As well as providing great quality content related to Experiences, Lifestyle, Events and Real Estate on the island of Tenerife, we also create promotional digital media packages for brands aiming to improve and expand their digital marketing strategy.

To succeed in today’s competitive business environment it is vitally important to stand out not just in the real world but also in the digital sphere, because this is increasingly where your customer’s attention is focused. People are becoming less and less interested in traditional forms of media where marketing stratgies used to be able to reach them such as television, print (magazines, newspapers, brochures) and radio. Since the digital revolution has occurred in the last decade with the advent of fast, reliable and easily accessibly internet, vast social networks and increasingly powerful smartphones, people are increasingly consuming digital content.

Tenerife Magazine is perfectly positioned to capture the attention of both those choosing to holiday in Tenerife, of which there are millions of tourists each year, and those who are living here. We have a large and growing readership who we keep in the loop about what is what to see and do on the island, which are the best restaurants, shopping areas and attractions to visit and which excursions are worth trying. In addition to this we have a substantial social media network with high rates of engagement from our followers.

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We completely understand the need for a combined digital strategy which is why our promotional digital  media packages include blog posts, social media posts, photos and videos. The packages we offer are perfect for many different types of business on the island including excursion companies, shops, restaurants and estate agencies. Here are some more examples of the type of content we produce for clients:

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We also offer a very specific real estate promotional package that you can find out about here: