1. Being able to sit outside year-round without recourse to thermal underwear.

2. The constant fiestas where people drink all day but rarely get drunk and never start a fight.

3. Never wearing a watch ““ time is a very flexible concept here.

4. I never, ever feel unsafe.

5. Seeing the planet’s third largest volcano on the horizon.

6. The amazing selection of fresh fish at the supermarket.

7. The fact that fruit and vegetables don’t just come in plastic wrapping.

8. Most people have smiles on their faces and say hello to strangers.

9. Never having to paint or bleed a radiator. Come to think of it, never having to even look at a radiator.

10. Always being able to get the washing dry without having to hang it over a radiator thus turning the house into a Chinese laundry (apologies to the Chinese and for some reason I seem to have an obsession with radiators).

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