20 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Tenerife

Visit Tenerife and be inspired by these photos. The best way to explore the island of Tenerife is to hire a rental car at the airport when you arrive, and enjoy traveling around the mountain and coastal roads, to discover as much of this wonderful place as you can.

Even if you prefer to relax, some car journeys around the island are certainly worth it, just to see the pretty villages and towns, and the breath-taking views from up in the mountains. There is also a good bus service, so there is no excuse not to leave the beach, and discover more on this great island.

Text and photos by Lynne Knightley

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Why Los Gigantes is a Great Place to Visit

Most visitors to Tenerife tend to stay in the popular Costa Adeje area in South Tenerife and hence many get the image that Tenerife is basically a destination for UK folks looking for the next “All-You-Can-Drink Sangría Party.” Well, let me show you a different side to Tenerife: Los Gigantes.

Los Gigantes is located at the far west of Tenerife island and it is not only a perfect day-trip from Costa Adeje, but also the perfect place to spend your entire Tenerife holidays. After living for several months in Tenerife, namely in the Los Gigantes area and exploring the island as much as possible, I want to share with you my love for this particular area and why it is a great place to visit.

Los Gigantes (“The Giants”) area, located at the west coast, got its extraordinary name from the enormous, giant rock formations that shape the landscape of the area. The cliffs of Los Gigantes reach up to 800m height and are considered to be some of the highest in Europe. The towns located in the Los Gigantes area are Puerto de Santiago, Playa de la Arena and Los Gigantes village with its marina.

So what makes the Los Gigantes area so adorable? For me, besides its breath-taking natural setting, it was particularly the fact that it has maintained the traditional Canarian character of a village despite being a coveted resort town. This means that you still can do your grocery shopping together with the locals and experience old Canarian traditions. Even though there are several supermarkets, you can still find cute little shops. My favourite one was the fruit shop in Puerto de Santiago where you only get local, seasonal fruits like mangos, avocados, oranges etc.

Village life in Puerto de Santiago, once a small fishing village, is characterized by its numerous religious and traditional festivities like the processions, a folklore dance festival or the “romería”. Those festivals are the perfect opportunity for tourists and locals to mingle.

Food & Beaches

Exquisite restaurants also played a major role in my growing love for the Los Gigantes area. The price-performance ratio is optimal because you only get the freshest seafood, but at lower prices than in the Costa Adeje area. On top of this you get to enjoy the best views across to the neighbouring island La Gomera. I spent some of the my best moments at a terrace in Los Gigantes watching the sunset behind La Gomera enjoying a glass of local wine and some gambas. The most prominent restaurants in the area are Fisherman’s Inn, La Pergola and Los Corales.

What is a town in Tenerife without its beaches?

Well, the Los Gigantes area has plenty! Most are of black sand and have a lovely view of La Gomera. There is Playa de la Arena, Playa Chica, the natural swimming pools in Puerto de Santiago, and Playa de los Guios next to the marina of Los Gigantes. Although it has a stunning view of the cliffs, it is occasionally polluted due to its location next to the marina, but nonetheless remains highly impressive. These beaches are especially suited for families since they are quieter and less crowded than the beaches of Costa Adeje.


Another big plus of Los Gigantes is its large range of activities for families and adventure lovers. Several whale-watching and catamaran tours depart from the marina of Los Gigantes. The more adventurous among you can do jet-skiing. In case you fancy visiting Masca village and doing its legendary hike through the incredible gorge down to Masca beach, then Los Gigantes is the best place to stay due to its proximity. Masca village is only a 30-min drive away and many taxis in Los Gigantes offer this service.

I hope I was able to show you the beauty and fascinating character of the Los Gigantes area. With its breath-taking rock formations and its fishing village charm, it’s definitely a must-visit of every Tenerife holiday.


Paulina on the road


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5 Photos Showing How Stunning Tenerife Really Is

What springs to mind for so many people when they think of Tenerife and the Canary Islands in general, is sun, sand and sea. You may think you already know the island, perhaps even before you’ve visited, but this is a destination that really has to be seen to be believed.

While we definitely won’t deny that this is a perfect getaway for a beach holiday, with plenty of gorgeous sunny weather at almost any time of the year, this place has so much more than that to offer. Even if you have visited once before or multiple times, there are hidden gems dotted right around the island, that make Tenerife a destination worth both discovering or rediscovering.

Here are 5 showing how stunning Tenerife really is!

Teide National Park:


Las Teresitas:

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Roque de Jama, Valle San Lorenzo:

Views over Adeje:

@raicorosenberg with @repostapp ・・・ Views over Adeje, the tourist resort of Las Americas and the island of La Gomera. Shot from Tenerife one great evening in 2012. Single exposure. You can also see Fañabe, los cristianos, adeje golf, la caleta, san Eugenio… basically the whole of the south almost! #latitudeoflife #canariashoy #loves_canarias #ig_canaryislands #tenerife #loves_tenerife #espacio_canario #costadeje #great_captures_spain #ok_canarias #ig_canarias #estaes_canarias #totaltenerife #canariashoy #viajarEuropa #okSpain #sunset_vision #majestic_sunset #igsunset #ig_shotz_sunset #enchanted_sunsets #sunset_madness_ #lonelyplanet #awesomeearth #wonderful_places #world_shotz #theglobewanderer #travelawesome

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Some of the best features of the island are actually located away from the coastline and you will be absolutely astonished by the natural beauty on offer if you’ve never ventured far from the beach. In addition to this, the most beautiful beaches are in most cases not the most popular or  well known among tourists to Tenerife.

At TM we would like to inspire you to truly explore Tenerife and appreciate it for the amazing island that it is which is so much more than just a cheap destination for spending a week by the pool or on the beach. Rather than just staying close to your resort or hotel, rent a car and take a drive or take one of the many bus services to see different parts of the island. We can almost guarantee that you’ll be really glad that you did, because you’ll experience incredible new sights and the memories will last a lifetime. Plus of course you’ll be able to get some incredible photos to make everyone jealous back home.

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Why Tenerife is the Perfect Destination for a Golf Holiday

Whether you are an avid golfer, with a strong passion for the sport, or simply like to enjoy a few relaxed rounds while on holiday, we’re happy to say that Tenerife is the perfect destination for a golf holiday. With a year round warm, sunny and spring-like climate, the conditions are absolutely perfect almost everyday of the year. Unlike much of the rest of Europe and most other places in the world, here in Tenerife you generally won’t have to worry about extreme weather conditions.

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If you have a round of golf planned for the next day you can almost be guaranteed of great conditions whether you are here in Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter. By contrast, in somewhere like the UK, the weather can be so unpredictable so you never know quite what to expect. In addition to this, unlike some of the other Canary Islands such as Lanzarote, Tenerife has far less wind, meaning one less annoying factor to worry about. Instead you can just concentrate on enjoying a great round of golf amongst gorgeous surroundings. You will be able to enjoy stunning ocean views, palm tree lined courses and the sublime natural beauty of Tenerife such as the incredible volcanic landscape!

At present Tenerife has nine golf courses (two of which are nine hole courses) so there is plenty to choose from. This includes both the North and South of the island with a real variety in styles and design, plus varying difficulty levels and terains across the different courses that Tenerife has to offer. This is yet another reason why Tenerife is a perfect destination for a golf holiday.

Courses in the South of Tenerife:

Golf Del Sur

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Golf Las Americas

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Amarilla Golf

Golfing Paradise #amarillagolf #tenerife #golf

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Golf Costa Adeje:

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Abama Golf

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Los Palos Centro de Golf

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Courses in the North of Tenerife:

Buenavista Golf

Golf La Roselda

Real Golf de Tenerife





Paragliding in Tenerife is an Epic Experience not to be Missed

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of a holiday here in Tenerife, then you’ll know already that it’s the ideal destination if you are looking for somewhere to get away from any stresses you have back home. There are beautiful beaches, a calm, tranquil atmosphere and plenty of gorgeous sunshine to soak up. Of course not everyone is looking for that type of super chilled-out holiday though which is why Tenerife is perfect because you really can have it all! You can combine a relaxing holiday lounging by the pool or chilling at the beach topping up your tan, with more energetic activities. For those of you who love a bit of an adrenaline rush, then we have the perfect option for you: paragliding!

You will absolutely adore a paragliding experience if you’ve ever wondered what it must be like to be a bird gazing down at the ground from high up in the sky. You can experience a bird’s eye view and take in the incredible sights of Tenerife from a totally different perspective. Tenerife is a beautiful island of contrasts, even from normal human eye-level, but to see it from high up in the sky it becomes something truly spectacular.

The team at Tenerife Magazine and some friends recently took up the challenge to overcome their fear of heights and try paragliding with the excellent Tenerife Paragliding. We’re not going to lie, we were nervous at first, some of us more than others, because this was the first time for most of us trying paragliding. Some of us had been parasailing before, but this was taking things to a whole new level of excitement. Instead of being strapped to a boat and flying above water which seems relatively tame looking back, we were set to be soaring high above the land. This was certainly not a natural thing for humans to be doing and we would be putting all our trust in the professional abilities of our paragliding pilots.

Luckily for us we were in completely safe hands though as each of us were assigned a professional paragliding pilot to fly with, who each had decades of flight experience. Daniel Crespo had been paragliding for over twenty years and had competed in many competitions; he has even been the champion of Spain, so clearly knew what he was doing. For all of our pilots, their passion and love of flying was obvious right from the start and to them this is so much more than a job. They were getting to do something they love everyday of their lives which is something many can only dream of. We were to find out what all the fuss is about!

The number one concern of the team at Tenerife Paragliding is their client’s safety and if the conditions are not entirely right, then they will not risk taking you up for a flight, because the right amount of wind is paramount for a successful and most importantly, safe flight. So that you can enjoy the safest and most enjoyable experience possible, the team will simply reschedule your flight for another day if the speed or direction of the wind is not quite right. They are a professional and safety conscious team and will not take any unnecessary risks.

The spot where you will be taking off from is high up in the hills and distinctly colder, so we definitely recommend wearing warm clothes. In this part of Tenerife there are pine forests and other vegetation, that will make you feel like you are on a completely different island! Up here you will already notice how amazing the views are out across the island to the coast and ocean in the distance. You can see how spectacular Tenerife really is from that height with its amazing volcanic landscape, deep gorges, golf courses, impressive hotels and beautiful beaches. The deep blue ocean sparkles in the distance and you will get a glimpse of La Gomera on the horizon. Even before take-off, this is a stunning sight!

Following your arrival at the take-off zone, the team will unpack all of the gear and get everything prepared. This is when everything starts to feel really real. Before it seemed like a kind of abstract thought, but once you see all of the paragliding wings laid out with the harnesses and other equipment you will know it is almost time to be flying above through the air. Following this our individual pilots attached our harnesses to the wings and gave us some clear instructions as to what to expect and how to achieve the best flight experience, one of which is that when it is your time to take-off you have to just keep running to the edge, don’t slow down at the edge of the cliff! We were also handed Go-Pro cameras on selfie-sticks to record the flight.

One by one we watched the others run to the edge with their pilot and then up and away they went. Even watching from the ground was spectacular. Then when it is your individual time to go and you are just about to run to edge, it will feel quite surreal. You will quite probably be thinking (as I was), what the hell am I doing here. There is not enough time to think too much though, as once your pilot shouts run then you go without looking back and before you know it, you are soaring through the sky like a bird.

Before take-off it seems difficult to believe, but once you are up in the air you can almost totally relax. You can sit back as you are suspended in the harness as your pilot does all of the work. Your nerves will go and you can just take in the incredible sights of Tenerife from the air, while also taking video on the Go-Pro.

From the heights you reach everything looks miniature including people, cars, buildings, hotels and even the golf courses and giant gorges. Seeing the people wandering around is like watching tiny ants and must be how birds see the world while they are in flight. You can enjoy a completely panoramic view as everything spans out around you spectacularly, with the land below, the ocean surrounding and La Gomera in the distance.

This really is an incredible experience and is likely to be different to anything you’ve ever tried before. It’s also quite the adrenaline rush, with the wind in your hair and nothing but an oversized kite keeping you up in the sky. Don’t worry though as it’s really no-where near as scary as you might think and is actually quite relaxing, as you can sit back and let the pilot take total control, as he navigates you towards your landing spot on the beach.

The landing is really fun as you head towards the coast, over the top of hotels where you can see people lounging in pools and eating meals. You head out to the ocean and then your pilot will navigate you back towards the beach where you will land right next to a beach bar with onlookers staring in amazement. After you land you can even enjoy a quick drink yourself.

If you are looking for something completely out of the ordinary and incredibly memorable on your next trip to Tenerife, then you should definitely try paragliding with Tenerife Paragliding. Even if you have a lot of nerves beforehand like some of our group did, you will feel amazing afterwards and buzzing with energy. Any holiday in Tenerife is awesome even if you just want a relaxing holiday by the pool or at the beach, but if you’re looking for that once in a life-time experience to amaze all your friends and family with, then this is definitely the excursion for you!



Have You Tried an Amazing Helicopter Flight in Tenerife?

