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Holding the Fort in Tenerife

It has always struck me that, for an island which for much of its history has held such a strategically important position on the world trade map, there are precious few castles on Tenerife, save for those that plop out of buckets and have flags stuck in them until the tide comes and washes them away[...]

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Fine Art Worth Seeking out in Santa Cruz

Is it the sign of a good gallery if the security guard’s eyes follow you around the room? In the case of the Museo Municipal De Belles Artes in Santa Cruz it was sadly more down to loneliness, as I was the only visitor for much of my midweek trip. You don’t know what you’re missing; the grand lilac fronted ...

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Top Ten-erife Museums

When you decide to do a feature on Tenerife's top ten museums, you have to ask yourself two questions: Firstly, are there actually 10 museums in Tenerife and secondly, who cares?

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La Laguna, Stargate To The Cosmos

What were they thinking of, over 100 complex scientific exhibits and school children were clambering on them, twiddling buttons, playing at astronauts and generally wreaking havoc. Was it the end of the universe as we know it? Well not quite, just another lively hands on, interactive introduction to science at the Museum of Science and the Cosmos in La Laguna. ...

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Beating The Floods For A Trickle Of Visitors

You would think that nature would show some respect to a building that celebrates its history in Tenerife, but the half repaired paths, fencing and busy workman show that’s not the case. The Museo de la Naturaleza Y El Hombre (Nature and Man) has just reopened after floods coursed down Barranco Santos through Santa Cruz, leaving a trail of mud ...

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Santiago Del Teide’s Casa del Patio Opens its Doors

I was finally able to explore the tantalisingly lovely building that has been under restoration and off-limits for many years and that yesterday was finally opened to the public. Including a permanent exhibition to Chinyero's eruption, it was a tardy but timely finish to the project[...]

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