2013 Carnival Poster & Give us a Job in Tenerife News of the Week

Santa Cruz carnival poster 2013

Tenerife Magazine’s round up of some of the most interesting news stories of the week in Tenerife.

Missing the Point
The Canarian Government has announced that the EU has authorised the public sector in the Canary Islands to favour employing or contracting only with Canarian residents. Javier González Ortiz, the Canarian Government’s Minister for Economy, Taxes and Security said this was a positive move that would help improve the prospects of Canarian residents whom he felt were victims of not only a lack of jobs but of foreign workers taking up positions in the islands.
Apart from the fact that it goes completely against EU directives, the idea of favouring job hunters and contractors because of their place of birth is ridiculous and discriminatory.
People don’t take jobs, they earn them because they have the suitable qualities, qualifications and experience for the job.
If someone doesn’t have the qualifications or the necessary qualities, here’s the not-so-secret formula ““ they need to work harder and get them. To think otherwise is to miss the point. The Canarian Government should concentrate on tackling issues such as better education and training instead of flaunting this red herring. Interestingly the authorisation (if it can be called that) is related to ‘Canarian residents” not ‘Canarios”, a point that seems to have eluded some newspapers as well as some Canarian politicians.

Possibly this official statement might help remind them what it means to be part of the EU – ‘Free movement of persons is one of the fundamental freedoms guaranteed by Community law. It is perhaps the most important right under Community law for individuals, and an essential element of European citizenship.

Thankfully opposition politicians seem to have a better understanding of EU legislation and have ridiculed what they say is a deliberate twisting of what was a communication between Brussels and the Canary Island Government.

Carnaval Poster for 2013
Although the sound of those carnival drums is a long seven months away, the biggest fiesta in Tenerife is never far from people’s minds. This week saw the unveiling of the carnival poster design for 2013 by artist Waldemar Lemanczyk from Güímar. The poster, titled Rhythm and Colour, was chosen from a field of 27 entries. There’s no mistaking the Bollywood theme for next year’s carnival with the fish adding that essential Chicharrero (the nickname for people from Santa Cruz) element. That alluring Indian look will no doubt give some people an idea for a carnival costume… especially the men.

Honey Shortage
Apparently one of the things affected by the drought on Tenerife is the production of honey. The spring/summer honey haul is only 50% of what it should be and bee-keepers fear that as much as 90% of average annual honey production will be lost by the end of the year, particularly honeys made with tajinaste and retama de Teide. Apart from being disastrous for bee-keepers it means that honey prices are likely to soar.

The Music Scene on Tenerife is Different
Whereas Sting struggled to sell 6,000 tickets on Tenerife, Latino singer Juan Luis Guerra pulled in 10,000 fans in Los Cristianos on Friday night. If you’re a fan of Latino and Spanish music, you’ll regularly get to see the biggest names from those music scenes on Tenerife. However, if it’s top British and American musicians you want to see in Tenerife a ‘sound-alike’ in Playa de las Américas is probably the closest you’ll get.

And finally the TIT (This Is Tenerife) of the week award goes to”¦ Coalición Canaria
Following last week’s TIT of the week award to Arona’s Mayor who was disqualified from holding public office for four and a half years, this week’s award goes to his political party, Coalición Canaria (CC). Despite the judicial ruling, the CC have backed the Mayor to stay on in his position. The party stated that whilst they respected judicial decisions, this particular one just wasn’t logical. Maybe they only respect the judicial decisions they like.
What sort of an example is that to set? The message seems to be ‘If you think any aspect of the law is illogical, simply ignore it and do your own thing’ under the ‘if it’s good enough for the goose, it’s good enough for the gander’ philosophy. Or is it more a case of ‘do as I say, not as I do’?


X-Men in Tenerife & Visitors to Tourist Offices in Tenerife News of the Week

Tenerife Magazine’s round up of some of the most interesting news stories of the week in Tenerife.