So you’ve decided on the beautiful island of Tenerife as your holiday destination, or perhaps you’ve even chosen it as your home (good choice). Well we’re sure you’ve probably already noticed at least some of Tenerife’s incredible features such as it’s vibrant coastline, fascinating volcanic landscape, colourful towns and villages filled and gorgeous natural beauty.

@raicorosenberg with @repostapp ・・・ Views over Adeje, the tourist resort of Las Americas and the island of La Gomera. Shot from Tenerife one great evening in 2012. Single exposure. You can also see Fañabe, los cristianos, adeje golf, la caleta, san Eugenio… basically the whole of the south almost! #latitudeoflife #canariashoy #loves_canarias #ig_canaryislands #tenerife #loves_tenerife #espacio_canario #costadeje #great_captures_spain #ok_canarias #ig_canarias #estaes_canarias #totaltenerife #canariashoy #viajarEuropa #okSpain #sunset_vision #majestic_sunset #igsunset #ig_shotz_sunset #enchanted_sunsets #sunset_madness_ #lonelyplanet #awesomeearth #wonderful_places #world_shotz #theglobewanderer #travelawesome

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Tenerife is an island filled with contrast, from the bright colours of the golden sand or black volcanic beaches, verdant green palm trees, brilliant blue ocean and sky, vast pine forests and the absolutely stunning Teide National Park with the enormous Mount Teide as the centerpiece, dominating the middle of the island at a height of over 3,700 metres!

If you think you know Tenerife from spending a week at the beach here though, then you really haven’t experienced much of the island at all. Even if you have taken the time to explore and seen more than just your hotel and local beach, there is another unique perspective of Tenerife that you really must experience. We recently took to the skies with the brilliant Helidream Helicopters for a helicopter flight and it was absolutely amazing. The views were seriously stunning and really allowed us to appreciate the beauty of this incredible island.

Tenerife is our home and we have seen so much of the island already, that we must admit even we sometimes take for granted how truly great it really is. This can happen even for the best places like Tenerife, when you’ve seen many of the same views multiple times. Sometime it takes experiencing somewhere in a new way or trying something new to remind yourself again how lucky you are. Almost all of Tenerife is beautiful or has something of interest to see, but viewing it from the air will really show you how it is as you will be treated to a bird’s eye view.

If this is your first flight in a helicopter which for most people it likely will be, then you can be forgiven for feeling at least a slight twinge of nervousness. This is completely understandable at it is a new experience that for many is out of their comfort zone. You will be flying up into the sky and soaring above the land below in a form of transport that most people never get to experience. Once you arrive at the Helidream heliport though you will meet the excellent team that works there, including the friendly manager of the company Luciano. Before your flight you will be shown a short safety/instructional video and the team will be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

Shortly afterwards you will head out to the helicopter, where you will be strapped in safely and be given your headsets. While you may still be feeling a little nervous at this point, your safety is of utmost importance to the team who thoroughly check everything which should completely ease your fears. Once the pilot is ready and the rotor blades up to full speed, the helicopter will ease off the ground and off you go up into the sky.

The sensation of taking off in a helicopter really is incredible and any last nerves you may have had will immediately turn to excitement, as you feel an amazing rush of adrenaline. It offers a totally different flight experience to that of being in a commercial plane as you feel far closer to the action.

While the helicopter does fly at an incredible speed and high above the ground, it is really exciting rather than scary, as you zoom rapidly through the air taking in Tenerife’s incredible sights from the air. The best part of the trip is being able to marvel at the island from perspective that normally only birds have. We opted for the South coast tour, taking in familiar sights but from a totally different perspective.

You can see straight down into the impressive gorges and ravines, look down at all the beautiful villas and their palm tree lined gardens with bright blue swimming pools, view the verdant green golf courses which are in stark contrast to the volcanic landscape, and fly straight over the vibrant, colourful coastline with stunning sandy beaches, bright blue ocean and La Gomera in the distance. You will also catch a glimpse of Teide in all its splendour surrounded by the giant Teide National Park when you head back to the heliport.

The South coast tour is just one of the brilliant flight options which you can choose to take with Helidreams Helicopters who offer an absolutely fantastic service. When you are holidaying in Tenerife or even for those that live here looking for something new to try, you should definitely experience a helicopter flight with Helidream Helicopters. The flight may be over relatively quickly but the memories will last for a lifetime, plus of course your photos and videos will make everyone back home just a little bit jealous!

For any additional information on different experiences with the company take a look at their extensive website: http://www.helidreamhelicopters.com/en/

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