Video Update from Simon Manley, British Ambassador to Spain, on the Negotiations of Citizens Rights Following Brexit

Following the narrow decision by those that voted in last year’s EU Referendum in the UK which unfortunately resulted in victory for those calling for Brexit, there has been real worry among many citizens across the European Union. In the coming years, as the UK begins the unprecedented process of separation from the EU, this leaves a lot of doubt as to the future of those who have chosen to make their lives abroad.

For many of us, the freedom of movement afforded to EU citizens, including the right to live and work abroad has offered huge socio-economic opportunities. People across all EU member states have been able to completely transform their lives either on a temporary or permanent basis, through moving to different EU states. In much of the pro-Brexit press, it was made to seem as if only those from outside of the UK were benefiting from this. In fact there are approximately 1.3 million British expatriates living in other EU member states, including around 319,000 living in Spain (Telegraph, 2017). This of course includes many thousands living and working in the Canary Islands, such as here in Tenerife.

Luckily, despite worries of loss of citizens rights, as things stand at the moment it seems highly unlikely that British expatriates living in other EU nations will be forced to leave or lose their rights to healthcare, or their homes. One of the major reasons for this is to avoid retaliatory measures from the UK, where around 3 million EU citizens are currently living. To avoid diplomatic and economic catastrophe, it is very likely that British citizens will be allowed to carry on living in other EU states and vice versa, even after Brexit has been fully realised. To help allay fears, Simon Manley, the British ambassador to Spain recently released the video statement above regarding negotiations between the British government and the EU parliament.

This is a great relief to all of the British citizens who have chosen to live across Europe. It also shows that Tenerife and the Canary Islands remains a fantastic destination to move to and invest in, especially with such high levels of interest from tourists worldwide. The Canary Islands are more popular than ever and continue to enjoy a massive growth in numbers of visitors, leading to an ever greater boost to the economy. This in turn will lead to further investment by the government of the Canary Islands in infrastructural improvements and other enhancements to life here on these beautiful islands!



Amazing Escondida Restaurante in Alcalá for Sale

If you are interested in getting into the restaurant business in Tenerife, then we have the perfect investment opportunity for you. The amazing Escondida Restaurante in Alcalá has recently appeared on the market and is definitely worth your attention!

The amazing Escondida Restaurante in Alcala is for sale! Stunning location overlooking the harbour and a great investment buy for those looking to move into the restaurant business in this wonderful up and coming town. The restaurant has 243m2 floor space with a main dining space and a separate chill out lounge for drinks and relaxation, making this the perfect place for all occasions! The price is 599,000 euros. Check for more details and contact information. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ #TenerifeMagazine #FridayFeeling #FeelGoodFriday #CanaryIslands #islascanarias #latitudeoflife #latituddevida #restaurant #food #chillout #Tenerife #Alcala #Escondido #restaurante #travel #investment #invest #wanderlust #Spain

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Firstly, if you have never been to Alcalá, then you should definitely check it out. Just outside the town there is the luxurious Gran Meliá Palacio de Isora, widely regarded as one of the best resorts in Europe. While this impressive resort is very close to the centre of Alcalá, the town itself has retained its charm and remains very quiet and relaxing, unlike other parts of the South of Tenerife which have been somewhat overdeveloped. On the other hand, with a constant stream of new guests at the Gran Meliá, many of whom look for places to eat within walking distance from the hotel, you will never be short of new people to welcome through your doors.

The restaurant itself is set away from the centre of the town, instead occupying what many would consider a far better position. It is located on an elevated vantage point overlooking the wonderful fishing harbour which often becomes a hive of activity. While enjoying a meal or drink your diners can gaze out of the large floor to ceiling windows at the fishermen and their boats, swimmers, scuba divers and sunbathers below. This is one of the most popular places in Alcalá and it is clear to see why as it is an amazing sunspot for sun worshipers and absolutely perfect for swimming. The water is very clear and there are a whole host of colourful fish and even sea turtles sometimes.

In the summer time #Alcala #tenerife #hiddengem

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While this area does become lively, from your elevated position your clients can sit in peace, watching all the activity below while relaxing with a  meal or drink. The restaurant is a popular place for couples, families or groups of friends among both locals and tourists and has been in operation since 1995 so is well known and loved by many. This means when you decide to take over the restaurant you will already have a large and loyal client base which can be built upon. It is a hidden gem, hence the name Escondida which once someone knows about they will more than likely return to again and again and recommend to their friends and family.