Visitors to Tenerife’s Tourist Offices Increase 50% in 3 Years
Tenerife’s Tourist Board should be cock-a-hoop with statistics that reveal that 1,021, 228 people visited a Tenerife tourist office in 2011; 50% more than in 2008 and a 5.6% increase on 2010.
What’s interesting is the breakdown of statistics relating to which offices dealt with the most queries for information about the island.
Costa Adeje (83,978) and Playa de las Américas/Los Cristianos (77,479) might receive the lion’s share of tourists to Tenerife but both had fewer visitors to their tourist offices than La Laguna which had the 2nd highest amount of visitors with 86,825. Way out on top with 207,970 visitors was Puerto de la Cruz.

Clean up Santa Cruz with a bit of Graffiti
As one of ten measures designed to give Tenerife’s capital a bit of a springtime spruce up, Santa Cruz council are authorising an area of the city to be given over to free public expression which basically means it can be used for advertising, information posters and as a canvas for graffiti artists. Anyone who’s seen the hoardings opposite the Iglesia de la Concepción will be aware that Santa Cruz boasts some talented street artists and a few more examples of imaginative urban art should add more colour to the city’s streets and maybe even deter wannabe Banksy’s from spraying indiscriminately elsewhere in the capital.

Superheroes in Tenerife
Considering it was carnival week in Tenerife, a touch of the bizarre was quite appropriate. A recent edition of the Marvel comic X-Men Legacy set in Punta Brava in Puerto de la Cruz provided a suitable slice of surrealism. The issue began with a speech bubble proclaiming “punta Brava, Tenerife, 20:48′ and an image of an X-Men superhero standing looking bemused above a lot of unconscious bodies on the streets of Punta Brava. If the X-Man had done any research before coming to Tenerife, he would have known it was probably just the morning after a carnival street party.

Winter training in Tenerife ““ good for a tan, but not a result.
First Newcastle discovered that a winter training break in Tenerife didn’t quite recharge the batteries as planned after they were dumped out of the FA Cup on their return whilst the tabloids were full of accusations about the nature of the ‘training’ that took place. Next up were Swansea who took advantage of our perfect winter climate whilst Stoke, their first opponents after their return from Tenerife, played Valencia… twice. The result? Stoke 2 Swansea 0. Tenerife is perfect as a winter training venue for footballers. But let’s hope whichever football team is next up does the island a favour by actually winning when they return from ‘re-charging their batteries”.

And finally the TIT (This Is Tenerife) of the week award goes to”¦ Anyone who had a moan about ‘tourists” at carnival.
A couple of Spanish newspaper reports and subsequent comments had a bit of a dig at the amount of tourists at the carnival closing parade in Santa Cruz. Mostly it was in relation to some of the city’s residents being unable to find seats or places which afforded them a good view of the parade. Santa Cruz carnival is promoted internationally. It brings in revenue to the city, and restaurants, bars and other businesses benefit greatly from the influx of visitors on the day of the closing parade especially. There are no special privileges for tourists visiting the city. As far as finding a good spot or a seat is concerned, it’s a level playing field for everyone and residents do not have an automatic right to a spot, whatever some may think. If you turn up late, you might miss out on a prime view.

It’s good to see visitors to the island making the effort to enjoy important traditions and anyway, carnival events last for a month in Santa Cruz; the main events for over a week. Most tourists only visit on one day ““ the closing parade. Thankfully the complainers represented a tiny minority and the majority of the people of Santa Cruz welcome the interest and participation of visitors.


Interview with Carmen Gil González, Carnival Queen 2012, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

I”M standing in the hot sun of a Santa Cruz afternoon, looking over at the face of Carmen González, newly crowned Carnival Queen 2012, who’s chatting to Mayor of Santa Cruz, José Manuel Bermúdez (below, left), and Councillor for Fiestas, Fernando Ballesteros (below, right) in the garden of the Hotel Mencey. After the photo calls come the interviews and Carmen smiles through endless takes with a TV camera pointed at her and a microphone placed before her. Without the ornate make-up of last night’s Gala Election, the beautiful face of the 18 year old model betrays her tender years. But she’s beginning to look pale and a little uncomfortable.

