Jennifer's family have clearly been devastated by the news of her death. Jennifer's
daughter, Sarah, said:
 "Mum retired a number of years ago and was fully enjoying her retirement travelling
between Tenerife and France where she spent time visiting her daughter and
grandchildren, and her other daughter in Norfolk. She was full of life, generous of
heart, would do anything for anyone.  We now have to find a way of living without
her love and light and we would ask at this difficult time for some privacy as we
try to come to terms with our loss."

Below is an eye witness account of the attack, written soon after the event. Tenerife Magazine would like to add its own condolences to the family and friends of Jennifer Mills – Westley.

I am trying to be calm about this, it just seemed bizarre and unreal. I was walking down towards the Los Cristianos cultural centre about 40 minutes ago, there was a crowd at the top of the ramp into the Chinese cheap shop and a medic rushing into the shop. I thought someone had fainted or something and walked on, then I heard screaming and looked behind and saw a scruffy, unkempt man of about mid 20’s holding a head by the hair. It had blood on it and I thought at first it was a sick joke stunt, the man was muttering and shouting and more people started screaming as I quickened my pace.

Security staff and police came running towards the man and he ran across the carriageway and was heading up the road to the traffic lights. After several lunges, someone brought him down on the grass and they restrained him as help arrived. People had to be held back as they tried to rain kicks on the man, then the roads filled with screeching tyres and more police.
When I saw the man holding the head the first thing that popped into my mind was the scene from Clash Of The Titans where the hero holds up the Gorgon’s head but his was real. And someone has just reminded me that it is Friday the 13th, what a bizarre and scarey start to the day.