Escondida boasts a very large area (243m²) which gives a very spacious, light and airy feel when you are inside. It is has been divided into the main dining area and two separate chill out areas for when you want to grab a drink with friends. The combination of chill out music and oriental theme inside and waves rolling in gently outside at the harbour beneath the sunny, blue sky really sets the restaurant apart from its competition.

This is Tenerife #enjoy #Tenerife #alcala #canaryislands

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The restaurant is in great condition, there is a bar, large reception area, toilets and modern and spacious kitchen perfect for preparing any type of meal. This makes it a fantastic investment opportunity at €599,000 with a huge potential for becoming one of the most popular restaurants in the south of Tenerife!

If want to find out more details then make sure to check out the restaurant website ( and contact us here at Tenerife Magazine. Do not hesitate and let this opportunity slip away, because you will only regret missing out on an absolutely fantastic buy!


Why San Eugenio Alto is One of the Best Locations to Live in Tenerife


If you’re looking for one of the most exclusive and best locations to live on the incredible island of Tenerife, then we may just have the perfect place for you! San Eugenio Alto is in a beautiful spot close to some of the most popular attractions and towns in the south.

While residents in San Eugenio Alto enjoy an excellent proximity to nearby popular places, it is also slightly removed from the hustle and bustle, being up on a hillside overlooking the action. So while it is very conveniently located, being just a short drive away from the coast and close to Puerto Colon, Siam Park, Siam Mall, Playa de las Americas and Los Cristianos, it is also far enough away that you won’t be surrounded by crowds, noise and traffic when you’re back your home.

In San Eugenio Alto you can enjoy a quiet, tranquil life, making it absolutely perfect for when you simply want to spend some quality time with the family relaxing in your garden by the pool or having a bbq get together. Most of the properties located in the area allow residents to experience incredible views out across the unique island landscape such as incredible gorges, the bustling towns of Los Cristianos and Playa De Las Americas and then out to the beaches and stunning Atlantic ocean. You can even enjoy views out towards neighbouring island, La Gomera and see some absolutely sublime sunsets, as the sun dips beneath the horizon out to the ocean. With a vista like that, you’ll probably want to be outside more than inside your house!Added to that of course, as San Eugenio Alto is located in the south, if you are looking for a year round warm, sunny climate then this is one of the best spots on the island to experience that. Unlike other places in Europe, such as the UK, you can look forward to al fresco dining during almost any month of the year. With the gorgeous sunlight the surrounding panoramic views look even more incredible with bright vibrant colours, including gorgeous tropical green palm trees, colourful buildings, the bright blue sky and deep blue Atlantic Ocean. Forget grey miserable days, here you will experience an eternal spring.

Being in a more rural area, there are superb walking opportunities in the surrounding countryside including some excellent trails to trek along such as through the Paraje Natural Caldera Del Rey. On one side of your property you will have views down to the gorgeous coastline, while on the other the mesmerizing sight of Tenerife’s mountainous interior which is also surprisingly green and fertile as the altitude rises.

If you enjoy sailing and own a boat, or love sailing excursions out on the waves such as to the see the whales and dolphins or to go diving, then San Eugenio Alto is perfect for you as you can reach the stunning Puerto Colon Harbour after just a short drive. There is also a huge abundance of shops, bars, restaurants and cafes, and other excellent amenities like cinemas, theatres, beaches and sports facilities all within a very short distance.


Overall San Eugenio Alto offers the best of both worlds on the incredible island of Tenerife. You can enjoy complete peace and quiet with stunning views down on the surrounding area, but you will also not be cut off as the vibrant, bustling coastline with all that has to offer is very easily reachable. Plus you can go for relaxed walks through the rural interior. So if you are looking for either a place to relocate to completely or  a holiday home, you won’t be disappointed with San Eugenio Alto!

To start your property search, take a look at this gorgeous home advertised by Asten Realty that we featured in our latest Through the Keyhole series! > Luxury 3 Bedroom Villa for sale in the Exclusive area of San Eugenio Alto.



