Fantasy -Dance Art

source link Title: Fantasy -Dance Art
follow Location: Hotel Jacaranda, Costa Adeje
أفضل 10 وسطاء بالخيارات الثنائية Description: Live dance in the comfort of the hotel. Starts at 5.30pm and costs just 5 euros.
enter site Start Time: 17.30 Date: 2013-06-09


Sting Cancelled & Fast and Furious 6 in Tenerife News of the Week

beach nasseur in Costa Adeje

Tenerife Magazine’s round up of some of the most interesting news stories of the week in Tenerife. فوكس بوك The Fast and the Furious 6 to be Filmed on Tenerife
The internet is full of news (Spanish language sites at least) that some of the movie, Fast and Furious 6 will be shot in Tenerife ““ specifically around Santa Cruz and Puerto de la Cruz (there’s no way they’re not going to take advantage of Tenerife’s mountain roads and the scenery in Teide National Park). The sixth in the long running series starring Vin Diesel (good name for the star of a film about cars), Paul Walker and more latterly, Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson will involve a more ambitious storyline than normal that is rumoured to spread into Fast and Furious 7 and will also see the return of sparky Michelle Rodriguez. Production on the film starts this month and, if reports are true, the cast should be screeching around Tenerife’s roads for about five weeks between July and August.

اسهم بنك انماء No More Beach Massages in Adeje
To some the fruit merchants, sarong selling dancers and masseurs on Costa Adeje’s beaches add a splash of colour, to others they’re just a nuisance. For anyone in the latter group, the news that Adeje Council are to take action against illegal beach masseurs will be welcomed.
The council believes that the presence of beach masseurs on Adeje’s playas don’t paint a good image of the resort to tourists. Presumably people lying on a beach sighing pleasurably as their bodies are massaged isn’t the sort of image you want to portray in a beach resort… hold on a minute.
The council also wants to spread the message that massages by unqualified masseurs can be dangerous to the health. Unfortunately, we couldn’t put our hands on actual statistics relating to how many holidaymakers picked up beach massage injuries during visits to Tenerife.

follow site Stung by Sting
And so another high profile concert bites the dust. Following the cancellation of the Rock Coast Festival, Sting is the latest ‘big name’ to play Tenerife that won’t actually play Tenerife. The organisers say that the concert had to be suspended after demands by Sting’s representatives had bumped up the originally agreed figures by 600%.
Organisers played down the low ticket sales (6000 sold out of a possible 13000) saying they expected a late surge and that they believed most tickets would have been sold by the date of the concert.
If unreasonable demands by Sting’s entourage is the reason for the show’s cancellation then maybe it’s about time that the star picked up a newspaper to learn about the economic crisis affecting the real world.
Thankfully the music scene on Tenerife doesn’t solely rely on superstars ““ there are still plenty of mini festivals and live music concerts on Tenerife over the coming months to keep music fans” appetites sated. Keep an eye on our facebook page for details of the best.

follow And finally the TIT (This Is Tenerife) of the week award goes to”¦ Endemic Corruption
A few years ago, the findings of a financial audit in Icod de los Vinos came to the conclusion that a sum of “Missing’ money, amounting to over a million euros, could only be explained by fraud or incompetence ““ neither of which reflected well on those involved.
This week the Provisional Prosecutor for Santa Cruz suggested two year’s imprisonment and a ban from holding public office for 20 years for the mayor of the northern town because of the irregular award of lucrative building contracts without legal processes being followed. The amount that was ‘handed out” amounted to over three million euros between 2003 and 2007.
Last week the Spanish press reported that another mayor from the Canary Islands had been handed a prison sentence for similar reasons.
There are currently over 300 individual cases of suspected corruption by people in public office being investigated in Spain currently; a number of these are in the Canary Islands.
Thanks in no little part to the internet, the ability to share information quickly and more easily means we live in increasingly transparent times. The politicians who have taken advantage of ignorance in the past and who don’t realise this fact are finding that their days are numbered.

