El Cine Restaurant Review, Los Cristianos” Worst Kept Secret

If you haven't heard of El Cine in Los Cristianos then you haven't been talking to the right people; it's Los Cristianos" worst kept gastronomic secret.

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Las Rocas Restaurant Review, Romance & Great Food on the Rocks

When compiling lists of romantic places to dine on Tenerife, the Hotel Jardín Tropical's delightful thatched roof restaurant jutting out over the Atlantic is almost always the first place to spring to mind.

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Where on Tenerife is this? Photo Challenge #3 2011

With the weather playing all sorts of tricks on us at the moment we've decided to post a more typical Tenerife scene for this month's photo challenge.

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Where on Tenerife is this? Photo Challenge #2 2011

Our second Tenerife photo challenge, whilst it could still be tricky, isn't nearly as obscure. But it still might just be an area of Tenerife where many people have never set foot...

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Top Ten-erife Tapas

Some tapas dishes such as ensaladilla (Russian salad) and boquerónes (pickled anchovies) are fairly universally evident on menus throughout Spain, but every region has its own specialities based on local ingredients and the Canary Islands are no exception. These are the most popular Tenerife tapas[...]

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Where on Tenerife is this? Photo Challenge #1 2011

For our first Tenerife photo challenge of 2011 we've decided to raise the bar a little and test you with what we think could be a tricky place to identify. Of course, you might prove us wrong again.

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Pisaverde, Walk in Their Shoes.

Pisaverde is more than just a product and a label, it's a whole philosophy and a belief in a sustainable way of life...saving the planet has never looked so good[...]

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Presents Galore at the Pinolere Craft Fair

Pinolere is one of the biggest and most enchanting craft fairs on Tenerife and is located on the slopes of a hill so steep that just getting from the car to the pavement requires steely thighs and a supply of oxygen.

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