volcanic eruption in El Hierro

Skiing Mount Teide and Tenerife on British TV in Tenerife News of the Week

Tour operator Thomson are breaking with an age old tradition of flooding TV advertising spots on Boxing Day in the UK with images of long sandy beaches and...

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Tenerife’s Worst Natural Disaster in Tenerife News of the Week

The worst hit was the La Orotava Valley where the rain fell so heavily that new ravines were created. Such was the amount of debris caused by landslides, the sea was pushed back more than 200 metres.

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Eruption Update & the QM2 in Tenerife News of the Week

The situation in El Hierro remains uncertain and there's not much to add to the regular reports we've been posting on Facebook. The residents of La Restinga have been allowed to return to their homes during the day after being evacuated on Saturday following two...

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The Dangerous Park & Rude Guests in Tenerife News of the Week

A visit to Santa Cruz' favourite park is potentially dangerous for the young ones according to Professor James Nogué. At a Conference on Clinical Toxicology in Santa Cruz, the good professor pointed out that...

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Witchcraft & the Mafia Sting in Tenerife News of the Week

Despite continued earth tremors the volcanic situation in El Hierro hasn't changed much in the last few days. The stain on the ocean left by the volcanic discharge is moving slowly out to sea and residents of La Restinga have been allowed to return to their homes.

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Councils should Ignore the Law & an Earth Bound Asteroid in Tenerife News of the Week

The undersea eruption at El Hierro continues to bubble away with no-one really sure what is going to happen next "“ nature can be a bit like that. Some are excited by...

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Volcanic Eruption on El Hierro in The Canary Islands

Last week we reported that scientists had stated that the centre of volcanic activity was moving towards the sea. Yesterday morning reports started to appear online about an undersea eruption off the coast of El Hierro.

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Eruption on El Hierro & The Sound of Music in Tenerife News of the Week

The minor earthquakes which have affected El Hierro for the past few months finally caught the attention of the outside world last week. Only a couple of days after an expert had declared...

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