“Carmen is feeling a little dizzy,” says her agent as she links Carmen’s arm and helps her to walk towards the shade of the hotel. “She’s going to get something to eat and then she’ll be back for your interview.”

The fact that Carmen is tired comes as no surprise to me. When I left the Gala Election at the Recinto Ferial at 1.40am today, Carmen was still on stage, in her full make-up and costume, mobbed by TV cameras and flash bulbs.

Looking refreshed and more relaxed when she returns, I ask Carmen what time she finally got to bed this morning.
“At 3am,” she tells me. “But at 6am I had to get up because I had TV and radio interviews.” In fact, she hasn’t slept much at all in the last two days, she admits, nerves keeping her awake the night before the Gala Election too. I”M sympathetic to her lack of sleep but she shrugs it off. In the excitement of the last 48 hours, being tired is a small price to pay she assures me.

Tall and slender with straight, long dark hair and the sort of face any aspiring model would kill for, Carmen Gil González has a grace and ease of movement that comes with her profession. Still in her final year at school, Carmen is hoping to combine a successful career as a model with her studies. Modelling since the age of 13 years and turning professional at the age of 16 years, it’s an ambition that she’s managing to balance well at the moment.

When the judges gave their long awaited decision 13 or so hours ago and the name of Carmen Gil González rang out around the vast stadium as the 2012 Carnaval Queen, it was an emotional moment for Carmen and the tears flowed. I asked her if she had managed to come back down to Earth yet:
“I”M not quite back on Earth yet,” she laughs. “I”M still getting there!”

Carmen’s winning costume was ‘Imperio’, a stunning interpretation of the splendour of the Roman Empire, designed by Santi Castro (with Carmen, above) which combined elements of a chariot and centurion helmets in luxuriant feathers of the palest blue radiating out from a gold and silver chariot adorned with sapphire and diamond costume jewellery, lions and the Imperial eagle. Like a cross between Boadicea and Helen of Troy, Carmen rode her chariot from its epicentre, dressed in an elaborate gold and bejewelled headdress, some strategically placed jewels in gold braid, and very little else. Although the event was held indoors, I couldn’t help but wonder if she hadn’t been just a teeny bit, well, freezing.

“Yes!” she admits, her face animated by laughter. “At first when I put my costume on backstage I was really cold but once I had the full costume on I forgot about the cold, and the emotion took over,” she says. “I have bruising here and here.” Carmen points to her hips where the harness with which she pulled her costume sat. “But I felt neither cold nor pain, nothing!”

Weighing in at an incredible 300 kilos (over 47 stones), it seemed to me that the stage at the Recinto Ferial must have seemed like an awfully large space for a slight young girl to pull that weight around and the bruises would seem to confirm that fact. I ask Carmen how much of a struggle it had been.
“Yes, it’s a very big stage to pull a costume around,” she confirms. “Imperio is a big costume and I was worried about being able to pull the weight successfully around the stage. But on the night, with the emotion, the audience and the applause, it felt like no weight at all.”

The ability to “Wear’ a costume as if it weighed nothing at all is one of the most important aspects of being a candidate for Carnaval Queen and the girls who are chosen to represent the designer and the sponsors have to be able to move as if they are a part of the costume and to look happy and relaxed as they do so.

The spectacular show which surrounds the election of the carnival queen in which the 12 candidates are introduced to the audience and the panel of judges, is a cabaret of epic proportions spanning almost four hours. As candidate number one, Carmen was first to appear on stage. I ask her if that made for a very long night.
“Personally, I was glad to be the first onto the stage,” she tells me. “I didn’t have time to get too nervous, you know. It only felt like a long time waiting for the second time to go out because I had to wait through all the other candidates and the whole show. But I liked being first.”

