Tenerife Moda at Feboda Wedding Fair

According to the Canary Islands Weddings and Events Business Sector Association and the Federation of Independent Consumers, it’s good news, bad news for the Canary Islands wedding industry. On the one hand, couples in the Canaries are spending on average 8,000 euros less on their weddings than they did six years ago, on the other hand it costs considerably less to get married in the Canaries than it does elsewhere in Spain, making the islands attractive for those planning to get hitched. A couple getting married in the Canaries can expect to shell out between 10,000 and 25,000 euros – an average of 16,000 euros. In Valencia and Cataluña tying the knot will set you back an average of 16,000 euros and in Madrid married life begins with a whopping great bill of an average 19,200 euros.

None of which will matter a jot to the couples planning their spring wedding who were amongst the visitors arriving in their droves at the Feboda Wedding Fair which was held in Santa Cruz’ Recinto Ferial over the weekend of 26th and 27th March and which attracted more than 8000 visitors ““ a 69% increase on last year’s numbers passing through the doors of the wedding and beauty spectacular.

Those attending were rewarded with 36 shows involving 15,000 people and showcasing some of Tenerife’s hottest young designers and fashion houses under the Tenerife Moda collective.

Bringing highlights to the event this year was the participation of London hair stylist Patrick Cameron who specialises in modelling long hair. With his usual flair for flamboyance on the runway, Patrick and the team from Asociación Provincial de Peluqerías de Tenerife (ASPELZA) created fantastical styles inspired by history from prehistoric furs that Rachel Welch would have been proud to strut around Teide National Park in, and the sort of style that Marie Antoinette lost her head over, to fluffy fifties pin up girls. Adding considerably more to the models” height, there was enough big hair on show to make Ab Fab‘s Patsy weep.

The weekend event saw the very latest designs from Tenerife couturiers, beginning with children’s fashion including the latest collections from Oh Soleil! Bibabu and Pi, 3, 14. Moving onto women’s fashion, there were shows from Morena Mía, Lasanfi, By Lu and Lucía de Su. Saturday afternoon saw sports and leisure wear taking to the runway with shows from Vi and Pi, 3, 14.

When it came time to ask the bridal wear to grace the catwalk, it was Juan Carlos Armas who opened the proceedings, followed by M&M and amidst the diaphanous gauze and silk, Tenerife designers once again wowed audiences.

Brides may well be spending less on their wedding couture, but they’re not letting standards of design drop ““ not on Tenerife.


Tenerife Moda ““ it’s all the Fashion

Sex and the City 2 went on general release last week and Carrie Bradshaw will no doubt once again be showcasing Lanzarote born designer Manolo Blahnik’s fabulous shoes. But had she waited another season before marrying Mr Big, she would surely have dumped the Vivienne Westwood bridal gown and opted instead for an M&M creation.

Marcos Marrero and Maria Díaz ““ Tenerife’s version of Elizabeth and David Emanuel ““ go by the trade name of M&M and this month have been sending their elegant bridal wear down the catwalks of Spain and unsurprisingly, wowing their audiences. Delicate lace and dreamy satins in soft ivory and cream tones bring back the femininity of the 30s, while hair and make-up lend a soft focus to give the whole ensemble an ethereal, Wuthering Heights romanticism. Plumes and jewels add Hollywood glamour to daring cuts ensuring that all eyes are firmly fixed exactly where they should be – on the bride.

On an island which is so dominated by the tourism sector, it’s easy to lose sight of some of Tenerife‘s other talents. But when you see the incredible costumes worn by Carnaval Queens every year, there can be no denying the level of creative design and manufacturing talent that exists on this island, which is why Tenerife Moda is such an important development.
M&M are just one of 33 businesses that make up the collective “˜Tenerife Moda‘, an industry-wide initiative set up under the auspices of the Tenerife Cabildo in 1997 which incorporates textiles, fashion design, beauty and garment manufacture ““ a sector which, in 2009 generated in excess of 13 million euros for the Tenerife economy.

Tenerife Moda aims to support, promote and find new markets for the sector through industry-wide collaboration. Products range from accessories to swimwear and include businesses from beauticians to textile manufacturers. Unsurprisingly, costume design is an important element in the mix, spotlighting the unique talent that has been honed over generations of staging one of the world’s most important carnivals.

Through attendance at international fashion shows and buyers’ markets; workshops looking at the future of the fashion industry and trade missions to find and exploit new markets; Tenerife Moda is fashioning its own future and if M&M are anything to go by, it won’t be long before the name Manolo Blahnik won’t be the only Canarian brand on Carrie Bradshaw’s perfectly painted lips.