Early Bath For Robbie

The brighter side – so claim the ITV trailers, maybe it should be the murky side. After the great HD fiasco where they missed the England goal v USA in favour of selling some cars, news of a studio sacking. Robbie Earle, the former Port Vale, Wimbledon and Jamaica player has been given a red card after his ticket allocation for the Holland v Denmark game found their way into the hands of a “third party”. Naughty boy.

Get Me A Pizza – And Don’t Drop IT

Every cloud has a Green lining it seems. Butter fingers goalie Robert Green is apparently already being courted by advertising and media agencies waiting to cash in on his new found infamy. Gareth Southgate and Sturat Pearce laughed all the way to the bank after their penalty misses by making pizza adverts that poked fun at their errors, seems that Robert Green could follow in their footsteps. Maybe he can advertise new kitchen ware for Teflon.

World Cup Jackpot

It’s good to plan ahead, Brit Richard Enticott has big plans for the 2034 World Cup. The keen gambler has bet 100 pounds on his soon to be born son scoring for England in the finals. If it all works out he stands to win a cool one million – shame that by then inflation will mean he can just about buy a loaf of bread.

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