The crazy thing in Tenerife and other Canary Islands is that being found guilty of fraud whilst in public office doesn’t necessarily mean that the people won’t vote for you again next time around. So maybe it’s those voters who deserve the TIT of the week award.


English Language Movie in Tenerife, Battleship

source link Starring: Alexander Skarsgard, Taylor Kitsch, Liam Neeson Plot: Scientists beam a message into space and it’s answered… by an invasion force from Planet G. Mankind is doomed unless the good old US of A’s navy can kick some extraterrestrial ass and send the little green men home to think again.

سًوق الاسهم السعودي TM Rating: Meddling scientists put the earth in danger by attracting the attention of stereotypically evil aliens and the good old boys of America’s armed forces have to try to save the day ““ originality is not Battleship’s USP. In fact it’s hard to figure out what is unique about a film that goes where many others have gone before. The language is clunky, the characters one-dimensional and the action so-so.

If you like no-brainer action movies where all the good guys are square-jawed gung ho heroes with nil personality then Battleship might create a ripple of excitement. Otherwise stay home and play the board game.

If you want to know more details about the plot then read the review on Gran Sur Cinema’s website has the whole lot right up to the closing scene ““ which means you don’t even have to see the movie.

follow site 5/10 ““ The aliens are going to invade earth… who cares? Pity Gran Sur didn’t stick with The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.

فيشر التطبيق خيار ثنائي Screening Times: Gran Sur Cinema, 3.30pm daily until 3rd May 2012


English Language Movie in Tenerife, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel


get link Starring: Bill Nighy, Maggie Smith, Judi Dench

follow site Plot: A mixed group of British pensioners are seduced by promises of a luxurious retirement in a sumptuous hotel in Jaipur, India designed to cater specifically for the ‘elderly and beautiful’. The exotic dream turns out to be just that when the hotel turns out to be more street market than up market.

تداولات الفوركس TM Rating: It stars Maggie Smith, Bill Nighy and Judi Dench ““ that should tell you what sort of quality you’re in for. Add Celia Imrie, Tom Wilkinson and Penelope Wilton and you’ve got a classy ensemble cast of some of the best of British actors. Slumdog Millionaire’s Dev Patel adds an Indian flavoured icing on the cake.

The idea of throwing a group of conservative British pensioners into the madness and mayhem of Indian culture is rich with comic potential and this cast doesn’t let audiences down as the golden oldies struggle to adjust to life in a luxury retirement hotel that is decidedly short on the luxury but is all the richer for it.موعد-اغلاق-سوق-الاسهم-السعودي 8/10 ““ Charming, amusing and totally engaging. The sort of classically gentle comedy that the British do best.

تداول اسهم اليوم Screening Times: Gran Sur Cinema, 5.50pm daily until 26th April 2012 Tickets: €6.50


English Language Movie in Tenerife, Contraband

الخيارات الثنائية إشارات خبير Starring: Mark Wahlberg, Giovanni Ribisi, Kate Beckinsale

Plot: Former smuggler Chris (Mark Wahlberg) is forced to go back into business to save his brother-in-law’s hide after a botch drug deal has vicious criminal Tim Briggs (Giovanni Ribisi) after his head. With a crack team in tow Chris, finds himself in a race against time, drug lords, cops and hit man in his bid to smuggle counterfeit dollars and a Jackson Pollock from Panama to New Orleans.

فوركس مجاني TM Rating: Mark Wahlberg plays his usual down-to-earth working class bad boy turned good and Giovanni Ribisi reprises his snivelling bad guy act in a solid and gritty action thriller.

There’s nothing particularly new but the conspiracies, twists and turns and thrills along the drug smuggling way make Contraband decent, if uninspiring Easter fare. 6/10: Entertaining enough but a bit to run of the mill to make it anything more than average.

افضل شركة تداول Screening Times: Gran Sur Cinema, 5pm daily until 12th April 2012

click Tickets: €6.50


Checking Into Tenerife’s Hotels, Jardín Tropical

It was Easter last year when Tenerife Magazine headed to the Hotel Jardín Tropical to find out what keeps 40% of guests returning year after year and what one lucky winner of our competition can expect.

Strolling past the elegant palm trees and soft, white turrets that guard the entrance to the Hotel Jardín Tropical, I pass beneath the straw thatched roof and leave the glare of sunlight to enter the portal to a dream world. Combining the principles of Feng Shui with shades of North African, Moorish and Colonial design, the architect Melvin Villaroel has created a space filled with hidden, tranquil corners where light, air and nature combine in perfect harmony.

Velvety white corridors weave below mirrored ceilings to shady courtyards at the foot of tiered minarets and bougainvillea draped terraces. Falling in gentle tiers from the hotel’s reception, brick paved terraces embedded with turquoise and ruby ceramic tiles lead past carved pine settees and over wooden foot bridges to water cascades and a sapphire pool that meanders around scented garden jungles.

The check-in welcome is accompanied by a chilled glass of cava while Joaquín explains the Alice in Wonderland principle of a ground floor which is in fact on the fifth floor and points me towards my room. Minus the aid of a White Rabbit, I follow the warren of corridors, my eyes wide at the eclectic beauty of my surroundings, until I arrive at room 457.

Don’t you just love it when you walk into your hotel room and the first thing that comes out of your mouth is “Wow”? A corridor of fitted wardrobes with wooden latticed doors leads to a cavernous room where crimson, colour washed walls lend a rich warmth to the beautifully cool interior. Centre stage, a bed the size of a small land mass is draped in the same rich, flower print drapes that cover the windows. French impressionist paintings join forces with the period furniture to give the room a classic, timeless elegance. I open the curtains and step onto the intimate balcony which peeks out through Kentia palm fronds at the giant strelitzias and towering palm trees that lend the gardens and pools the environment so richly deserving of the name Jardín Tropical.

I relax into one of the cane chairs, savouring the short time I have before my dinner reservation at the hotel’s award winning restaurant of Las Rocas. Birds are chatting noisily as they make last minute preparations for their sundown bed time, the last of the day’s sunbathers are heading back to their rooms while other couples are already dressed for the evening, strolling hand in hand towards a sunset cocktail at the Beach Club before dinner.
Three words are foremost in my mind ““ symmetry, serenity, serendipity. The Essentials Location: One of the first hotels to be built in Tenerife’s newest resort of Costa Adeje, the Hotel Jardín Tropical has seen many bigger and more flashy hotels springing up all around it while this tropical paradise has quietly taken root and flourished. Sited on a picturesque headland of Costa Adeje with Playa Bobo a few minutes stroll to the south and Puerto Colón to the west. Rooms: Completely refurbished in 2010 and featuring LCD satellite TV, mini bar and safe, rooms are beautifully designed and appointed to maximise the quality of light, coupling the hotel’s trademark white with rich turquoise soft furnishings. Suites raise the floor space quota from generous to oodles and the decor to individually styled. The walk-in shower was powerful enough to double as an aqua massage and the bath was big enough to lie full length in. 26 interconnecting family rooms offer microwave, baby alarm and Playstation – essential ingredients of a family holiday. Service: From the moment I arrived at reception, I was made to feel welcome by multi-lingual, professional staff. Service in the buffet restaurant and the bars was exceptionally good while at restaurant Las Rocas, the delightful Julio fussed over my every whim with a warm smile, professionalism and buckets of personality.

go here Food: Hotel Jardín Tropical has a deserved reputation for excellence in dining. The El Patio restaurant is reputed to serve the best steak tartare in Tenerife from its heavenly garden setting, while the romantic headland setting of Las Rocas is the venue for excellent gourmet cuisine. Breakfast in the Las Mimosas restaurant was a sumptuous choice of fresh fruit, continental and cooked dishes, all prepared and presented with aplomb in the stylish dining room and garden patio.

Entertainment: I followed the sound of laughter and applause to the bar lounge where families were being entertained by contemporary clowns, acrobats and breakdancers until it was time for the youngest of drooping eyelids to be carried to their beds. Night people will find themselves within sandal strolling distance of the iconic Faro Chill Art at Puerto Colón.

Overall: A fabulously stylish and chic four star hotel with five star design and aspirations where the good things in life ““ consummate service, fine dining, luxurious comfort and impeccable taste – are placed at the top of the agenda. Perfect for couples, honeymooners, families and anyone with an eye for quality and selectivity. As official host to players at golf tournaments like the Tenerife Ladies Match Play, it’s also the perfect year-round base for Tenerife golfers.

Hotel Jardín Tropical; 4 Star; Calle Gran Bretagña, Costa Adeje; (0034) 902 25 02 51; email:


English Language Movie in Tenerife, This Means War

Starring: Chris Pine, Reese Witherspoon, Tom Hardy

Plot: When CIA spies and super friends FDR (Chris Pine) and Tuck (Tom Hardy) discover they’re dating the same girl Lauren, they resort to using all their super secret agent know-how to outdo each other in a wild and explosive bid to win the girl.

TM Rating: The other new English language movie this week, Chronicle (Grand Central Cinemas, 3.30pm daily) is a better movie than This Means War. The story about three teenage friends developing super hero powers after coming into contact with a mysterious substance in the woods is fresher, original and genuinely surprising. But a hi-concept studio film like This Means War is going to have more mainstream appeal.

On paper it sounds like it could be a cringe-athon of a movie. Let’s take three attractive leads, have the two guys get up to all sorts of shenanigans in order to win the hot chick, but for fun let’s make them spies. That way audiences get a chick flick and spy thriller rolled into one. The concept smacks of studio suits rubbing their hands together with glee.

It sounds awful… but with Chris Pine playing a cocky earth based version of Captain Kirk, Reese Witherspoon high-heeling a fine line between being likeable to women and hot enough to make two men cause havoc and Tom Hardy playing a sensitive loner with a hard edged exterior, the chemistry between the unlikely ménage à trois carries the movie through all its outrageous scenarios.

Throw a heinous villain and gadgets galore into the action and what you get is a fast paced, exciting and funny film that successfully combines rom-com with a hi-octane action movie.

7/10 ““ It’s a load of nonsense but the characters are likeable and it’s as slick as an Armani suit, This Means War is escapist fun that is actually a lot better than it sounds.

Screening Times: Gran Sur Cinema, 5.15 daily until 22nd March 2012

Other English language movies on Tenerife
John Carter continues at the Zentral Center in Playa de las Américas at 5.10pm daily, 12.30 on Saturday and Sunday

Tickets: €6.50 Buy Your Tickets Here


DJ Fedde Le Grand Invites Tenerife To Get Up And Dance

Music is the heartbeat of Tenerife and the summer of dance is striding into September with the Ritmos Del Mundo concert at Siam Park on Saturday 10 September. Fedde Le Grand from Holland is a top DJ and producer and will be headlining the feast of music.

Very much in demand, Fedde will fly in from performing the previous night at the O2 Arena in Berlin, part of a hectic year that has included residencies at Space in Ibiza, and Ministry Of Sound in London, and a total of 40 different venues. Fedde grabbed a well earned break to tell what makes him spin.

TM – What music influenced you growing up?

Fedde – I was influenced by a lot of different music, from pop like Michael Jackson, who I love, to funk bands like Parliament, George Clinton is a huge hero of mine. I also listened to a lot of hip-hop ““ I started out playing hip-hop but gradually started to move into house music the more I started record shopping.

TM – How do you choose songs to re-mix. (Missing, the 1994 hit from Everything But The Girl, is the latest to get a DJ Fedde update).

Fedde – Most of the remixes I make start off just because I love the original track but want to make an edit of it that fits into my set. They’re always for personal use first, then people start to ask me to release them, and if we can get everything cleared then we’ll go ahead.

TM – Your tour dates look tough going. How do you relax and keep fit and charged up.

