One small step for man, one giant leak for mankind. Yes this Tenerife man answered a call of nature at Las Teresitas beach near Santa Cruz, Tenerife, and it ended up in New York!

On Tuesday 10 November, Google launched their Canary Islands version of Street View, where intensive filming at street level enables you to zoom in on a set place as if you were there walking along the road. However there are always a few unseen extras when launching new technology, in this case, they hadn’t noticed a man watering the rubbish bins at the back of the beach.

This picture appears on The Huffington Post, a well respected and influential New York blog site, and is speeding it’s way around the world at this very moment. Well at least they can’t blame the Brits for this one. If you want to have a wander around Las Teresitas use this link and click on the yellow man, then zoom in and out as you like.

Anybody know who this man is? He’s soon to be a star on both sides of the Atlantic!

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