Interview with Carmen Gil González, Carnival Queen 2012, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

"At first when I put my costume on backstage I was really cold but once I had the full costume on I forgot about the cold, and the emotion took over," she says. "I have bruising here and here." Carmen points to her hips...

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Gala Election Santa Cruz 2012, a Carnaval Queen is Born

We're all waiting. Audience, designers, families, cameras, laptop screens and TV viewers "“ all waiting for the moment when presenter Eloísa González announces the name of the new Carnaval Queen 2012.

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Granadilla Carnaval Queen Election

Title: Granadilla Carnaval Queen ElectionLocation: Parque de Los Hinojeros, GranadillaDescription: This showpiece event sets the tone for the Carnaval as the candidates parade in their wild and extravagant costumes. Starts at 9 pm.Date: 2011-03-18

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Election of Queen – Fiestas de Mayo

Title: Election of Queen – Fiestas de Mayo
Location: Plaza Candelaria, Santa Cruz
Description: The start of the Fiestas de Mayo events which run over 4 weeks. This FREE open air big night starts at 9pm and features comedian Manolo Vieira and musicians Los Sabandenos
Date: 2010-04-24

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