Fedde – It can be really hard, especially when it’s the summer season because you end up playing almost all of the days in the week, you have to travel from gig to gig, country to country, there’s not a lot of time to relax. I try to chill out as much as possible on flights, watch films when I can, just zone out to get some quiet time before it all starts again. If I have time at home to relax then I’ll either hang out with friends and family, just cooking, playing video games, that kind of thing, or I’ll head to the gym ““ I’m a massive fitness fanatic, it’s a great way to unwind and keep in shape at the same time.

TM – What’s the strangest place you have performed?

Fedde – In a hot air balloon about 1 km above ground, no word of a lie! I’m not sure if there’s anywhere else I could play that would top that really ““ maybe only something like playing in a submarine?

TM – Do you have a dream venue you want to play one day?

Fedde – I would love to play at Madison Square Gardens or Wembley Stadium or the Bird’s Nest, Beijing, those locations are insane! Yeah, if I could headline those, that would have to be one hell of a show!

TM – Any plans to celebrate your birthday? (Fedde is 34 on 7 September).

Fedde – Hopefully I’ll get to celebrate it like I did last year ““ I was in Las Vegas and they brought me out a cake, we had drinks, I had some really good friends on tour with me so it was really cool. Except this time I’m not in Vegas with really good friends, I’m home with really good friends

TM – Does the private plane make a big difference to touring.

Fedde – It really does, if I’m being honest. It’s still a massive luxury and I wouldn’t use it if I didn’t need it but this summer season is so hectic and busy for me that just logistically it makes a lot of sense. If I had to rely on normal planes I’d be cutting it so fine at the airport to get from one place to another, so to book a plane for the whole summer was way more economical. I’m also making sure that I’m offsetting my carbon footprint ““ we worked it out online and I was totally shocked, I have to plant a small forest to compensate but it’s definitely worth it.

TM – If all your musical equipment and stage gear was in a fire what one thing would you save?

Fedde – My manager. Everything is digital these days so it’s all replaceable. If I had any vinyl with me then I’d definitely go back to save that as there are some cuts that are so hard to find.

TM – Any advice to performers hoping to make it in the music industry?

Fedde – I get asked this a lot and the main thing I say to people is that they have to be prepared to work. And work hard. Of course you have to have talent in the first place, but unless you’re prepared to start at the bottom and work your way up, to play at any gigs you get handed when you start out, do parties for free, anything to get out there and get noticed, then I’d say don’t bother and just do it in your bedroom for fun. It’s long hours, lots of traveling, you’re away from home for most of the year ““ but when you’re behind the decks and in front of a crowd of people going nuts to your track selection, it’s beyond worth it, it’s an amazing feeling, a real rush. It just takes time and dedication to get here.

TM – In three words what can the people of Tenerife expect from you at the show?

Fedde – So Much Love

Ritmos Del Mundo promises to be special, it runs from 3pm to midnight and also performing are DJ Real El Canario, Glowintedark, Steve Foster, Bassjackers, DJ Leon, and Dj Dario. Tickets are on sale from and range from 25 euros to the VIP tickets with free bar at 100 euros. Free buses will be ferrying people to and from the concert from key points in the south. Enjoy.


Ritmos Del Mundo Concert

Title: Ritmos Del Mundo Concert
Location: Siam Park Amphitheatre
Link out: Click here
Description: Dance music high above the water theme park at the purpose built amphitheatre. Runs from 3 pm until Midnight with a full bill of acts, headline star is Dutch DJ Fedde Le Grand. Also appearing are DJ Real El Canario, Glowintedark, Steve Foster, bassjackers, DJ Leon, and Dj Dario. Tickets range from a basic 26 euros to 102 euros from
Start Time: 15.00
Date: 2011-09-10


Pablo Alboran

Title: Pablo Alboran
Location: Magma Arts & Congress, Playa de Las Americas
Link out: Click here
Description: Malaga’s 22 year old rising singing star brings his first major tour to Tenerife. Tickets are 20 euros in advance, 25 euros on the night, or 35 euros for the VIP zone. Book online at or book in person, box office open Monday to Friday 9 am to 4 pm, Show day 9am until start.Tel 902109974

Start Time: 22.00
Date: 2011-08-07