Great Success at this Year’s Jardin Tropical Golf Tournament

In case you didn’t already know, Tenerife is an absolutely perfect place for playing golf at practically any time of the year, making it a top-class destination for golf holidays, tournaments, or somewhere to enjoy weekly golf sessions with friends, family or colleagues if you are lucky enough to live here!

There are a number of factors that make Tenerife so brilliant for golf, including 9 courses across the island, a selection of top-class accommodation, beautiful backdrops such as palm trees, the Atlantic Ocean and incredible Mount Teide, plus of course the gorgeous year-round warm sunny climate.

Temperatures rarely get too hot or cold, the skies are generally blue, winds are rarely too strong and there is little average yearly rainfall. All in all, Tenerife is a golfing mecca!

Throughout the year at the various golf courses, there are a variety of different tournaments offering a great challenge for players who love to compete on Tenerife’s beautiful courses. One such tournament is the excellent Hotel Jardin Tropical Torneo de Golf which this year celebrated the 24th Edition (XXIV).

Each year this tournament brings together more than 150 players who are absolutely passionate about the sport, to compete in what has become one of the most highly regarded golf tournaments in the Canary Islands.

The tournament was once again held at the absolutely stunning Abama Golf course located in the South-West of the island, a short drive away from Jardin Tropical. This course really is spectacular, with palm trees, lush fairways, beautifully maintained greens, streams feeding into lakes and an excellent clubhouse with restaurant, bar, golf-shop and other facilities.

As well as this, players can enjoy spectacular views across banana plantations out to the bright blue Atlantic ocean and La Gomera in the distance. There really are few better places to enjoy a great game of golf than in amongst this gorgeous tropical like golfing paradise.

It goes without saying though, that despite the beautiful surroundings, the players were here to win and there was some excellent golf on display throughout the tournament, with a healthy dose of competitive spirit. Despite the competitive nature of golfers, it was all good-natured with everyone enjoying themselves; keeping their cool while trying their best to win.

The shots on display were a good indication of the high level of quality that exists in Tenerife which in part is a testament to the excellent golf courses across the island, where you can also find top-class private golf tuition.

Following the tournament’s conclusion, later on in the evening, there was a cocktail dinner and prize giving ceremony at the beautiful Hotel Jardin Tropical. There was a delicious variety of freshly made food served such as sushi, mini burgers and grilled meat, plus a wide selection of different drinks.

This was an excellent way to see off this year’s tournament with everyone in high spirits and enjoying the beautiful outside surroundings of the hotel including palm trees and stunning swimming pool. Towards the end of the night was the prize giving ceremony for the runners-up and winners.

There were speeches made by those who helped to organise the event and help to run the hotel including Fabien Drogue, Subdirector of the hotel. There was also a farewell goodbye from Saad Azzam who has decided to step down from his role as General Manager of the hotel.

Overall this was another highly successful year for this much beloved and well-regarded tournament and has been another great success for Hotel Jardin Tropical and Abama Golf. This tournament was also in collaboration with the official Tenerife Golf organisation and is part of the official circuit of golf tournaments throughout the year in Tenerife.

Here are the upcoming tournaments:

Many thanks to:

John Beckley and Kate Conti from Canary PR for the photos and video they produced.

Alex Bournay – official tournament video

Paulino Diaz Lorenzo – official tournament photos



Why Tenerife is the Perfect Destination for a Golf Holiday

Whether you are an avid golfer, with a strong passion for the sport, or simply like to enjoy a few relaxed rounds while on holiday, we’re happy to say that Tenerife is the perfect destination for a golf holiday. With a year round warm, sunny and spring-like climate, the conditions are absolutely perfect almost everyday of the year. Unlike much of the rest of Europe and most other places in the world, here in Tenerife you generally won’t have to worry about extreme weather conditions.

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If you have a round of golf planned for the next day you can almost be guaranteed of great conditions whether you are here in Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter. By contrast, in somewhere like the UK, the weather can be so unpredictable so you never know quite what to expect. In addition to this, unlike some of the other Canary Islands such as Lanzarote, Tenerife has far less wind, meaning one less annoying factor to worry about. Instead you can just concentrate on enjoying a great round of golf amongst gorgeous surroundings. You will be able to enjoy stunning ocean views, palm tree lined courses and the sublime natural beauty of Tenerife such as the incredible volcanic landscape!

At present Tenerife has nine golf courses (two of which are nine hole courses) so there is plenty to choose from. This includes both the North and South of the island with a real variety in styles and design, plus varying difficulty levels and terains across the different courses that Tenerife has to offer. This is yet another reason why Tenerife is a perfect destination for a golf holiday.