6 Ways to Easily Increase the Value of your Property

Selling your home is a big decision but it doesn’t need to be as stressful as you expect. What many people don’t appreciate fully is that relatively small things can often affect the value you will get from selling your home in a big way! Buying a property is not something that most people jump into lightly, as it is one of the biggest decisions they will make in their lives. Because of this they can be easily put-off by relatively small factors. Don’t worry though as many of these can be easily fixed, especially once you take a look at this list of “6 Ways to Easily Increase the Value of your Property”

The exterior must be kept clean, tidy and attractive:

While it may seem to be a cliché to say “First impressions are lasting impressions”, it is just as true for properties as it is for people. Before going for an initial viewing it is very likely that a prospective homebuyer will already have taken a look at your property online, but this will merely have offered them a virtual representation. When they walk up to the outside of your property for the first time, the first true test will begin.

If the first sight that a potential buyer is confronted by is exterior mess/untidiness, then this immediately gives a bad impression that is enough to put many people off. They may have appreciated the fancy photos or videos online, but reality doesn’t always live up to expectation. Basic steps you can take to give a great first impression include making sure your garden is free from clutter and weeds, that it is swept well and any plants are neatly pruned. You should also keep your swimming pool free from leaves/debris and clean it. Washing outside fixtures like the front door and all the windows is also a must. To make a big impact for a small price and effort it’s also a great idea to repaint the front door, garage door, window frames and other features. To maximise the attractiveness of the exterior of your home you could also consider some bright, colourful flowers for that extra touch.

Invest in a professional home cleaning service:

When a buyer arrives to view your property they will almost certainly be looking very closely and quite possibly notice details that they wouldn’t ordinarily when living in the property themselves. This is because buying a new home is such a big decision, so that small patch of dust in the corner may just catch their eye and not in a good way! You will be surprised how much dust, dirt and grime accumaltes in those harder to reach areas, even if you give your home a regular weekly clean. To successfully market your property looking its absolute best, a professional home cleaning service is a great investment.

During this process a small team of professionally trained cleaning professionals will spend a number of hours thouroughly cleaning your house from top to botton, room to room, with other options available to add on such as an oven clean. The added benefit for you is that these teams use equipment that most ordinary people don’t own such as pressure steam washers.

Repaint the inside of the house:

Considering how little it will cost, it is amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do for a room. Buyers will almost certainly take note of the freshly painted interior, so despite the effort taken, it will definitely be worth your while to do this. Before, during and after the sale of a property, there are a huge number of different things a property buyer will have to do. The attractiveness of your home will be significantly increased if the rooms of your house are newly painted, as this is one thing that a buyer then doesn’t have to worry about.

One important factor to take note of when you do decide to repaint is to pick a pleasant neutral colour like beige or white, as this will be appealing to the highest proportion of buyers. On the flip-side some buyers will be put off if you have used a polarizing colour such as bright colours like yellow, purple or pink, or dark shades like chocolate-brown or navy. Instead of reducing hastle the potential buyer will be thinking that they will need to repaint once they move in.

To eliminate potential questions pay attention to the little details:

Due to the high costs involved in purchasing a new property, potential buyers will be highly attentive to little details, in the same way that they will notice if it hasn’t be properly cleaned. Most buyers are looking for as little hassle as possible when they move in, by avoiding having to replace things. The sale of your property can be made or broken based on little details, or alternatively they can lead to your property becoming devalued.

It is easy to take care of small details such as: replacing any broken tiles in the kitchen and bathroom and cleaning and re-grouting the rest, replacing light switches, handles, shower curtains, taps and light shades. Also, because trailing electrical leads can look unsightly thuse drawing the buyer’s attention to a problem, you could also consider adding extra sockets.

Remove clutter and personal items:

Potential buyers want to be able to imagine themselves living in your house when they are on a viewing. This idea could be blocked though if it is full of your personal items such as books, DVDs, toys, computers and family photos. It is a big turn-off for a potential buyer if every room is filled with clutter or there are family photos, while a few photos and other family items in the whole house shouldn’t be a problem. In addition the house will appear messy if it is filled with stuff which will decrease its’ attractiveness.

Make your property appear as light as possible: 

Lightening and Brightening a home was found to be one of top home repairs to increase the value of home, and turn it from merely a good home to a great one in the eyes of buyers, according to a survey conducted by HomeGain. You can add a significant amount to the price of your home, by increasing the light (both natural and artificial) which will make your rooms appear as large as possible.

There are a number of different ways that you can do this including removing large curtains which are blocking out too much light, cleaning all windows and replacing any broken or clouded window panes, replacing old weaker light bulbs for new energy-efficient LEDs, putting in a skylight, and pruning or removing any plants outside which may be blocking light entering the home.

These are just some of the steps you can take to help increase the attractiveness and value of your home in the eyes of potential buyers. For more tips and different options on where to sell your home in Tenerife, contact us here at Tenerife Magazine. If you found this article useful then please share below.


