Feria de Saldo – Bargain Fair

Title: Feria de Saldo – Bargain Fair
Location: Escuela Municipal Musica, Adeje
Description: Loads of bargains in the two day sale, features clothes, household, electrical and much more. It takes place in thee car park of the music school (look for the giant bust of Mozart) opposite the police station. Open from 10am to 9pm.
Start Date: 2013-06-08
End Date: 2013-06-09


The Passion

Title: The Passion
Location: Calle Grande, Adeje
Description: Street theatre doesn’t get better or more emotional than this lavish re-enactment of the crucificion of Christ. A cast of hundreds, wonderful costumes and music, and key scenes playeed out as the story works down the main road in Adeje town. Starts at noon and is free with thousands lining the street. It’s very graphic and powerful so young children may find it upsetting.
Start Time: 12.00
Date: 2013-03-29


MAGMA Music Fest

Title: MAGMA Music Fest
Location: Magma Arts & Congress, Playa de Las Americas
Link out: Click here
Description: The annual dance music festival is back with Italian techno wizard Marco Carola as top act. Starts at 7pm on Sat 30March and goes into the early hours of the next day. The first 1,000 tickets are 10 euros until 15 February via www.magmafest.com
Start Time: 19.00
Date: 2013-03-30


Floating On Air With The Helidream Sky Experience

Rising majestically from Los Torres in Adeje, I cursed those action movie stars for my pre-flight nerves. There was no big screen dipping and swooping, just a smooth ascent as the La Caleta coastline stretched out below the four seater Robinson R44 helicopter.

This first time flyer was buckled in at the rear as my fellow passenger sat up front, both of us in two way conversation with our multi lingual pilot through our headsets. The wind socks were billowing down at the helipad but as we turned smoothly rising to 500 metres there was no buffeting, just smooth progress along the Adeje shoreline passing over Playa San Juan marina as it basked in the morning sunshine. The panoramic view ahead was inspiring and a small pop open flap below my side window allowed my camera to get some uninterrupted shots of the Tenerife west coast at its finest.

The contrasts and natural beauty of Tenerife are better appreciated from a wide, overhead perspective and Helidream Canarias can draw on six years of experience operating helicopter flights in Barcelona as part of the Bigas Grup. The American-built chopper made an epic 50 hour relocation to Tenerife via Morocco and Lanzarote when they set up in Adeje at the end of 2012. My 50 km trip was up to Los Gigantes and back. They also do a 30 km coast and barrancos trip over the southern tourist spots; an 85 km flight to the north west corner of Buenavista del Norte, and a 120 km ride to Volcan Teide, the last two include a meal at a beach restaurant.

Years of local hill walking have given me some amazing views but the sight of the towering cliffs of Los Gigantes from above gave me a whole new appreciation of how they have been formed and sculpted by nature. Turning in my comfy seat to compare views from each window highlighted the contrast of the lava flows above Santiago del Teide, the villages like Tamaimo nestling in the folds of the hills, and rise of the tourist complexes set against the large expanses of rugged coast and banana plantations.

On the return leg I could easily pick out the recently developed compact beaches of Callao Salvaje and Playa Paraiso linked by a coastal path. Hotel guests on their sun beds slipped on their sun glasses for a better look at the sleek black helicopter flying overhead as cars and buses carved their way through the hills inland. There was so much to absorb, I hardly noticed the motion of flying. The big bird had certainly seen off the small, pre-trip butterflies. Landing, like take off, was gentle and smooth, it was certainly an experience that added another dimension to my understanding of Tenerife.


Sky Experience, Las Torres Industrial Park, Off the TF1 Motorway, Adeje; Tel (0034) 922711487 or (0034) 630315422; email: contacto@helidreamcanarias.com ; Cost From 98 to 350 euros a person depending on chosen length of flight.


Amigos de Vitolo Charity Football

Title: Amigos de Vitolo Charity Football
Location: Adeje Football Stadium
Description: The traditional christmas charity game moves down south. Organised by Vitolo, a former CD Tenerife star now playing for Panathinaikos, stars like Pedro from Barcelona and Jeffren, former Barca and now with Sporting Portugal, will be present along with Canarian players currently playing at other clubs in La Primera. Pre tournament childrewns games from 6pm and main triangular tournament at 8pm.
Date: 2012-12-26


Petrol Price Rise & Trouble for Taxis in Tenerife News of the Week

Taxi Rank, Tenerife South Airport

Tenerife Magazine’s round up of some of the most interesting news stories of the week in Tenerife.

Don’t step on the gas
In a move that seems to have taken just about everyone by surprise, the Tenerife Government have announced a levy on motor fuel on the island of up to 0.02 cents per litre. The tax increase which doesn’t affect other Canary Islands, is effective immediately. Unsubstantiated reports say that the tax has been put in place to help pay towards the maintenance of the island’s roads, presumably to try to counter the cuts in budget from the state. Apparently there’s no truth in rumours that Hollywood film-makers currently shooting scenes on the island have decided, after filling up their army of vehicles at local petrol stations, to change the name of their movie to the Ripped-off and the Furious.

Not exactly a case of love thy neighbour
Expecting councils to work together to benefit Tenerife is a bit of a pipe dream when you consider a decision taken by Granadilla de Abona Council this week. The council voted to lobby the Tenerife Government to prevent taxi drivers from neighbouring municipality San Miguel de Abona being able to work at Tenerife Sur Airport even though San Miguel taxis have been working the airport for the last 27 years. A spokesperson for Granadilla quoted technicalities in the Canary Islands Transport Act to defend the decision. But they can interpret legislation how they like until the cows come home, it’s simply just not neighbourly and comes across more like another example of the airport taxi mafia trying to have things all their own greedy way.

It’s quackers
Looks like it’s the end of the road for the duck pond outside of La Laguna’s permanently under repair cathedral. The local council have decided that the ducks pose a health threat and so the little pond will be replaced by a children’s playground. Although a children’s playground doesn’t quite have the same attraction as a quaint little duck pond, in truth it’s a good deal for the waddlers who will be relocated from their small enclosure to the green wide open spaces and much bigger pools at Parque de la Vega.

Well done Adeje
Adeje is the latest Tenerife council to make it possible for residents to be able to apply for certificados de viajes (the document required for residents to be able to travel at discounted prices) online and at no charge. More and more Tenerife councils are trying to make life a bit easier for their constituents by utilising the internet in this way, whereas some other councils are still asking “What’s the internet?’ However, this being Tenerife, making official documents available online doesn’t always make life easier for the consumer. See our TIT of the week below.

And finally the TIT (This is Tenerife) of the week award goes to… a total lack of co-ordination.
It’s hard to say who’s at fault with this week’s TIT of the week as it seems to involve heavy lashings of a few Tenerife quirks. A group of travellers from La Laguna found that their certificado de viajes downloaded from La Laguna Council’s website was dismissed as not being valid by check-in staff working for Air Europa. To be able to board their flight to Madrid, the Laguneros had to cough up the full amount of the air fair.

La Laguna Council insists that the document is legal and in their defence, plenty of other Laguneros have travelled using it without experiencing any problems on Iberian and Binter so it appears that Air Europa may be the ones who have got it wrong.

However, that’s of no real consolation to the people who lost money because of the mix up. Shouldn’t what is and what isn’t considered valid have been agreed between the Tenerife Government, local authorities and airline companies in advance? Maybe we’re asking too much to expect that sort of level of planning, organisation and communication.


Ocean Festival

Title: Ocean Festival
Location: Adeje Football Ground
Description: Another great dance music festival, this one starts at 2pm and lasts for 12 hours, featuring 10 artists including Miss Nine a German born former model. Tickets are 15 euros inccluding a drink or 40 euros for the VIP option with a free bar, most record shops around Tenerife will be selling tickets or go to ticktackticket.com
Date: 2012-10-13


San Sebastian Festival

Title: San Sebastian Festival
Location: Plaza San Sebastian, Adeje
Description: One of the first and biggest celebrations of the year as farm animals and horses gather near the plaza just before La Caleta from 11am. Around an hour later the horses are led down to La Enramada beach to dip in the sea as thousands gather to watch and the statue of San Sebastian is paraded. A family favourite as children can see animals up close.
Date: 2012-01-20


Pink Wave of Hope Surges Through South Tenerife With Walk For Life

Of course there were tears but it was smiles and laughter that dominated the two thousand plus pink army that danced through the tourist heart of South Tenerife. The Walk For Life is a loud, musical, happy expression of hope and defiance for all those people and their families touched by breast cancer. This year there was a new route to spread the message to holiday makers, residents and all nationalities, that early diagnosis and huge strides in treatment means the war against this blight on life can and will be won.

Anyone emerging from the nightclubs near the CC Gala start line feeling a little hazy may have doubted their vision as pink took on the form of bunny ears, wings, wigs, and a whole tide of balloons for women and men. Some brought their dogs with them suitably tinted and decorated for the morning.

Recent years had seen the walkers hug the coastline on the way into Los Cristianos but this time they spilled into Avenida Rafael Puig, crossing the border from Arona to Adeje. Sueños del Sur samba band led the way and provided the infectious beat as they put their best feet forward. Hotel balconies filled up and sun bed worshippers pressed their creamy bodies against pool fences to enjoy the passing parade.

Many wore signs dedicating their walk to lost loved ones and others carried photos to inspire them. So many stories were contained within those jaunty steps but everyone had found something positive to hold on to, maybe increased hope for the next generation or a raised awareness that could save a life. As a party, it stood strongly in its own right, even the climb up into San Eugenio seemed easier with friends on every side. At one stage some hairy bikers roared by, they too had added touches of pink, one even had a cute pink teddy bear tied to the bike.

Pouring down into Fañabe, the walkers could feel the sea breeze and see the finish line as they spilled onto the promenade. As they entered the park area in front of the stage, a flotilla of pink and white balloons was released into the sky to rousing applause. The swimmers of Tenerife Masters had their own transport and plunging in at Puerto Colon they were rounding the point ready to swoop onto the beach. The pink skull caps made them easy to spot and their close grouping enabled them to take a well deserved bow before touching dry land.

This year’s total raised stood at 15,000 euros immediately after the walk but the work goes on to raise money for the chosen cancer charities AECC and AMATE. The 2012 calendar featuring the swimmers is on sale for 10 euros and already plans are being drawn for next year. For now though, a lot of feet will be kicking off shoes and socks and wiggling in a bowl of water. For more photos follow this link.