Courses in the South of Tenerife:

Golf Del Sur

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Golf Las Americas

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Amarilla Golf

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Golf Costa Adeje:

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Abama Golf

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Los Palos Centro de Golf

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Courses in the North of Tenerife:

Buenavista Golf

Golf La Roselda

Real Golf de Tenerife





Big Success for this year’s Ingane Yami Golf Tournament!

For the past eight years Pearly Grey has organised an annual charity golf tournament to raise funds for the incredible Ingane Yami children’s village. Every year this popular tournament proves to be a big success among both the players competing and their families and friends watching, and this year was no exception.

Each year there is a large amount of money raised for Ingane Yami which does vital work supporting and caring for orphaned children in South Africa who would otherwise have little hope. At this year’s tournament there was over €22,000 raised which will be put to fantastic use!

The charity houses the children in a loving, caring environment and gives them a real chance to lead a wonderful life by providing accommodation, food, clothing, healthcare and education. Most of these children have had heart-breaking starts in life, but with the help of Ingane Yami they can look forward to a successful  future.

Everyone was in good spirits for this event, enjoying a great day out among friends and colleagues. Of course it didn’t hurt that the tournament was played at the gorgeous Golf Costa Adeje course! This year was the fifth consecutive year that the tournament has been held at the course and once again it proved a brilliant experience.

The weather was absolutely perfect, with a bright blue sky, plenty of warm sunshine and only a light breeze which helped keep the players cool. The course was immaculate, making playing conditions excellent for those competing.

On the day there were over 100 competitors, with players from Tenerife, the UK and South Africa, and it was great to see such a large turnout for this charity tournament, supporting such a worthy cause!

Once again the team at Pearly Grey did a wonderful job organising this tournament, in conjunction with the friendly and professional staff at Golf Costa Adeje. We would also like to mention the excellent work that  Oasis FM and the Canarian Weekly have done helping to promote the tournament.

This event is now firmly established on the Tenerife golfing calendar and is only expected to become bigger and better each year! Following the end of the tournament there was a prize giving buffet dinner which everyone enjoyed after their time out on the course.

Photos: Gabriella Beckley

For more information about Ingane Yami:

Pearly Grey:

Golf Costa Adeje:





Checking Into Tenerife’s Hotels, Jardín Tropical

It was Easter last year when Tenerife Magazine headed to the Hotel Jardín Tropical to find out what keeps 40% of guests returning year after year and what one lucky winner of our competition can expect.

Strolling past the elegant palm trees and soft, white turrets that guard the entrance to the Hotel Jardín Tropical, I pass beneath the straw thatched roof and leave the glare of sunlight to enter the portal to a dream world. Combining the principles of Feng Shui with shades of North African, Moorish and Colonial design, the architect Melvin Villaroel has created a space filled with hidden, tranquil corners where light, air and nature combine in perfect harmony.

Velvety white corridors weave below mirrored ceilings to shady courtyards at the foot of tiered minarets and bougainvillea draped terraces. Falling in gentle tiers from the hotel’s reception, brick paved terraces embedded with turquoise and ruby ceramic tiles lead past carved pine settees and over wooden foot bridges to water cascades and a sapphire pool that meanders around scented garden jungles.

The check-in welcome is accompanied by a chilled glass of cava while Joaquín explains the Alice in Wonderland principle of a ground floor which is in fact on the fifth floor and points me towards my room. Minus the aid of a White Rabbit, I follow the warren of corridors, my eyes wide at the eclectic beauty of my surroundings, until I arrive at room 457.

Don’t you just love it when you walk into your hotel room and the first thing that comes out of your mouth is “Wow”? A corridor of fitted wardrobes with wooden latticed doors leads to a cavernous room where crimson, colour washed walls lend a rich warmth to the beautifully cool interior. Centre stage, a bed the size of a small land mass is draped in the same rich, flower print drapes that cover the windows. French impressionist paintings join forces with the period furniture to give the room a classic, timeless elegance. I open the curtains and step onto the intimate balcony which peeks out through Kentia palm fronds at the giant strelitzias and towering palm trees that lend the gardens and pools the environment so richly deserving of the name Jardín Tropical.

I relax into one of the cane chairs, savouring the short time I have before my dinner reservation at the hotel’s award winning restaurant of Las Rocas. Birds are chatting noisily as they make last minute preparations for their sundown bed time, the last of the day’s sunbathers are heading back to their rooms while other couples are already dressed for the evening, strolling hand in hand towards a sunset cocktail at the Beach Club before dinner.
Three words are foremost in my mind ““ symmetry, serenity, serendipity.