Buying Real Estate in Tenerife: Island Home Interview

Today, we are meeting the director of the company Renata. A long term resident in the Canaries, with banking background and prolonged experience in real estate field. She will answer usually tackled questions, when it comes to buying real estate in Canary Islands.

What is Island Home?

A team of experienced real estate agents with one set goal; to help people find home, or a property for investment.

How much do your services cost?

It’s all FREE from consultation to buying.

Does it cover all Canary Islands?

Currently, mainly Tenerife, as we are based here, but covers all Islands. If someone asked for help in sister island, I would pack my bags and go!

Why home in Tenerife / Canaries?

Mostly because of great climate all year round. It’s ideal for holiday or just spending cold winter months. Whether it’s to raise kids or to spend retirement. The islands are full of friendly people surrounded in a relaxed atmosphere. It’s completely stress free.

Is it a good investment? Why?

It is. The islands circulate large amount of tourists 12 months a year. There is no such a thing as season, which means, once you own property, you can offer long and short term let all year round.

What area and type of property would you recommend if buying as an investment?

It really depends on a budget. Anything from studio flats to large private villas. I have recently received a few requests on renting rooms, I don’t specialise in lets, but it’s just a proof that anything you buy, pays off.

Los Cristianos, Las Americas and Costa Adeje are usually the best areas.

Why buy a property in a hotel complex?

It’s good as you may be offered a fixed monthly contract, so you won’t need to worry about renting it out, it also attracts more people, with facilities such as swimming pools or entertainment and more.

What is your price range?

Anything between 50.000- 1 million euros. It depends on area a lot.

What is the buying process in Tenerife?

First step is a consultation where we discuss the budget and criterion, then we look for properties and once chosen, we reserve it. Finally we sort out the documentation and in presence of notary, seller and buyer exchange keys to a bank cheque.

Not all properties are listed on the website, it’s best to contact us, so we can start searching accordingly to your requirements.

NIE (tax identification number) and Spanish bank account are necessary for the procedure. We will help you with all necessary documentation. It only takes less than one day to have NIE and bank accounts sorted.

Is it possible to buy from abroad?

You can reserve chosen property, but you will need to be in presence to buy.  We offer meeting online, and we do as much as possible over distance if necessary.

How long will it take for me to become a legal owner?

Once you choose a property, it will only take about a week.

How much mortgage can I get?

Individually. If you wish to buy from for instance UK, Germany, Belgium etc., you can get anything up to 60%. If you work in Spain, you will get up to 80%. It is always best to have personal consultations with different banks, which we also help with. .

Taxes and ongoing expenses?

8% – 12%.

Are homes sold with furniture too?

Yes, it is very popular in the islands.

Visit to get a free advice and assistance today.


The X Factor

Whatever the X factor is, this stunning two-bedroom home in Chayofa has it by the bucket load. Lovingly renovated by its owners, Arthur and Sue, the hideous pale pink floors, grotty kitchen and poor quality fittings were sent packing and in their place you’ll now find the highest quality materials available and the crème de la creme of soft furnishings.



Los Halcones has been designed to recreate the feel of a typical whitewash Spanish village, and there’s a really nice feel about the development. Situated in tranquil Chayofa, this home gives you the chance to enjoy a laid-back lifestyle in a friendly, safe neighbourhood, with all the amenities you could want just five minutes away in Los Cristianos.

The property itself offers two bedrooms, both of which have ample en suite bathrooms and fitted wardrobes. There’s also a balcony to the main bedroom boasting sea views and a loft, a rare find indeed in Tenerife homes! Downstairs there is a bright, spacious lounge, good sized terrace overlooking the communal pool area just begging to be used for al fresco entertaining, a washroom and the major selling point of this property: the kitchen. More cupboards than you could ever possibly need and the thickest granite worktop I’ve ever seen, I defy anyone to create a better kitchen from the same sized room.

From the stainless steel bannister to the outside utility room, everything about this house works. Not by accident, I’d like to point out: it works because every last detail has been carefully thought out: the colour scheme, the layout, the materials, the decorations, everything. The property comes furnished, just as you see it in the photos. Garage space for two cars and a secure storeroom complete this very nice little package.

I’d urge anyone interested to book a viewing now. With so many poorly constructed, overpriced properties on the market, one of this standard won’t be around for long.

Find more photos of this wonderful property in this Flickr album: