Stripping in the Street & Cockfighting in Tenerife News of the week

Tenerife Magazine’s round up of some of the most interesting news stories of the week in Tenerife

Two Big Stars Play Tenerife in the Space of Two weeks
Following Simply Red, Tenerife saw another big name entertain the crowds in the south of Tenerife as Alejandro Fernández took to the stage at the estadio de los Cristianos last weekend. Alejandro who?
The popular Mexican singer might not be known to non-Spanish readers, but get this ““ he attracted an audience of 10,000 (the same as Simply Red), but the big difference was that his set lasted for two and a half hours.

How Many People Can You fit into a Volkswagen Polo?
How do you guarantee getting your collar felt by the police after a Saturday night out in Tenerife? Easy, you squeeze TEN of your best mates (or should that be very close friends) into your Volkswagon Polo and drive down Avenido Tres de Mayo in Santa Cruz in the wee small hours.
Police Officers commented that they were surprised to see how many people were in the car”¦as they had no idea that Polos were so spacious inside.

Ladies of the Late Afternoon in Las Américas
In a news report which was runner up for the TIT of the week spot, residents around Calle Llanos de Troya in Las Américas have been complaining about prostitutes working the area. Apparently the ladies of the late afternoon have extended their working hours from the hours of darkness into the early evening and have been touting for business from as early as 6pm. Not only that, some have been trying to attract attention by flashing their breasts at passing motorists – are residents sure it wasn’t just a hen party from Doncaster?

Internationally Famous – Canary Islands’ Cactus
Here’s one of those “˜well I didn’t know that’ snippets. El Dia reported this week that alongside Arizona, the Canary Islands are the largest suppliers of cactus in the world. Companies like Canary Cactus in Güímar and Arona export cacti all over the world with UAE, Dubai and China being the main buyers.
A lot of the ornamental cacti exported from Tenerife are destined to decorate luxury hotels and golf courses in the Middle East.

Tourists could be in for a Shock in Torviscas
Businesses in Torviscas in Costa Adeje complained last week about the state of disrepair of lighting in public areas in the resort. Traders are worried that some unsuspecting visitor could find they get a different sort of buzz from their holiday than they were expecting.
The Adeje council came in for flack for not maintaining lighting systems especially in areas leading to and from the beach.
Let’s see, people still wet from enjoying frolicking on Costa Adeje’s beaches are potentially being exposed to faulty electrical systems”¦that’s shocking, just shocking.

Banning Blood Sports on Tenerife
Well done to Canarian President, Paulino Rivero who, following the events in Catalonia last week, stated that he was in favour of banning cockfighting in the Canary Islands because it was a sport which didn’t belong to the 21st century.
Ironically, bullfighting has been banned on the islands for over twenty years whereas pitting two cockerels against each other to fight to the death is perfectly legal; there’s even a display about it in the history museum in La Laguna.

And finally the TIT (This Is Tenerife) of the week award goes to…

Internet technology on Tenerife”¦or lack of. A damming survey carried out by an economic and social civil rights association (ADEC) into e-government in Spain awarded Santa Cruz de Tenerife a muy deficiente (very bad) rating regarding their online administration systems.

The report said the capital’s council had not invested in developing their e-administration systems and this resulted in a poorer service to their citizens. At least Santa Cruz was able to take some solace from the fact that Madrid’s council website was found to be nearly as bad.
In other countries which are more developed in IT terms, people can manage their bills and personal details online ““ but not in many of Spain’s municipalities.

The fact that the Santa Cruz Ayuntamiento has one of the better council sites on Tenerife is more of a cause for concern and Tenerife should be thankful that ADEC didn’t choose one of the smaller municipalities where the websites have been designed by the mayor’s cousin’s nephew. If they had, ADEC would have had to create a completely new rating…how about bolsa de mierde?