The Essentials
Location: One of the first hotels to be built in Tenerife’s newest resort of Costa Adeje, the Hotel Jardín Tropical has seen many bigger and more flashy hotels springing up all around it while this tropical paradise has quietly taken root and flourished. Sited on a picturesque headland of Costa Adeje with Playa Bobo a few minutes stroll to the south and Puerto Colón to the west.

Rooms: Completely refurbished in 2010 and featuring LCD satellite TV, mini bar and safe, rooms are beautifully designed and appointed to maximise the quality of light, coupling the hotel’s trademark white with rich turquoise soft furnishings. Suites raise the floor space quota from generous to oodles and the decor to individually styled. The walk-in shower was powerful enough to double as an aqua massage and the bath was big enough to lie full length in. 26 interconnecting family rooms offer microwave, baby alarm and Playstation – essential ingredients of a family holiday.

Service: From the moment I arrived at reception, I was made to feel welcome by multi-lingual, professional staff. Service in the buffet restaurant and the bars was exceptionally good while at restaurant Las Rocas, the delightful Julio fussed over my every whim with a warm smile, professionalism and buckets of personality.

Food: Hotel Jardín Tropical has a deserved reputation for excellence in dining. The El Patio restaurant is reputed to serve the best steak tartare in Tenerife from its heavenly garden setting, while the romantic headland setting of Las Rocas is the venue for excellent gourmet cuisine. Breakfast in the Las Mimosas restaurant was a sumptuous choice of fresh fruit, continental and cooked dishes, all prepared and presented with aplomb in the stylish dining room and garden patio.

Entertainment: I followed the sound of laughter and applause to the bar lounge where families were being entertained by contemporary clowns, acrobats and breakdancers until it was time for the youngest of drooping eyelids to be carried to their beds. Night people will find themselves within sandal strolling distance of the iconic Faro Chill Art at Puerto Colón.

Overall: A fabulously stylish and chic four star hotel with five star design and aspirations where the good things in life ““ consummate service, fine dining, luxurious comfort and impeccable taste – are placed at the top of the agenda. Perfect for couples, honeymooners, families and anyone with an eye for quality and selectivity. As official host to players at golf tournaments like the Tenerife Ladies Match Play, it’s also the perfect year-round base for Tenerife golfers.

Hotel Jardín Tropical; 4 Star; Calle Gran Bretagña, Costa Adeje; (0034) 902 25 02 51; email:


Golfers Keep Giving To Honour Marcia Garcia Estrada

Seven years after sarcoma cancer cut short the promising career of Marcia Garcia Estrada, 40 teams of golfers gathered at Abama Golf Resort, Tenerife to raise 95,000 euros for continued research through the foundation set up to honour the Santa Cruz born player. On 14 January the teams of three amateurs with one professional played golf battled it out before pro star Miguel Angel Martin and his team, Justo del Castillo, Juan Manuel Rodríguez and Luis Bunueri emerged victorious.

The Marcia Garcia Estrada Pro Am is more about the competing than the overall result, and raising awareness of this aggressive form of cancer that killed Maria in September 2005. It was a gripping finale to the action as the winners shared a score of 53 strokes with teams led by Paula Martí, José María Cañizares and Josh Jenkins from North America. All the players and spectators that headed to the west coast course in Guia de Isora enjoyed the day and the boost it gave the foundation.

The on course play was backed by some sterling fund raising efforts and star-studded contributions before the tournament, resulting in a pre-match balance of 21,250 euros. A special auction featured a team shirt and ball from Spain’s World Cup winning football team which alone raised an amazing 7,500 euros. Other big names were also generous with unique offers; Rafa Nadal gave up a pair of his tennis shoes signed by footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and basketball player Pau Gasol, tempting a bidder to part with 4,000 euros. There was also a bag of 14 golf balls from Pablo Larrazábal and VIP tickets to a Grand Prix.

The search for answers to beating sarcoma cancer is not publicly funded and relies on the generosity and dedication of organisations such as the Maria Garcia Estrada Foundation. Thankfully in Tenerife there are plenty of major companies willing to support the Pro Am tournament. This year the organisers were very grateful to Abama Golf Resort, Turismo de Tenerife, Gobierno de Canarias, Ayuntamiento de Guia de Isora and DISA.


Circuit Thrives At Buenavista Golf In North West Tenerife

The Tenerife and La Gomera Golf Circuit likes to broaden the horizons of their players and Buenavista Golf certainly meets that aim. It was the sixth round of the 2011 competition, now in it’s fifth year, on Saturday 17 September and 119 enthusiasts gathered to test the Isla Baja course.