As an only child in her home in La Laguna, Carmen is used to being first, and now that she has realised her dream to become Carnaval Queen, she has a busy year of engagements ahead of her, representing Santa Cruz de Tenerife in events and promotions both at home and abroad. I have no doubt that Carmen will be an excellent ambassador for Tenerife, she’s a delightful young woman who’s beauty goes deeper than her flawless surface and here at Tenerife Magazine we wish her the very best for her year ahead.


Santa Cruz Carnival Gets off to a Glittering Start

Bucking the trend of carnival weather and defying the threatened rain which was forecast to hit the city last night, Santa Cruz staged a glamorous and glittering opening to its 2012 Carnaval in a dry and balmy 18ºC.

Tenerife Magazine joined over a hundred thousand onlookers lining the route for the Cabalgata opening parade on Friday night which featured some 20,000 dancers, Murgas, musicians, fancy dress groups and of course, the newly crowned Infant, Third Age and Adult Carnaval Queens and their Dames.

Spanning more than three hours, the parade laughed, sang and danced its way through the city, setting the scene for the all night parties which will see the capital’s streets thronging with fancy dress clad crowds for the next eight days and nights.

Amongst the ‘celebrities” making an appearance in the parade, we spotted Michael Jackson, Captain Jack Sparrow (who’s remarkable resemblance to Johnny Depp had us doing a double take), Charlie Chaplin, Barbie and Harpo Marx.

Looking suitably refreshed after her gruelling schedule of photo shoots and interviews following the Gala Election on Wednesday night, Carmen Gil Gonzalez, Carnaval Queen 2012 waved and blew kisses to onlookers as she passed by in her spectacular costume ‘Imperio’, designed by Santi Castro.

When Tenerife Magazine interviewed Carmen the day after she was crowned Carnaval Queen 2012, she was hoping that the warmth of the crowd would make up for the lack of coverage in her costume as she braved the night air. In the event, the weather joined forces with the crowds to ensure her wish was granted.

¡Viva Carnaval!


Tenerife Carnival Scene, Las Burras de Güímar

We all know that carnival on Tenerife means madness, mayhem and over the top parades. But the carnivals that take place outside of Santa Cruz, Puerto de la Cruz, Los Gigantes and Los Cristianos rarely make it onto visitors” radar. And yet it’s at these where you can find some of the most unusual ways to celebrate carnival.

Each year Güímar produces one of the most stylish and sexy carnival posters on Tenerife and 2012 is no exception. The poster by Luis Marrero, titled The Transformation, illustrates one of the town’s main celebrations, Las Burras de Güímar.

Mysticism and Güímar, the home of the much debated pyramids, are no strangers. Neither is superstition or tales of witchcraft. So a carnival street event involving satanic dances, witches who transform themselves into donkeys to cause mischief and destroy farmers” crops and a full on battle between the forces of good and evil seems quite an appropriate way for the young people of the town to let their hair down and have a bit of fun.

Las Burras de Güímar has become one of the highlights of Güímar’s carnival, growing in popularity each year since the first witches took to the street in 1992.

The question in some people’s minds will be ‘do the witches actually ‘dress up’ like the one on the poster?’

You’ll have to go along to Plaza de San Pedro Apóstol de Güímar at 9pm on Friday 24th February to find out for yourself.


James Blunt, Ministry of Sound & Wrath of the Titans in Tenerife News of the Week

James Blunt in Tenerife
And the stars just keep on coming. The latest international name to be performing on Tenerife is James Blunt who shot to fame with his first album Back to Bedlam in 2005. The singer, whose songs provoke a love-them or hate-them reaction, will be at the Auditorium in Santa Cruz at 9pm on the 28th July. Tickets are €40 and €50. Whether you happen to like James Blunt or not, having an artist of his calibre on Tenerife is good for the island….even if his audience are likely to feel depressed for a few days after the concert.

Tenerife’s 50 Metre Tsunami
Researchers have uncovered further evidence pointing to a massive landslide that created Las Cañadas del Teide and sent 50 metre high waves rushing across the Atlantic Ocean. Fossils of shells, coral and even fish have been discovered 30 metres above sea level in the Teno region of Tenerife and researchers from Madrid, Portugal and Tenerife say that they could only have been deposited there by a huge tsunami caused by the landslide. The good news is that this natural disaster occurred approximately 180,000 years ago. The bad news is that scientists say it could happen again. However, it”ll probably be at least 10,000 years before we have to worry about it.

The Carnaval Just Keeps on Rocking

Anyone suffering from post carnaval blues will love this video just posted by The Ministry of Sound on the blog on their website. Tenerife Magazine was there and it was a fantastic night and one of the highlights of this year’s carnaval. Pump up the sound on your speakers, hit play, sit back and relive moments from the best carnaval in Europe.

Clash of the Extras
Casting for extras for the forthcoming Clash of the Titans sequel, Wrath of the Titans caused havoc around Tenerife last week. Over 5,000 aspiring extras are said to have turned up in La Laguna and some dressed in Ancient Greek styled robes in order to improve their chances of being selected. Whilst in El Médano would-be Thespians queued overnight for a chance of being in the spotlight. Apparently there were a lot of mysterious illnesses affecting schools and businesses on casting days. The plot of Wrath of the Titans is about hell being unleashed on earth. Considering the quality of the first movie, let’s hope that’s not a reference to the sequel’s première.

And finally the TIT (This Is Tenerife) of the week award goes to…The Director General of Costas and ATAN (Tenerife Association of Friends of Nature).
Despite support from the Tenerife Cabildo, local council and Uncle Tom Cobley and all, the proposed Playa Las Vistas festival ‘tenerife Sur de Musicas” was given the big thumbs down by the Director General of Costas on the grounds that there was no unique reason why the festival had to be held on a beach. The ruling also referenced a letter from ATAN which said that a beach festival would have a detrimental effect on the environment.

On their website ATAN claim that the beach festival was a remake of the popular Son Latinos concert under a different name and the plans to hold it were an attempt to promote private interests to the detriment of the majority.

Who exactly are the majority that ATAN are referring to? They’re clearly not the tens of thousands of local people who attend and enjoy festivals like Son Latinos nor the tourists who are attracted to the island and put money into the economy because of events such as this.

It goes without saying that businessmen are trying to make a profit. ATAN are incredibly naïve and unrealistic if they believe otherwise. Is the local greengrocer who makes a profit out of selling fruits of the earth any different?

And here’s a little fact that is quite amusing. Playa Las Vistas isn’t even a natural beach, it’s man made.

We are completely supportive of any actions that protect the environment, but ATAN should be concentrating their efforts on some of the real environmental crimes taking place on Tenerife, not crowing about stopping a beach festival which can be cleaned up rapidly afterwards.


The Smell Of The Greasepaint, The Roar Of The Crowd, It’s Los Cristianos Carnaval

Clowns” smiles have never been wider, jugglers” props have never flown higher and widows have never wailed so mournfully. Los Cristianos pulled out all the stops as Carnaval came to town and the circus theme had them rolling up in their thousands.
It was an eerie Sunday afternoon in the heart of this popular Tenerife holiday resort, the streets were strangely deserted. Was it the baking sun, or hangovers from the previous nights dancing to Orquesta Wamampy? Looking a little deeper I could see tell tale signs that the big Coso parade was due in a few hours – road signs indicated diversions, bars were digging out every last wonky table and seat to line the streets, and at the showground below the Valdes Centre floats were being decorated as performers squeezed into bizarre costumes.

The Sunday market was packing away stalls as I headed down to the gathering point where Montaña Guaza bathed in sunlight as musical groups swigged chilled water and practiced dance routines. Friday night had been a late and hazy one, not just due to flowing drinks but also the swirling smoke on stage as 6 adults and infants competed to be Carnaval Queens. The 2 winners were now united on one float, 17 year old Khar Ndoye in her Queen Of Africa creation, and 5 year old Claudia Morales Asencio doing justice to her outfit From The Sky Of Peking.

Pre show nerves were jangling, as were the ice cubes in the encouragement juice being liberally sipped on and around the floats. A few loud shrill whistles and everyone fell into line and the colourful chorus snaked up the road cheered on by joyful crowds perched on every possible vantage point. Some drummed, some danced, some pirouetted, and many did all three but somehow they managed to move along at a brisk pace even allowing for plenty of hand shaking and photo posing along the way.
Heading up the hill those enclosed in bulky costumes must have been shedding most of their body weight while others had plenty of exposed flesh to sizzle. The noise was infectious, as one rhythm lulled there was always another band to take up the pace, it was staggering to think how many hours had gone into creating all these costumes. With the evening creeping in, the cavalcade hit the city centre with a final flourish before partly disrobing in the side streets and joining the throng in the showground to dance the night away.

The sardine was ready and waiting to bring down the curtain on Monday, with a lip stick pout and an army of black veiled admirers the forecourt of the cultural centre was the rallying point. Last year’s will-it-wont-it-happen debacle was thankfully replaced with forward planning and the increased number of mourners showed that. Carnaval was later this year so with the clocks moved forward, an 8pm start in the light was always unrealistic.

As night fell, the lead carriage arrived belting out dance music, the widows lifted their skirt tails and the mock clergy led the way into the main street with a beach destination vaguely kept in mind. The costumes seem to get ruder every year but the crowds following were enjoying being shocked as frocks were lifted to reveal all sorts of underwear and gender defying extras. The sardine on its wheeled trolley lagged behind at the back for much of the journey, the salsa and disco beats at the front were a magnet for the widows. Progress was slow, every few yards the main group chanted their homage to the sardine and then fell to the floor crying and writhing in mock despair.

Many had waited hours down at the beach for a good view of the cremation but surprisingly few joined the stampede onto the sand to greet the weary fish as it made its noisy entrance into its penned off death zone. A liberal sprinkling of fuel basted the sardine before it was lit and it did its dog impression, going woof as the flames shot up. A few fireworks were released into the night sky as the mourners danced around the charred remains, this was an ex sardine. It may have been the end of the funeral but just the start of one last night of late partying as Los Cristianos said goodbye to carnival for another year.


Freaky Weather & Mercedes Benz’ Sexy New Model in Tenerife News of the Week

Tenerife Magazine’s round up of some of the most interesting news stories of the week in Tenerife.

Snow on Tenerife
Snow on Tenerife at this time of year isn’t really a big deal; there can be snow on Mount Teide till June. But when the clouds lifted on Monday everyone was surprised by just how far down the hillside the snow level had reached. Roads through the towns of Benijos and Aguamansa (around the 1000 metre mark) in the north of Tenerife were turned white and snow completely covered the town square in La Esperanza, something that no-one there had ever witnessed previously. As the unusual weather conditions piled up, the south west coast experienced hailstones whilst temperatures at 1800 metres fell to 0c for only the fourth time in recorded history (recorded history doesn’t stretch back that far; the other three times were 1996, 1997 and 2005). Just to top things off rain of up to 73 litres per square metre was recorded in Los Rodeos and Las Mercedes with Candelaria experiencing around 62 litres per square metre. The storm front affected the whole Canarian archipelago and even low lying Fuerteventura felt the force of hailstorms. Not the best week for anyone visiting the island”¦but hang on in there; normal service will be resumed by the weekend.

Driving on Tenerife is Sexy
… if you happen to be behind the wheel of one of the new Mercedes Benz cars that have added a touch of sleek glamour to Tenerife’s roads during March.
Throughout the month Mercedes Benz have been using the island’s dazzling scenery as a backdrop to showcase their stunning new models to 700 journalists from all over the globe. To be used as a location to officially launch a prestigious new car from the Mercedes Benz stable is quite a coup for Tenerife. Have a look below to see the gorgeous SLK 350 BlueEFFICIENCY in action on some of Tenerife’s equally gorgeous roads.

Carnaval Dates for Tenerife for 2012
Okay we’re all still yawning due to the excesses of Carnaval 2011, but for all of you out there who like to plan in advance, here are the dates of the Santa Cruz Carnaval 2012. The opening parade will be Friday 17 February 2012 with the closing parade being Tuesday 21st and Burial of the Sardine Wednesday 22nd February. And just in case four weeks of carnival wasn’t enough to satisfy carnaval junkies, the whole shebang will now last for five weeks with the first event taking place on the 27th January. That means an extra week of murgas”¦deep joy.

Who Wants to Be Michael Jackson?

With the Michael Jackson tribute show Forever King of Pop looking around for a young Michael to play the king of pop in the hit show in La Laguna at the end of March/beginning of April on Tenerife, it would be reasonable to expect the casting director’s office to be flooded with mini MJ look-alikes. But only fourteen potentials turned up. The casting was announced on the show’s website but as it was in Spanish only maybe it was missed by non Spanish-speaking residents. Or perhaps there aren’t that many children on Tenerife who look like a young Michael Jackson who can sing and dance to a professional level as well.

Pick up a St Patrick’s Day Bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey on Tenerife
Jameson’s have released a specially designed bottle of their whiskey just for St Patrick’s Day. The unique bottle, designed by Irish artist Paul Daly, has a Celtic music theme and is only available in travel related outlets during March. These include airports such as Rome, Heathrow, Paris Charles de Gaulle and”¦yes, you’ve guessed it ““ Tenerife South.

And finally the TIT (This Is Tenerife) of the week award goes to”¦
Al Campo supermarket for not keeping its Caja Verde till manned full time.

It represents a step forward to see Tenerife supermarkets adopting environmentally friendly measures by introducing special “˜green’ tills that can only be used by customers who bring their own bags or use the store’s recycled ones (incidentally, Carrefour’s also look great). Al Campo introduced green tills some time ago but lately their La Orotava branch seems to have sacrificed the manning of the till on a regular basis. It begs the question what’s the point of introducing environment saving measures if you don’t commit to them 100%? Make a sentence out of the words lip, service and paying. Green tills should be the first tills that are manned in a supermarket, not the last.


The Carnival is Over, Tenerife’s Crazy Week of Fun in Pictures

It was loud; it was brash; it was colourful, it was crazy and it was even a bit wet. But most of all Carnival on Tenerife was a lot of fun and Tenerife Magazine was in the thick of the action to experience the best bits of Tenerife’s most outrageous week-long party.

First there were the queens. Naomi Cabrera Pulido was crowned carnival queen in Santa Cruz (photo courtesy of Turismo de Tenerife)…

…And Esther Yanes García, the girl with the smile that could melt a creme egg, was crowned carnival queen in Puerto de la Cruz.

Then the Ministry of Sound rocked the capital and over 100,000 people took to the streets to dance the night away at carnival street parties (this was only one street)…

…and this group of larger than life Scots threatened to drink all the beer”¦and eat all the pies.

Talking of food, it’s no wonder those guys got to be so big when faced with stalls like this in Santa Cruz and Puerto de la Cruz.

The surreal Burial of the Sardine with its wailing widows has been outdone in the sheer spectacle stakes in recent years by the most outrageous event of any carnival celebrations on Tenerife ““ the Mascarita Ponte Tacón (High Heels Marathon). 50,000+ turn up for this one. This is one of the few photos fit for family viewing.

The Gran Coso Apoteosis (closing parade) in Santa Cruz had its fervour dampened by rain, but it’s counterpart in Puerto de la Cruz a few days later enjoyed warm sunshine, so no soggy feathers for the dancers this time”¦

“¦and much more in line with what “˜tourists’ like these two expect when they come to Tenerife.

And finally the whole thing was rounded off with some more wild and wonderful street parties, but there’s no picture for these”¦this time the camera stayed in the bag and the notebook remained in the pocket so that we could do what everyone else was doing ““ let our hair down and enjoy the last big carnival bash of 2011.

Carnival in the north of Tenerife is over, but carnival continues in Los Gigantes and Los Cristianos during the second half of March.