Corona Rocks Children of the 80’s at Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife!

If you’re looking for the best party atmosphere in Tenerife, then you should definitely check out the monthly Children of the 80’s event at the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife! This is an amazing experience for anyone who loves awesome dance, electronic and rock tunes, but is in the mood for something a bit different to today’s hits, because let’s face it you can hear current chart songs anywhere you go.

Instead you can enjoy a night of nostalgia as classic club tunes are belted out to the huge audience. Every song that is played is an instantly recognizable hit from past decades which gets everyone in the audience in the mood to party. Added to that is the awesome setting of the brand new luxurious Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife outdoor venue, with palm trees, cool lights, smoke machines, streamers and a huge stage!

It’s almost impossible not to have a great night with such a exciting venue and cool vibe. Clearly the crowd were loving the music being played by the DJs and there was a buzzing atmosphere. Things got even better when Corona, real name Olga de Souza, came onstage to perform her huge club hits!

Originally from Brazil, Olga gained huge fame after she moved to Italy and, under the stage name of Corona, released ‘Rhythm of the Night’ in 1993, the lead single of Corona’s same named album. This became a huge worldwide hit across many countries including Italy, the UK and the US and is still a classic guaranteed to get crowds moving in clubs today! Corona sung a number of her other big hits which the crowd here in Tenerife loved, including “Baby, Baby” which sounded great in this awesome venue!

Each of the brilliant Children of the 80’s monthly events is headlined by a music legend like Corona (last month was Kym Mazelle) and also includes DJ support from DJ trio ‘Dream Team Reload’ and the popular ‘Puretas Party’. As well as the singers and DJs there are also talented dancers dressed in colourful 80s clothes and huge screens with music videos for each song in the background, making this a dazzling night of entertainment that is not to be missed!

Next up is Ultra Naté on Saturday 13th May 2017 which promises to be a huge night as she has had some massive dance hits including “Show Me”, “Free”, “Desire”, “Get it Up (the Feeling)”. In 2016 she was ranked as the 12th most successful dance artist of all time!

For more details on all the upcoming Children of the 80’s events make sure to check out the website: and follow on social media: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.


Pitbull Concert

Title: Pitbull Concert
Location: Golf Costa Adeje
Description: The Cuban born American rapper has upgraded his tenerife concert to Golf Costa Adeje but prices remain the same at 25 & 40 euros from or shops like Deportes Salud and Halcon Viajes. Starts at 10 pm.
Start Time: 22.00
Date: 2012-06-23

Don Omar

Title: Don Omar
Location: Plaza de La Patrona, Candelaria
Description: Puerto Rico singing star Don Omar takes to the stage with Tenerife reggaeton twins K-Narias also on the evenings bill. Fri 9 March, tickets are 25 euros from Base Deportes Salud shops.
Date: 2012-03-09

Buenos Aires Tango Concert

Title: Buenos Aires Tango Concert
Location: Auditorio Infanta Leonor, Los Cristianos
Description: You’ll know you’ve been tangoed after this concert. Starts at 9 pm and all tickets are just 10 euros, get yours from the Cultural Centre or take your chance on the night.
Start Time: 21.00
Date: 2011-08-13

Spain’s Best Wines & the Seafood Smugglers in Tenerife News of the Week

Tenerife Magazine’s round up of some of the most interesting news stories of the week in Tenerife.

Tenerife’s Wines are the Best in Spain
Congratulations to Sociedad Cooperativa Cumbres de Abona and Bodegas Insulares Tenerife, S.A. who both picked up awards at the prestigious Baco Cosecha wine awards for Spanish wines harvested in 2010. The Sociedad Cooperativa Cumbres de Abona on Tenerife’s southern slopes picked up the gold medal for their Testamento Malvasia in the category for barrel matured whites, whilst north Tenerife’s Bodegas Insulares Tenerife, S.A. won the bronze award in the red wines category for their young red, El Ancón. It would be positively rude not to toast their success with a glass or two of each…salud.