Players and businesses alike have embraced the tournament’s mix of nationalities and levels of play. This round’s main sponsor was Calzados MBT but they were strongly backed by Turismo de Tenerife, Federación Canaria de Golf, Iberostar Hotels & Resorts, Heineken y Zumos Pago, Feledi Bodas y Eventos, Caroli Health Club from Sheraton La Caleta, C.C Gran Sur, Lexus Canarias, Cadena Ser,, Fred Olsen y Jardín Tecina, MBT calzado fisiológico, Hotel Jardin Tropical, Abama Golf & Spa Resort, Spring Hoteles, Hotel Sandos San Blas, VIK hotels group, Coca Cola, Fonteide, Holiday Golf S.L., Kalise, Hotel Spa Villalba, Ideal Joyeros, Carpas Atlántico, Axa Seguros, Tenerife Magazine, electrodomésticos Max Mark y la web especializada en golf mipuntuació

The players showed their charitable side raising funds for San Lazaro childrens project during the day’s play and the trophies added another reason to try just that bit harder. Nearest the flag at the 4th hole went to David Ian Pritchard, the best senior player was Fco. González Suárez with 39 points and the scratch player award was won by Jose Luis García Estrada with 34 points. In the longest drive section at the 18th hole Monica Martinez powered to victory for the women and Rodrigo Hernández Díaz was the men’s winner.


First Category:
1st. Maria Dolores Sebares Urbano with 30 points
2nd. Francisca Reyes Martin Colchero with 28 points
3rd. Maria Luisa Forniés with 27 points

Second Category:
1st. Dulce Ramón Sosa with 37 points
2nd. Miriam Muro with 36 points
3rd. Maria Isabel Cabrera with 35 points

First category
1st. Francisco Gonzalez Suárez with 39 points
2nd. Jose Luis García Estrada with 36 points
3rd. José Manuel Hernández Martí with 35 points

Second Category:
1st. John Samuel with 43 points
2nd. Roberto Fiorini with 40 points
3rd. Eduardo Julvez with 39 points

Third category
1st. Werner Schwebke with 36 points
2nd. Rafael Castañeda with 35 points
3rd. Roberto Martin with 33 points

The 2011 Circuit is reaching its climax, there are seven tournaments at Golf Costa Adeje, Golf del Sur, Tecina Golf, Abama Golf, Golf Las Américas, Buenavista Golf and the grand final la gran final at Golf del Sur. For more information go to the web page for the Asociación de Campos de Golf de Tenerife or email to

Full results and standings are here Ver todos los resultados and a great range of photos can be found here Ver todas las fotos



Spring Hoteles Tournament

A total of some 130 players turned out to play, on a beautiful Autumn day, in Tenerife at the fantastic golf tournament sponsored by Spring Hoteles who operate the Arona Gran Hotel, the Bitacora and the Vulcano. The venue was the wonderful Golf Las Américas Golf Course where the greens staff pulled out all the stops to get the course in fantastic condition for this Tournament.

On arrival all players were given a goodie bag containing a polo shirt , a cap and golf towel and this was to start off a fantastic day’s golf and fellowship for all the players.

The Arona Gran Hotel supplied the luxurious buffet and drinks at the 9th hole which was a very welcome site to all the players as their pastry chefs had made some fantastic home made pastries and cakes.

With some of the best amateurs in Tenerife, playing competition was stiff. There were3 classifications of males and two female categories. Cat 1 Male was won with 39 points by Alexjandro Grande playing off 3 handicap. Cat 2 Male by Tomas Aramas with 40 points playing off 18 and Cat 3 Male by Andres Guerra with 42 points playing off 20. The girls Cat 1 was won by Maria Jerez with 39 points playing off 11 and Cat 2 winner was Karin Beels with 37 points off 22. A lovely glass trophy was given to each winner and a luxury watch was given to Alexjandro for also winning the top scratch prize.

The prize giving and cocktail party was held at the Arona Gran Hotel later that evening with most of the competitors and their partners coming back to join in the fun and enjoy the lovely food and drink on offer. Spring Hoteles had also organised a fantastic raffle with super prizes, one being a trip to the UK for 2 people and a week’s stay.

Well done to Bernardo, Stanni and Bea from Spring Hoteles and Brendan and Joan from Golf Las Americas for the smooth running of the day and the evening reception… we all had a super day and look forward to next year.


