, Anna was clearly delighted to see so many lapping up her set with guitarist Eliseo Lloraeda.

A love of jazz was passed on by her English mother as the family moved from London to Tenerife when she was just 3 years old. “My mum introduced me to the greats like Ella Fitzgerald and it inspired me to want to sing. Once I was at the British Yeoward School in Tenerife I started to sing a little and that was it, I had the performing bug, but it wasn’t until I was 26 that I did my first professional gig”.

The young Anna was always open to other musical influences. “I love Brazilian music, salsa and pop, my mother liked a wide range of music and that stood me in good stead. It wasn’t easy to find jazz outlets so I sang in a variety of clubs, mainly doing commercial latin music but I managed to slip in a little pop, funk and bossanova”.

In 1995 Anna moved to Israel for 7 years and found a vibrant music scene. “Live music is very big out there and there was a good mix of clubs that welcomed all styles, that was a good learning experience”.

Moving back to Tenerife, Anna made jazz her priority and has built up a strong following with regular gigs in Puerto de la Cruz at Bambi Astoria and Abaco Mansion. With an eye to a wider audience, she has also nurtured an international audience through My Space and has been working hard writing original songs. “I have been writing since I was 16 and things are starting to take off on that side. I’m just putting together a couple of CD’s here, one with my friends in Three, and the other a solo project. My most recently written songs from the last five years will go into Breaking The Silence, the Three CD. Things are looking good in the UK too, a leading jazz record label is keen to add my CDs to their collection and distribute them, after they heard my work on My Space”.

So how about the state of the live jazz scene in Tenerife? “I’d love to see more venues and openings for performers, there is definitely a demand. This is the fourth Arona Jazz Festival and it covers two nights but Tenerife is probably lagging behind the other islands a little. This summer I’m doing some shows in Fuerteventura and Las Palmas and I’m also planning trips to mainland Spain and Japan.”

These days Anna draws her inspiration from artists like Dee Dee Bridgewater, Rachelle Ferrell, Elis Regina and Sarah Vaughn. The Los Cristianos audience certainly enjoyed their taste of jazz, with Anna’s renditions of Funny Valentine, You Don’t Know What Love Is, and Message In A Bottle all getting a rousing response from those seated in the formal rows and the many more perched on the church steps and outside the local bars.

If you want to sample some of Anna’s music try