Santa Cruz in the Top Forty
But this particular statistic is not one to crow about. A recent survey of more than 5000 local authorities in Spain that have some sort of debt (there are over 8000 in total in Spain, so respect to the 3000 who don’t have) revealed that Santa Cruz came in at number 37 with just over 97 million euros of debt. It’s an improvement of a few places since the last time the study was carried out but it’s not really the sort of top forty that you want to be in. However, there was one Canarian local authority who came out worse. Neighbours and rivals Las Palmas de Gran Canaria were seven places higher up the black list at number 30; a fact which no doubt softened the blow a little for the Las Palmas-phobes on Tenerife.

A Fishy Business
A story that made us smile this week was the news report regarding agents from the Canarian Police Force breaking up a heinous smuggling ring. In truth it wasn’t exactly heinous as the culprits were illegal fishermen caught red (snapper) handed on a beach in Los Realejos. But with a haul of over 30 kilos of fish and nearly 10 kilos of shellfish these guys were clearly no minnows. Every cloud has a silver lining however, and residents of a local old folks” home found themselves the beneficiaries of the crime as the Canarian Police donated the fishy haul to them ( fish & dodgy hips perhaps). We don’t want to carp on about Tenerife’s police forces but at least the story provided a clue as to what the Canarian Police Force actually do. Finally, we’re still trying to confirm reports that the three perpetrators were all sporting mullets. Okay, that’s enough of that nonsense.

Camino de Socorro – A Site of Cultural Interest at Last
It’s only taken 21 years, but this week the historic pilgrims” route of Camino de Socorro in Güímar was finally declared a Site of Cultural Interest. Thousands follow the route each year to commemorate the place where the Virgin of Candelaria was first sighted on Tenerife at the unassuming hamlet at El Socorro. Anyone who says that it takes a lifetime to get anything done on Tenerife is exaggerating…it only takes decades.

And finally the TIT (This Is Tenerife) of the week award goes to…the organisers of the Michael Bolton concert

With little more than a month before the big summer concert featuring Michael Bolton and Kenny G at Costa Adeje Golf on 8th July there is incredibly, and worryingly, still no sign of tickets going on sale.
The official Sun Live Festival website still bears the legend “More information soon” on its ticket information page.

Certainly it’s not the norm for a concert of this calibre not to be making tickets available way in advance of the date to maximise attendance and give visitors who want to plan a trip to Tenerife to coincide with seeing Michael Bolton time to organise their schedules.

Given that the organisers have experience of putting on concerts of this magnitude it seems unlikely to be purely down to inept marketing and planning (then again…) so it suggests that there might be another issue.

No doubt the mystery will be cleared up soon but, as one Spanish visitor to the organisers” website commented, it is “Muy raro’ indeed.

Gospel Sinfonico

Title: Gospel Sinfonico
Location: Santa Cruz Quayside
Description: The annual Christmas Day FREE concert is a great tradition. On a grand scale, this year with 200 performers and featuring the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra and the Mississippi Mass Choir. starts at 10pm (TBC) and ends just after midnight with a lavish firework display.
Date: 2010-12-25

Rosana – Free concert

Title: Rosana – Free concert
Location: Candelaria Fiesta
Description: The Lanzarote born singer will be taking to the stage in Plaza de la Basilica at 11.30 for an hour. Sounds like a good way to round off a day of festivities.
Date: 2010-07-31

Power Of Music

Title: Power Of Music
Location: Plaza del Iglesia, Buzanada
Description: Early start (6pm) for this youth aimed concert. Bands include DMent, Dangerous Mistake, Alto Voltaje, Mr Day Tripper, and B-For-Team.
Date: 2010-07-03

Barricada – Concert

Title: Barricada – Concert
Location: Parque Maritimo, Santa Cruz
Description: My head banging friends assure me that these Spanish rockers compare favourably with AC/DC. The Parque car park near the Auditorium should be rocking well. Show starts at 10pm, tickets 20 euros from
Date: 2010-04-24