Iberostar Anthelia Golf Tournament

Iberostar Anthelia Golf

Title: Iberostar Anthelia Golf Tournament
Location: Golf Las Americas
Link out: Click here
Description: Five star hotel and five star golf. Played in stableford individual mode with three categories and prized for the top three in each category. For 75 euros you get the days play and the gala presentation dinner at Iberostar Anthelia Hotel just 25 metres from the sea between Playa Fañabe and Playa del Duque, non players can enjoy the gala dinner for 45 euros and have a chance of winning the many raffle prizes including a weeks break in Brazil.
Iberostar Anthelia are also offering overnight stays at reasonable prices, just call 922713335, to book the golf call 322752005.
Date: 2011-09-24

Iberostar Anthelia Golf Tournament
Iberostar Anthelia Golf Tournament

Spring Hoteles Golf Tournament

Title: Spring Hoteles Golf Tournament
Location: Golf Las Americas
Link out: Click here
Description: Early 8 am start for a full sporting day on one of the best located and well set out courses. Just 50 euros gets you into one of the male or female categories of play and the gala dinner and prize presentation at the Arona Gran Hotel. How about combining play with a night at Arona Gran for 100 euros or two nights for 150 euros.

Book the golf on 922752005 and find out more about the mini breaks on 922787745.
Date: 2011-09-10


Becky Brewerton Wins the Tenerife Ladies Match Play Tournament

Even for non golf fans day two of the Tenerife Ladies Match Play tournament proved a gripping cliffhanger with Becky Brewerton and Laura Davies, two of Britain’s top golfers, tied after 18 holes and onlookers holding their breath as they waited to see who would prevail.

For 2011, this prestigious addition to the Ladies European Tour moved from last year’s course at Buenavista Golf, beautiful but remote, to the stunning greens of Golf Las Américas where a birdie on the course could just as well mean a swan or an emu as much as playing a hole in one under par.

The Tenerife Ladies Match Play teed off on Thursday with a pro-am tournament which, apart from being fun, allowed the 32 professional golfers to get a lay of the land. Their comments should have Golf Las Américas preening proud as peacocks.

“I like the course. You can hit a lot of drivers out there and there are tiny greens, which I love, because that’s good for the better players,’ commented one of the tournament favourites Becky Brewerton whilst Beth Allen remarked: ‘It’s in really good condition, so I’m impressed. I like it.”

The pro-am tournament was won by England’s Danielle Montgomery. We won’t mention what position Tenerife Magazine’s John Beckley, playing in Spring Hoteles colours, ended up.

Day one of the Match Play tournament saw last year’s winner Trish Johnson knocked out in the unforgiving but exciting matchplay format which sees golfers go head to head in a winner takes all competition. The knock out format was generally given the thumbs up by Europe’s lady golfers who seemed to think it as exciting as us onlookers.

Day 2 of the event drew a juicy head to head battle between Becky Brewerton and Laura Davies, both of whom were tipped as having a good chance of winning the competition. It was a pairing that didn’t disappoint as the 18th hole came and went with both players all square. The exciting play off saw Becky Brewerton show nerves of steel as she pulled off a 12 foot birdie to progress to the next round.

On the final day of the Tenerife Ladies Match Play tournament the eight remaining players – Becky Brewerton (Wales), Carlota Ciganda (Spain), Nikki Garrett (Australia), Rebecca Hudson (England), Lydia Hall (Wales), Lee-Ann Pace (South Africa), Frances Bondad (Australia) and Danielle Montgomery (England) – took to the greens on a beautifully sunny Las Américas morning to compete for the glory and €40,000 first place reward.

Becky Brewerton continued to show the form that had taken her through to the final by leading the field by hitting an impressive 3 under after 7 holes with Spain’s young prodigy Carlota Ciganda (in her first pro tournament), Lydia Hall and Nikki Garrett hot on her heels at 1 under par.

By the 17th hole the tension reached nail biting levels with Becky still holding onto the lead at 3 under but with both Rebecca Hudson and Nikki Garrett breathing down her neck at 2 under par.

With the pressure on, Becky kept her cool to hole a birdie on the 18th and finish 4 under. After that all she could do was watch from the sidelines as Nicky Garrett and Carlota Ciganda closed the gap by going 3 under at the 16th and 17th respectively to set up the tensest of finishes to what had been an outstanding tournament.

However, Ciganda putting a ball into the water at the 18th ended the young Spanish player’s chances of catching Becky, leaving Australia’s Nicky Garrett as the only serious threat.
But the birdie required to tie the match proved too elusive resulting in Becky Brewerton being the deserved winner of the Tenerife Ladies Match Play tournament.

Congratulations to Becky and everyone involved with what has been an outstanding tournament in every way.