Even constant juggling of the fixtures by the television companies can’t shake CD Tenerife off course, a 2-1 home win over Xerez saw them climb out of the relegation zone with confidence oozing from players and fans. The good times are back and the buzz among the 16,545 crowd before the game was unmistakable.

Xerez have slipped from the top three but are still a fair side and at times dominated the midfield but Tenerife worked hard and Julio Alvarez was providing the creative spark, he was unlucky to have a shot hit the post during the first half hour. Goals have been well spread around the team lately, a swinging corner from Julio set up Pablo Sicila perfectly and he fired the ball into the Xerez net for a first half lead.

It got better in the second half as Bermejo fouled Sicilia for Hidalgo to convert his penalty to give a 2-0 advantage. Tenerife got caught cold a few minutes after as Cordero broke to grab a goal back. Xerez had their chances but found Sergio Aragoneses in commanding form, his save from Vega was particularly impressive. The final whistle was greeted with a crescendo of noise and the league table flashed on the scoreboard gave further cause to cheer, Tenerife out of the relegation zone and above Las Palmas. Check out the beaming smiles when you pop into Soy del Tete this week.

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