Corpus Christi

The Corpus Christi Red Carpet on Tenerife

It's June 1936. Francisco Franco is Governor General of the Canary Islands and is in La Orotava watching the Corpus Christi procession as it passes over the floral works of art. Well known as a dissenter, Franco has been posted to the furthest and quietest outreach of Spanish governance...

Stunning Sand Carpets & Wrath of the Titans in Tenerife News of the Week

The theme for the 2011 sand tapestry in La Orotava on 30th June will be 'Dios nos entrega a su hijo Jesús` which loosely translated means 'God gives us his son Jesus".

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Headline Tenerife ““ The Week in News to June 13

The unthinkable happened. After a blisteringly hot day previously, the weather turned fickle and rained incessantly on La Orotava's Corpus Christi parade[...]

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Street Gardening ““ The Corpus Christi Flower Carpets

Ever since Leonor del Castillo y Monteverde decided in 1847 that it might be a nice idea to put some petals on the ground outside her house for the evening Corpus Christi procession to walk over [...]

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